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The Tango is a sleek, modern looking dual stimulator made with a plush, forgiving silicone that molds to the shape of your body and is incredibly easy to manipulate. It's thick but not huge, very user friendly, great for nearly all anatomies. This no frill rabbit style vibe might not have all the bells and whistles but it's an excellent vibe with strong, thuddy, low frequency vibrations that stimulate very, very well.
Splashproof, gorgeous color, very strong shaft vibrations, thrustable, plush
Clit stimulator has weaker vibrations than the shaft vibrations and may not be enough for eveyrone.
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The Fun Factory Tango, as a dual stimulator, doesn't have all the bells and whistles that many rabbit style vibrators have; no whirling beads, no rotating head, just a strong motor that sends vibration up the shaft and the clitoral stimulator. It's also missing the whimsical animal shape that many of these types of toys have, its shape is more abstract and sleek and less... silly.

To me, these are good things! Unlike other rabbit style toys, the Tango has a terrific g-spot curve and enough space between the clit stimulator and the shaft that you can actually thrust and rock the toy quite freely. It still manages to give stimulation to both vagina and clitoris but it does it in a simple, effective manner without too much confusing motion and whirligigging.

The Tango is an excellent toy for anyone who wants dual stimulation in a sleek, modern package with few frills but a lot of effectiveness. It's especially excellent for those who have been missing g-spot stimulation in their rabbit type vibrators. It's girth and length make it manageable for most users without being either too small or too big.

Material / Texture

The Tango is, like most all Fun Factory toys, made from 100% premium silicone. It has no smell, no taste and is deliciously velvety to the touch. It's matte surface creates a very realistic, skinlike drag against the flesh that can be reduced with extra lubrication for those who may require it.

The Tango is soft, squishy, quite easy to manipulate with wonderful and useful curves but no real texture. This provides a smooth surface for thrusting, the clitoral stimulator being soft enough that it doesn't feel like it's jabbing at your clitoris when you do so.

The handle, being made of plastic, is firm enough to give good control, especially since it is covered with strips and swirls of silicone that provide a fantastic grip for lubed up hands. The motor is just above the handle, keeping the beginning of the shaft quite firm while still allowing the bulk of the length and the clit attachment to be delightfully plush.

Design / Shape / Size

The shape of the Tango is really it's best feature. Because it is curved, with a hump just under the tip as well as on the clit stimulator, it's anatomically almost perfect. The hump in the shaft rubs and caresses and presses against the g-spot, the curves make it easy to thrust and rock and the clit attachment has a wiggling tip as well as a more bulky area for those who like pressure.

The clit attachment is set a bit away from the shaft, aiding in this toys suitability for most anatomies. It shouldn't be too snug and is soft and easily manipulated for those who might like to press down or rub it against their clitoris.

The Tango is 9 inches long so it's not a small toy but only 5 inches are insertable, making it manageable for most. The girth at it's widest point is a nice, slightly larger than average 1.5 inches in diameter. I would recommend this for nearly any user, though it may be a bit thick for those who prefer slim toys.

Other than the minimalist design and with it's amazing ability to be thrusted, the best thing about this toy is it's noise level. It's utterly discreet, particularly for a dual function vibe, and would be unlikely to be heard thru any closed door, even if one were straining to hear.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Tango is controlled via push buttons on it's handle. A simple plus and minus sign make it easy to understand and operate. A press and hold to the plus sign turns it on, subsequent presses scroll thru the five levels of vibration. Another press and hold takes you to patterns, of which there are three; a slow pulsation, a medium pulsation and a rapid pulsation. Pressing and holding the minus sign brings you back to the lowest speed, another press turns the Tango off.

When the Tango is on, the buttons are backlit and the handle glows a soft white.

As a bonus, the Tango also has a Turbo Boost button. On the bottom of the handle/battery compartment is a button that, when pressed and held, gives the vibes a super boost. The boost is even higher than the high speed and works no matter which speed or setting you're using, giving you a little extra vroom when you need it. You do need to hold it in, which doesn't work comfortably for continuous use but works perfectly for what it's designed for -- to boost up the power when you most need it.

Even at its highest setting, the Tango is very quiet -- a rarity in dual stimulation toys. It runs on four AAA batteries that insert easily by twisting the top of the battery compartment off. The battery compartment is sealed with a thick, white o-ring so this toy is splash proof at the least, possibly completely waterproof. I found no leakage when washing it but have not taken it in the tub.

The only issue I have with the Tango is the single motor and its placement. The motor itself is unbelievably strong, with deep, powerful, throbbing vibrations that travel thru both shaft and clit stimulator. They travel better thru the shaft, providing intense g-spot stimulation, especially paired with the wonderful shape. The clit stimulator, however, could be a bit more powerful. Luckily it is very flexible, allowing you to press it closer to your body, rub it around a bit and add extra stimulation. I would say vibrations in the shaft are between a four and a five vroom, the clit stimulator more a 3.

Care and Maintenance

Because the Tango is silicone, it's non porous and can be shared between partners if it's sanitized with a mild bleach solution between uses. To clean normally, for single person use, simply wash with a mild soap and water or toy cleaner. I don't suggest wipes at the matte surface of the silicone kind of catches on the material of the wipe.

Only water based lubes can be recommended with silicone as silicone based lubes can react with silicone toys; if you must try a silicone lube, do so on a small, inconspicuous area first to be sure it's safe. Oil based lubes are okay with silicone, but not generally recommended for vaginal use.

The Tango does not have a flared base so anal use, if you feel the need, is iffy. The clit stimulator would probably make it fairly safe but it's not really designed for butt use.

Personal comments

I can't say enough how amazed I was by the strength of the Tango. While the clit stimulator is a bit lacking, the overall strength far exceeds what I expected out of AAA batteries. The vibrations are very on the surface but, at the same time, a low, thuddy frequency. Some of the best vibrations I've ever felt. I love that I can thrust with this, as well, without my clit being banged to death by a hard attachment; the clit attachment is so plus and has so much give, it's really a pleasure to use.
Follow-up commentary
Still quite fond of the Tango and enamored of its shape. It's not the greatest, most strong dual stimulator ever but it feels damned good.

I've found batteries last a good long while in this toy but also, every time I pick it up, find myself wishing it were rechargeable like the click n charge stuff.

I truly think that would make this ideal.
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