Ripple triple silicone stimulator - g-spot vibrator by Shots media - review by Ansley

Ow, you son of a granny-maker!

Out of the five features of this toy, I only found one aspect to be worth the trouble of using this toy. I modified it to make it work better for me and I recommend skipping this particular toy if you are sensitive about certain types of touch.
Great Shaft, Nice Ridges, Vibrations Transfer
Battery Guzzler, It Pinches
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extremely useful review


The Ripple Triple Silicone Stimulator is designed to be a triple threat. It looks like something hidden in the basement behind a cardboard box waiting to pounce when you aren't looking. Pouncing would be much more desirable than what actually happens when using this toy, and I'll get to that shortly.

OK, so you basically have three extensions and a handle on this toy. The flexible, grooved nub on the side is for anal stimulation. The ring is to hold the bullet vibrator for clitoral pleasure, and the center is for vaginal insertion. The shaft also has a series of grooves of varying widths.

The bullet vibrator has ten speeds ranging from a low vibration to a mixture of pulse and vibration. It operates off of three watch batteries.

Material / Texture

The Ripple Triple is made of 100% silicone, and the toy I received is a matte bubble gum pink. The bullet and base are actually two different colors, with the bullet being a softer shade of pink--- think ballet.

The center shaft has a series of ten grooves or ridges on the side facing the clit stimulator. The opposite is completely smooth. This is the same for the anal stimulator. The ridges were barely noticeable when the toy was inserted vaginally, and I just barely felt them during insertion or short strokes concentrating on the front of the vaginal walls.

The anal stimulator's texture was far more noticeable, and I'm still not one hundred percent sure if this is something that should be inserted into the anus or if it's just meant to massage the exterior, but I'm leaning toward the latter.

There is no smell or taste to this toy and I do enjoy the smoothness of the exterior. It's one of the softer silicones that I own.

Design / Shape / Size

Center Shaft: 4.5" Diameter: 1.5" Anal Stimulator Length: 2" Bullet: 2" / 1 button

This is the difficult part; the toy is a great design... on paper. The reality of it is that the bullet ring is too far away to provide direct stimulation without holding it against the clit, and the anal stimulator is too thin at the base so it's way more flexible than it needs to be. Ergo, the S.O.B. pinches like a mother during thrusting. I can't tell you how disappointed I was when this happened the very first time I used it.

The size is perfect, the vibrations translate very well throughout the toy when in the ring, and the handle was really the selling point. But, all of this is moot because it pinches too frequently to make using it as is worthwhile.

Beginner, intermediate, or advanced doesn't really apply with this toy as the girth is about as thick as a medium carrot.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The bullet for this toy operates on three watch batteries and has ten speeds:

1 - 3: Low, medium, high vibration
4 - 6: Low, medium, high pulse
7 - 10: Combination low, medium, high pulse and vibration

The vibe performs really well while using it in the ring on this toy, however it is mediocre at best when used independently. The watch batteries drain fast! I've used it only three or four times and they're already dead. It does have a silicone ring between the tube and the cap, making it waterproof. Not submersible, just waterproof. It's a simple one-click operation with no memory. Due to it having ten speeds, if you accidentally press the button on top you'll have to either cycle through the speeds (pain!), or twist the cap until it turns off and then turn it back on and cycle to the speed you want.

The handle is AMAZING! It's flexible but not as flexible as a rubber band would be so you have a ton of control over how hard and fast you can thrust with this toy. The downside is it makes using it as a plug impractical.

The toy deadens the sound of the bullet when used as a unit. The bullet itself is sort of buzzy and would be heard in a dorm room setting or other shared space. It's small enough to travel with thought not at all discreet when in use.

Care and Maintenance

The standard rules for silicone apply. Don't use silicone-based lubricants with this toy, and all condoms/toy covers are compatible.

Cleaning it up is really easy. The grooves aren't so tight or deep that fluids collect and become difficult to remove. A hot water bath and some soap or a water/bleach solution, toy cleaner or a run through the dishwasher on the top rack (sans detergent) should do the trick. It doesn't attract lint and is fairly easy to keep clean.

I recommend storing it in its original container and keeping it away from toys made of similarly-based materials (Silicone, TPR, UR3).

Personal comments

I was so annoyed with all of the pinching going on that I cut both of the side extensions off. I'm still undecided on whether I will keep the handle intact or remove it as well.
Follow-up commentary
So, like I mentioned in the original review, I cut off the offending arms on this toy and was left with the center shaft. Due to the way the silicone reacted to the razor blade I used, there were sharp edges, and whittling it down made the toy unusable in its entirety. It now belongs to the Land of Misfit Toys. Boo, no real loss, let me tell ya!
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