Smart Wand medium - massager by LELO - review by Martiniman

The "purfect" wand to leave you purring!

The LELO Smart Wand medium is the perfect clitoral masturbation toy. Not crushing power, but a vibration level that you can enjoy, and will still have you moaning throughout. Great for couples, as it brings the male into play, is visually stimulating if he is simply watching her or he is controlling the pleasure of his female partner. Simply put, it's a great foreplay toy that will lead to phenomenal sex and will be a favorite and go-to toy for both.
Size, weight, design, material, waterproof, multiple power levels/vibration modes
None, other than I'd like to see the two prong design of the Form 2 used on a wand
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Let me start off by saying the Hitachi Magic Wand is just too big and powerful for my wife, not to mention the weight and the cord. So when we saw the LELO Smart Wand Medium, we became excited, and now that we've used it, our excitement was warranted.

The wand can be used to massage any part of the body, but it lacks the power of the Hitachi, and that's why we specifically bought it for erotic playtime. The absolute best use for the wand is as a clitoral massager, but it can do more if you let your imagination take over.

My wife started with the wand in her hand and after applying some water-based lube, had it on her clit, playing for quite a few minutes until she was boiling, then she asked me to take over. As is my nature, I took in all the possibilities and then went to play, as I would never consider this work.

The head on the Medium Wand is small, therefore it's absolutely perfect for playing with all areas of the vagina, giving focused attention to each part. It was perfect for massaging the outer labia, teasing my wife, then moving to the inner labia to bring her to the edge as I slowly moved it up and down and all around, switching from the left lip to the right lip, often.

The head of the medium wand actually inserted perfectly into the entrance of her pussy, but I did not and don't recommend using it as a vaginal vibrator. Let me be clear, the wand is not a dildo and it's not made to fully insert into the vagina, I just inserted it into the vaginal opening where there are tons of nerve endings, and I just held it there, stretching her open as it vibrated her into a frenzy. From there I moved to her clitoris, where this wand has the perfect size to give focused attention to the clitoris only, which my wife greatly enjoyed. That's when the perfect design and weight of the wand inspired me. I held the wand at the very tip of the handle, quite easily due to its light weight, and I gently swung the wand back and forth, just grazing her clitoris like a brush stroke. This movement had her breathless and soon begging for more attention from the wand.

Once placed back directly on her clitoris, my wife experienced a crushing and wonderful orgasm. Another great use for the wand, was as my wife was coming down from her orgasm, I turned down the power and just massaged her labia, bringing her into a very relaxed state.

If you think this wand is for pressing against your clitoris until you orgasm, you will be thrilled to know that this wonderful toy has many uses during erotic playtime, you just need to open your imagination and explore the possibilities. Of course all of this is made possible by the wand's size, weight, design, its cordless feature, eight vibration modes and strengths, and its texture that my wife described as soft, yet hard enough to use for pressure when wanted.

The wand is also waterproof, and although we have not used it with water yet, my mind is already racing with the possibilities.
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    • Anywhere
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Material / Texture

The wand is made of silicone with a hard plastic panel, but my wife's description of the wand was soft and nice, as she really doesn't care for hard toys. I didn't pick up much of a smell at all, if any, and I did not taste the toy due to it being a toy I wouldn't normally put in my mouth. As described by my wife, the texture is soft and smooth and felt wonderful as it was moved around different areas of her vagina.

As a couple, we really enjoy toys from LELO, and we found the texture of the wand perfect— LELO did another excellent job of making a great toy. As for other couples or ladies, the LELO Smart Wand Medium is perfect for anybody no matter what level of experience they have with toys. It's incredibly easy to use with a simplistic button system and a users manual that's helpful, yet I doubt you will look at it more than once.

Not too powerful, but just right for those who don't want to be shaken to the core.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

The design of the wand is absolutely perfect, as the weight is light and easy to hold over a long period of time, and the curved design only adds to its ease of use. My wife started with solo time and easily maneuvered the wand for quite awhile. All I heard were moans of pleasure, never any complaints, nor did I see her shifting the wand in her hand or from hand to hand to find more comfort.

Once it was my turn and my wife laid back to enjoy my attention, I found the wand easy to use and very ergonomic. It was so light, and the curved handle allowed me to hold the wand in my hand without ever having to switch hands or re-position due to discomfort. I'm all about uninterrupted joy for my wife when I'm giving her pleasure, and the wand allowed me to do that over a very long period of time without ever feeling tired from holding a heavy toy or a difficultly shaped toy. The curve was the main reason, as it sits perfectly in your hand and allows you great control and focus, making fun playtime just that: fun!

We chose the Medium over the Large and are glad we did. It's a smaller wand and easy to maneuver and the head is much smaller, allowing for detailed focus on whatever part of the vagina you chose to give attention to, whether it be the outer labia, inner labia, the vaginal opening, perineum, around the vagina, above the clitoris or directly on the clitoris. We haven’t tried it, but the wand head size would be good for anal area massages if you're in the right position.

This toy is perfect for the beginner all the way up to the most experienced, as it allows greater use due to its size and weight. The wand is is small and discreet, so easily hidden, but there really is no need because it's a massager and does not look at all like a sex toy. The same can be said for traveling with it, but the wand does come with a pouch for storing or traveling.
    • Discreet look/design
    • Ergonomic
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

The function and performance of the LELO Smart Wand Medium is perfect, as the majority of the vibrations are centered in the head where you want them, and very little residual vibrations run down the length of the toy. With the toy spending quite a bit of time in my hand, I felt very little vibration which I consider a good thing. As far as the function, yes, it can be used as a normal massager, but I think the strength of the vibrations lend the wand to being a better external masturbator for the vagina, and honestly, we found it to be a better masturbation toy than the Hitachi Magic Wand.

The controls are very convenient and easy to use, and we like the fact that they are incorporated into the wand and covered by silicone. The controls are on the underside of the toy and include three buttons. An increase power button, a decrease power button, and the center button that changes the vibration mode through eight different modes, as well as the Sensetouch feature if you hold the center button down. The Sensetouch puts the wand in a low vibration mode until it makes contact, then speeds up with pressure. This mode is great to reserve power when the wand is laid down or not in use while switching positions. it also goes very silent when pressure is relieved, allowing you silence when needed without turning the wand off. I did have to turn the toy over to visually see the buttons to adjust during our first playtime, but that wasn't a big problem as I kept the toy touching my wife the entire time, and in subsequent uses I've easily adjusted the settings by feel alone as the buttons are raised and simplistic.

The wand isn't silent, but it is super quiet, so quiet that the sound didn't bother us at all, if it even registered with us. The great thing is the design, so if someone does hear you with the wand, you're just massaging your neck, as it's just a massager…wink wink.

We haven't used the wand in the water yet, but it is waterproof making our future shower plans look fun.
    • Easy to use
    • Multiple settings
    • Rechargeable

Care and Maintenance

LELO made a toy, or if you prefer, massager, that is very easy to care for, but because it's silicone, you need to be careful with your choice of lubes, using only water-based lubes. As for cleaning it, I rinse it in warm water, then rub it down well with antibacterial soap, then rinse well again with warm water before drying thoroughly.

As for storage, because it's a massager, you can leave it out on your counter while charging it, making sure it's ready to use when your need or urge hits, or you can simply store it in its pouch in a drawer.

If you want your wand fully charged and ready to use, you might want to find a storage place that's close to an electrical outlet, as the wand is rechargeable and does not use batteries. My wife and I have a discreet place behind a small couch in our bedroom that is near an outlet. I keep plug strips behind the couch and this is the location we keep all of our high end toys that recharge. If you're worried about dust, keep the wand in its pouch, but if you're like me, I thoroughly clean every toy before each use, even if it was cleaned after the last use.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The wand came packaged in a very sleek white hard cardboard box with the LELO logo printed on it. Inside I found the wand, the charger, the pouch, the instruction booklet, and even a woman's gold lapel pin with the Smart Wand™ logo. That was a cute joke moment for my wife and I as I teased her about wearing it to work, but we will use it on lingerie when we take pictures of her and the Smart Wand, as it will make a nice prop.

The instruction are well done, but honestly, the wand is straightforward and easy to use.

With Christmas fast approaching, the Smart Wand would make a great gift for certain friends, and the box it comes in will make it easy to wrap, especially if the present needs to be discreet.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Good for storage
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

LELO made a toy that in my opinion is perfect for a female wanting some fabulous solo play-time or couples who want to use it as part of their sex life. The wand can also be good as a massager if you enjoy lighter vibrations. My wife and I use it in our sex play as a solo toy for her as I enjoy watching, and we also use it as a couples toy with me in control, giving her pleasure, and I'm sure at some point she will use it on my testicles and penis.

The wand can be used not only to rub and vibrate the vaginal areas you wish to give attention to, but it can also be used just inside the vaginal opening, or can be lightly touched, removed and touched again to tease the pleasure out of your partner.

I wouldn't put the Smart Wand in the same BDSM category as the Hitachi Magic Wand, but it's close, and I think it's perfect for light BDSM play. I'm already planning to tie my wife up and blindfold her for use with the Smart Wand, as I think she will enjoy me lightly touching her with the wand, only to quickly remove it, then to place it somewhere she doesn't know is coming, like her nipples or around her breast, only to return to an area of her vagina before leaving again. Maybe slowly running it up the inside of her thighs, only to stop before reaching her vagina, or maybe just a tease on her clitoris before moving on.

The light BDSM ideas are endless, and even though the Smart Wand doesn't have the power of the Hitachi Magic Wand, any woman who's clitoris becomes sensitive after orgasm will tell you, it doesn't take much stimulation to have them shaking and twitching. The Smart Wand can easily deliver this sensation if you so choose, or even if she doesn't...wink wink.
    • Light bdsm
    • Masturbation
    • Teasing


I've left many examples of our wand use throughout my review, and I hope all are useful. This toy is only limited by your ideas and the fact that it's not a toy to be fully inserted in the vagina. If you're a female who needs clitoral stimulation to orgasm, then that isn't an issue.

My wife used the wand as a clitoral massager and greatly enjoyed it until she turned over control to me and my imagination. I think she enjoyed me being in control, as she got to lay back and relax, enjoying each and every sensation. I used it on every part of her vagina and even around the outside, bringing complete pleasure to her no matter where I used it.

Some examples of use are the outer labia, inner labia, above the clitoris, on the clitoris, just barely inserted into the vaginal opening to take advantage of all of the nerve endings located here, the inner thighs to work up the heat, and even on the labia at a low setting after an orgasm to help relax, yet it kept her heated up for the sex that followed.

I suggest a nice amount of lube to coat the entire vagina, and the Smart Wand will slip and slide away as it massages you into nirvana and however many orgasms you desire.

Great for solo female play, great for couples sex play and it's great as a gift for the special female in your life. Let's not forget ladies, if you give this to your man as a gift while you're naked, and then you show him exactly where to use it, it will be one of the best gifts he's ever received and I'm sure he will be happy to give and give to you for a long time to come. Wink wink!
    • Erotic
    • Fun
    • Sexy
Follow-up commentary
What a wonderful toy the LELO Smart Wand medium is. It quickly became one of my wife's favorite toys and still is. Whether she's using it on herself, I'm using it on her, or we're using it with a combination of other toys, this toy is perfect. It's handle design, light weight and rechargeable cordless feature make this toy a pure erotic joy to use. It might be on her vaginal lips, slightly inserted in her vagina, teasing her clitoris, a mixed combination or simply giving her clitoris what's needed for a deep and satisfying orgasm...either way, this toy puts my wife into a sexual state of nirvana. Another benefit of this toy is its useable by my wife on me as well and feels great on my genitals and penis.

Overall, I highly recommend the LELO Smart Wand medium for all ladies and couples. Once you have it, it will be one of your most used sex toys in your collection.
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