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Please Pass Me the Spoon!

If you like a little pressure with your bullet vibrator, but at the same time you want to butter your clit up with some plushy comfort---check out the Spoon, from Tantus. The cheerful orange sleeve lets you rub your clit, your nipples, or the outside of the anus---it's as stimulating as a finger, but it hums along with a pleasant, non-numbing vibration. Unlike whippier bullet sleeves, the Spoon will keep stimulating even if your clit prefers a strong grind.
Plushy orange silicone gives warm, mild clitoral orgasms so you can have multiples!
Vibe has only one speed.
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The Spoon is the most pressure-friendly bullet with sleeve in Tantus' "Little Secrets" line. As a plushy version of a bullet vibrator, the Spoon does a wonderful job of stimulating just about any erogenous zone---from the clitoris, to the nipples, to the crook of the jawline, to the exterior of the anus.

When the Little Secrets were first introduced, it seemed that everyone was disappointed with their power level. Personally, I think it's wonderful. I'm very picky about vibrators (it's easy for a bullet to be too buzzy for me), and while the included vibrator is a bullet and not a wand massager, it boasts a nice, pleasant quality of vibration. Also, I was worried that, because silicone is plushy, it might do a poor job of transmitting vibrations when pressure was applied. I enjoy a lot of pressure in my clitoral stimulation, so if this Little Secret really couldn't hold up, I would not have been a happy Spooner.

In spite of my apprehensions, I was eager to try out the Spoon. First, I respect Tantus a lot, and I trust them to make a quality product. Next, my partner has often asked about using a clitoral vibe on me during sex, but because each bullet I've experienced has made me go numb I'm always hesitant to 'waste a session'. I thought having something slightly plushy to grind against in my Fix Thigh Harness might be fun. Finally, and (to be totally honest) most importantly, the Spoon is the most cheerful shade of orange you can imagine, and since I finally found a better home for my Ina, I wanted something orange to fill the void in my toy chest.

Spoon's bullet vibrator is a classic bullet vibrator---made of plastic painted silver (the paint can chip if you carry it in a bag with a sundae dish), powered by one included N battery, with a pointed tip for pinpoint stimulation---it has a single speed which is comparable in intensity to the High Intensity Bullet on its lowest speed, but the vibrations are of a much higher quality. This bullet is of the same diameter as any other N-powered bullet, so you may swap out a multi-speed bullet of your choice if the included one-speed, waterproof vibe doesn't suit your style.

The important element of the Spoon is its plushy orange sleeve. Beautiful pearly-yet-neon-yet-still-classy orange silicone, body-safe, odor-free, hypoallergenic, and made in Nevada by Tantus, a leader in the safe sex toy world. Tantus' premium silicone will never let you down, and it can always be sterilized from partner to partner by a rinse with a dilute bleach solution.

The sloped flat tip of the Spoon allows you to apply pressure at a perfect angle on your clitoris. It's built like the pad of a finger, but more symmetrical, and it vibrates. The tip does not wiggle around much when you're using it (unlike the the Touch, whose head seems to pivot) the Spoon is designed for people who like finger stimulation. The sleeve is 3.25" long, and the hollow inner portion allows the inserted bullet to have a pointed tip. The thickness of the sleeve bulks the total diameter of the Spoon to []in---unfortunately, that means it's too chubby to fit in my Fix's bullet slot.
The Spoon holds up to pressure much better than other reviewers claim. When I hold the Spoon in a sundae dish of water, the water dances from the minute I insert the tip, even if I press the tip against the side of the dish. The intensity of the dancing improves if I go past the tip of the sleeve to where the body of the bullet is, sure---but there is still a pleasant and useful amount of vibration at the tip, even when pressure's applied. My clit and nipples can confirm this.

I'm very excited to finally have a bullet vibrator that doesn't numb me. My partner can butter me up to his heart's content and I'm not apprehensive about 'missing out' on any later fun because of it. In fact---I guess it's because of the plushiness of the Spoon's tip---but I have been able to have multiple clitoral orgasms with the Spoon. Usually, for me, a clitoral orgasm is the last orgasm of the night---while vaginal and g-spot orgasms can come in series and leave me feeling warm and ready, a clitoral orgasm is usually so intense that I'll need to take a break to recuperate before I can start playing again. I was shocked to find out that I can have a clitoral orgasm from the Spoon that's the same warm, enveloping sort as a vaginal orgasm---so I can keep on going without missing a breath (well, maybe one breath!). The Spoon butters my clit up instead of burning it off!

I'm not sure how the 'average girl' uses a bullet vibrator---but to have the most fun with the Spoon, I've been rubbing my clit with it as though it was a finger, so I have manual stimulation coupled with the pleasant vibration. Browsing around Eden, I had at one time come across Tuesday's review of some finger sleeves---basically a textured plush addition to your finger. I didn't like the odiferous materials of the two she compared, but as I was playing with my Spoon, dosing it with water-based lubricant so the bullet could be easily extracted, I gave the denuded Spoon a whirl as a finger sleeve. Huge success! It was a wonderful sensation, and in the times between N batteries I'm sure I'll be making use of the sleeve in this way.
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    Awesome review and video Thanks for sharing!
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    Pressure! YES!

    Also, the bright orange tree in the background? I see what you did there.
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    Nice review! Have you ever tried using the sleeve with a different/stronger bullet? Thanks!
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    Thanks for the fabulous review! I love the pretty scenery in your video too
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    I have no luck discovering it after it's discontinued! Great review, anyway.
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    I cannot believe how alike we are in our sexual responses. I have read other reviews of yours and already knew about the PC muscles that can grip rotating shafts into submission and that you can get numbed out by vibrations. Now I find out that you have the same issues with clitoral orgasms that I do, meaning the long recovery period. Naturally, we are also alike in the preference for pressure on the clit. This is why I check your reviews; I know if you like something, I probably will as well. Thanks for such a detailed review, as always!
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