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The Smart Wand Medium boasts LELO's new Sensetouch technology as a leading feature but, perhaps more interestingly, it is the first massager-style vibrator from the company. Bringing some much needed elegance to the clunky, utilitarian world of wand vibrators, the Smart Wand does a decently strong powertool with tremendous grace. It will not be dethroning the powerhouse that is the Hitachi any time soon, but if you like moderately strong and rumbly vibes, you'll love this massager.
Sensetouch technology, travel lock, multiple speeds/settings, non-porous, rechargeable, waterproof.
Will not be strong enough for everyone, seams by plastic handle where fluids can gather.
Rating by reviewer:
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LELO's Smart Wand Medium is best used as an external vibrator for all-over body massage or focused clitoral stimulation. It is not intended for vaginal use, and because it lacks a flange it should never be used anally. The Smart Wand is strong enough for a moderately penetrating, rumbly back, thigh or butt massage. It also works wonderfully for massage of the vulva or clitoris. Use this massager to slowly cycle up through the intensity settings and build to an intense orgasm, or blast away tension knots in the neck or shoulder muscles on the highest setting.

The Smart Wand Medium is both rechargeable and waterproof. This means that you can keep orgasmic bliss and relaxing massages in tow where ever you go. This vibrator is reasonably small, so you can take your Wand with you in an over-night bag for vacations or weekend getaways, or slip in under your towel and sneak it into the shower or bath. (And yes, your Wand can be submerged!) All your vibrator will require is two hours of charge, and it's ready to serve faithfully at the click of a button. Because its interface is straightforward and easy to master, this toy is equally appropriate for beginners and advanced users.

Material / Texture

Made largely from a silicone coat and a small hard plastic panel, the Smart Wand is nearly 100% non-porous. Hard plastic is typically considered to be non-porous, but there can be discrepancies in porosity from manufacturer to manufacturer. For this reason, barrier methods should be employed with this toy when fluids from a non-fluid bonded partner may come in contact with the plastic handle. For personal use or with fluid-bonded partners, barriers are unnecessary. In these cases, cleaning appropriately after using should be sufficient to keep your toy safe.

The majority of the toy is coated with a thin layer of matte silicone. The matte texture provides a nice bit of friction to help keep the toy from sliding around too much during play. However, for some this may be a detracting feature; lubricant may be necessary for you if you enjoy a more slick surface on a massager. The silicone and plastic have no discernible taste or scent. However, both silicone and plastic can pick up odors on their surfaces, so clean your toy before storage and be mindful of scented items that you may be storing your toy in proximity to.

Design / Shape / Size

The Smart Wand incorporates some of the better features of other massager designs while skipping out on their less successful attributes. It captures half the angle of the Ideal's severely shaped handle. This makes the Smart Wand easier to angle at the clitoris from above, but decreases the intensity (and potential discomfort) of the Ideal's design. The Smart Wand also perfects the shape and size achievements of the Acuvibe Mini or the Mystic Wand. Both of the latter massagers were a fantastic improvement from the monstrous Hitachi vibrator, but the Smart Wand ups the ante just a bit with a sleeker, more streamlined design. The Smart Wand comes in at about 8.5" in length, and it measures about 2" in diameter across the massager head.

One of the biggest improvements LELO has made upon wand style vibes with this design is in its weight. The Smart wand scarcely weighs a pound, and is easy to hold and maneuver for long periods of time. Those with ailments/disabilities associated with hand muscles or joints will find this vibrator far more comfortable than the Hitachi, Eroscillator or Acuvibes. It is also a lot less "sex toy"-like in its appearance when compared with other LELO issues. While a curious mind will still quickly figure out its range of possible functions, upon first glance it will not look suspicious on a night stand or in a suitcase.

Functions / Performance / Controls

LELO's Smart Wand has eight settings: the first setting is a continuous vibration (that can be amped up or down) followed by seven pulse patterns. To begin using your vibrator, you must unlock the toy. The interface features three buttons, which from left to right are: a plus sign, a closed parenthesis (), and a minus sign. By holding down the plus and minus buttons simultaneously for about three seconds, you take the vibrator out of its locked mode. Press the plus sign repeatedly to cycle up through the intensity levels of the first setting (the continuous vibration). Once you have reached the desired speed, you may begin cycling through additional pulse settings by pressing the () button repeatedly.

To activate the Sensetouch technology, simply depress the () button for about three seconds, or until the interface flashes its light. In the Sensetouch mode, your Smart Wand will now respond to the contact it makes with your body. When not pressed against your body with relative firmness, the motor will hum in a low-intensity, nearly inaudible vibration mode. This is convenient if you suddenly need to pause during a session: to answer the phone, to communicate with a partner, etc. In this mode, it's not necessary to take a moment to cycle all the way back through the settings to turn it off, only to do the same thing again to turn it on. It also helps conserve energy while you change positions or take a moment to catch your breath. Upon being pressed against your body, the Sensetouch technology takes about three seconds to register contact, then increases to the highest intensity setting. From there, you may decrease intensity with the minus button.

The vibrations in this toy are primarily located in the head, though they will travel down to the handle to some degree. They are moderately strong, deep, and rumbly. These are not buzzy, surface vibrations by a long shot, but they are also not jackhammering Hitachi vibrations. If you require tremendous strength (such as the Hitachi) then you will likely not enjoy the Smart Wand. However, if you appreciate moderately strong vibrations, the Smart Wand will be sufficient to bring you to climax. The Smart Wand is also a rather quiet toy, and even on its highest setting will not be heard through most closed doors.

Care and Maintenance

This massager can be cared for with relative ease, though there are a few caveats to mind. Though the Smart Wand is largely non-porous, it cannot be sterilized by boiling or putting through the dishwasher due to its electrical components. To avoid damaging the electronic parts, sanitize your vibrator with a 10% bleach/90% water solution wipe-down. You can also lather your Wand with antibacterial soap and warm water, or use an antibacterial toy wipe provided that it does not contain alcohol. LELO warns that contact with alcohol may damage the toy's surface. Take care not to use an abrasive scrubbing pad to clean your toy; the thin layer of silicone coating the internal workings could be punctured by this kind of scrubbing.

Silicone toys are often incompatible with silicone based lubricants. If you're especially fond of a particular silicone lubricant, be sure to test a small patch of your Smart Wand for material compatibility. Apply a small amount of the silicone lubricant to an area of the toy, then after a few moments, wipe away with a cloth. If there is not a reaction, you may continue to use this particular silicone lubricant with your toy. To be safe, it is best to stick with oil or water based lubricants. Store your silicone toys away from silicone composite toys, jelly, PVC, rubber and other non-100% silicone soft toys. There can be negative interactions between these toys as well.


LELO packages the Smart Wand in a sturdy white cardboard box that can be re-used for storage if desired. A black satin pouch and charger are also included, along with a small user's manual.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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