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Not exactly Blissful, but still Fun

Fleur De Lis Bliss is a vibrantly colored toy with interesting ripple textures and strong vibrations. She's a midsize vibrator that might appeal to both toy beginners and veterans alike. She has two of my favorite features- silicone and waterproof. Unfortunately she is too flexible for my maximum pleasure. Still she's fun to fool around with.
Nice Rippled Texture
Storage Case
Too flexible
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Fleur De Lis Bliss has a wonderful rippled texture that feels great. The obvious use with this design is vaginal penetration. Creative users will always come up with more uses. It could also be used on the clitiris. Other areas that might love the strong vibrations include nipples, neck, legs, thighs, etc. Some men may also like the vibrations on their shaft or balls. It is completely waterproof so is happy in the shower. I find it best for extended foreplay with my husband. It's great for a slow teasing warm up.

It is shaped like a traditional vibrator so is not discreet. Casual observers would likely know what it is. It's moderate size makes it nice for travel. It can fit in my purse easily. When traveling it's always good to remove the batteries first.

Material / Texture

FDL Bliss is made of silicone. Silicone is one of my favorite materials for toys since it is easy to clean and body safe. It rates a 10/10 on Eden's safety scale. It's nonporous, hypoallergenic, latex free, and phthalate free. It doesn't have a taste, odor or feel sticky. Because it is nonporous it can be sterilized. That is my favorite feature of silicone. Obviously I feel safe using this toy. Unfortunately the silicone in this toy is too flexible for me.

As you can see from the picture, the tip of the toy can be bent back pretty far. When using it it tends to fold against the body. For someone who likes to hold it lightly or not press against vaginal walls, this isn't a big deal. Because it bends away I always feel like it is running away from me. Evolved sells this exact same design in plastic just called Bliss. I love the hard plastic much better than the silicone.

Aside from the flexibility, the material itself is very smooth. The ripples themselves are smooth without any extra texture on them. There is a seam running down the side, but I never notice it during use.

Design / Shape / Size

I love the color of my bliss. It is a pink, but not just a pretty pink. It is a vibrant hot neon pink. I'm not normally a fan of pink toys, but this pink makes me smile. It's also available in purple.

The entire vibrator is 7.25 inches long with 5.75 inches of that insertable. It's circumference is 4.5 inches. I consider it a midsize toy. Again, the straight design is great for vaginal use but not anal. Keep this out of the backdoor. Size queens would not be impressed. Others might enjoy the average length and smaller girth. The ripples provide interesting texture. They provide a type of popping feeling when thrust in and out of the vagina. The ripples are placed a little bit apart. They are not as close as in the glass dildos Bubble Thriller or Icicles #32.

Since the ripples are smaller, spaced further apart, softer, and more flexible, FDL Bliss is not as intense as the similar shaped glass toys. It's a kinder, gentler intensity. For me the flexibility is the only factor that takes away enjoyment.

The ripple or bulb at the top is smallest. The tip is rounded and narrow enough that insertion is fairly easy. However it has a bit of drag and lube is helpful. A water based lube is great if lube is desired. (Silicone lubes can cause damage to the silicone toy.) I have also used coconut oil with this toy without any problems.

The battery compartment is at the bottom of the vibe. It is a creamy white color that contrasts nicely with the hot pink. It unscrews easily. The batteries go both go in + side down.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Bliss is very easy to use. She is controlled by a single button on the very bottom of the toy. The button works easily when pushed, but is not trigger happy. It's unllikely to go off when you don't want it to. That's a good thing. FDL Bliss features 3 steady vibrations- low medium and high. She does not have any pulsating options. I rate the strongest vibration as a 4. It's barely a 4, but still a 4. That's pretty good for a battery operated toy.

She runs on 2 AAA battery. The battery compartment unscrews easily and proper battery placement is clearly marked. An O-ring protects the battery and motor from water. Yes, that's right she is waterproof. You can take her into the shower without any worries. I rarely use toys in the shower, but I love waterproof toys because I can wash them in the sink.

Care and Maintenance

As stated earlier, silicone is very easy to clean. You can use soap and water or a toy cleaner. Make sure to clean along all the ripples. Easy-Peasy.

Storage is easy since it comes with its own permanent display case. The case is an plastic elongated dome. It has a heart design etched into it and is very pretty. It has a ribbon with a charm attached to the top. The bottom purple section unscrews. The toy sits right on a base with the dome over it. I always love when toys come with their own storage.


This is a fun toy although it didn't make the earth stand still or fireworks to go off in my head. I do enjoy the gentle sensation of the ripples moving. It's more a foreplay toy for me. We generally enjoy lengthy foreplay session so this definitely has a place in our arsenal. It's never something I choose when I need quick and dirty.

Having said that, I do love Evolved toys. I own about a dozen Evolved toys and am always pleased with the quality. I have found them to be moderatly priced toys that generally pack a good punch. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase an Evolved toy if the design intrigued me. Indeed the quality of FDL Bliss is great. However, the flexibility of the design hinders my pleasure. I like steady pressure along with strong vibrations and this just doesn't provide that.

Among the Fleur De Lis line I own Silky G (blue), Bliss (pink), and Delight (purple). Of these I like Delight the most. All of them are pretty flexible but the shape of Delight makes it a bit sturdier and better for my body.
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