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Pure Orgasmic Bliss! The Vr12 should have been called the "OMG!"...that's what you'll be screaming.

Pricey? Yes, but we found it to be worth every penny. Somethings just can't be put into words, but I can try with an example: I knew the Vr12 was a fabulous vibrator, not from the many orgasms my wife had or the nonstop moaning, but when I witnessed her legs convulsing and shaking uncontrollably, her labored breathing, and her glossy eyes… all for quite sometime after I had turned the toy off. Even more impressive was when she retrieved the toy the very next night, wanting more.
Silicone, rechargeable, waterproof, vibration and rotation, powerful, ergonomic
Must turn off to adjust vibration or rotation speed
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This spectacular vibrator can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used for solo enjoyment by a female while she's alone or while her partner is watching her enjoyment, as well as by couples. Although traditional Rabbit vibrators don't allow much in the way of male partner fun, unless you find holding the vibrator still for your girl pleasurable, the Vr12 is anything but traditional. I found that the possibilities for couples play with this toy are wide open and fun, no matter what the official Vr12 information page says — just open up your imagination and explore. I'll give details of uses later on in my review, but in my opinion, this is a perfect toy for couples.

Stimulation is what every girl is looking for, and stimulation is what the Vr12 delivers. Yes, this is a vaginal toy meant for insertion, but it can go way beyond this. Areas you can look to stimulate are the vagina, inner labia, outer labia, clitoris, G-spot, the area around the vagina, the outer anus area, and even the nipples with the wonderful vibrating Rabbit head. Again, please find examples and explanations later in my review.

If you love Rabbit vibrators, but are looking for something better, something with a unique edge over other vibrators, this is the perfect toy for you!

Quiet, subtle and smooth, the power of the Vr12 makes this toy perfect for any occasion, any situation and any place, be it indoors, outdoors, in the water or just in the bed.
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    • Couples
    • Everyone
    • Solo
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    • Anywhere
    • Tub/shower/pool
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    • Travel friendly
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    • Clitoris
    • G-spot

Material / Texture

Before I begin this section, I would encourage anyone looking to buy a toy to visit the toy's specification page on this website, and this toy is no different.

The Vr12 is made of silicone that is a beautiful magenta in color, and is as soft and pleasurable to feel as it is to look at. My wife quickly fell in love with how soft, yet firm this toy is, and it shot to the top of her 'favorites' list because of how it feels.

There isn't much texture at all, as the toy is extremely smooth except for three ridge lines that run horizontal across the top of the vibrator, right under the Rabbit head, and are positioned to give a little sensation to the upper side of the vaginal entrance if you insert it that far. The texture is by no means extreme, and could be enjoyed by anyone, no matter their experience level.

As far as sensory areas, I found no smell and no taste, yet the toy is extremely pleasurable to touch and look at, and most of all, feel as you use it.

For ranking the toy on material and texture, this toy is perfect!
    • Flexible
    • No odor
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

We consider the design of the Vr12 to be near perfect and one of the best we've seen or used in a toy. First off, the handle or base of the toy is round and perfect in size, just right to hold in the palm of your hand or by your fingers, whether it's being held by the female using it on herself or by a partner. The tip of the toy is curved upwards for G-spot stimulation and is deliciously thin and narrow at 1/2 inch thick, making penetration easy, yet the toy widens to a nice width of 1 1/2 inches that continues down the shaft of the vibrator until it reaches the base. The vibrator is 9 1/2 inches long with a very nice insertable length of 5 3/4 inches, which we found perfect.

The shape and design is one of the aspects that makes this toy so wonderful, and my wife swooned over how it felt inside her, as she doesn't like toys that are too big, nor too small, and she found this vibrator just right for her.

If you're just looking for a massive toy, look elsewhere, but if you want an orgasmic experience from a vibrator, this is the toy for you, no matter if you're a beginner or have years of experience with vibrators.

The Vr12 is very quiet, yet it's a large vibrator, so don't expect to use it if the need to hide it quickly is desired. Yes, it will slip under a pillow or the covers, but due to its size and shape, a pocket or a tight fitting area is out of the question. As far as charging, it's not very discreet either, as it sits in a base instead of being directly plugged in.

Can you travel well with this toy? I think that depends on the person. I would have no problem putting it in my backpack and heading to the airport, yet my wife would cringe at the idea. But let's look at a few things that might swing your decision. First is the cost of the toy — it would be a disaster to have it confiscated. Next is the size of the toy and its base; although not heavy, it will take up a bit of space and it's very evident that it's a sex toy. Truthfully, I'd pass on going through an airport with this toy, but travel by other means would be OK.
    • Beginner
    • Ergonomic
    • Partner play

Functions / Performance / Controls

The performance of this toy is out of this world, and the functions are exhilarating. I would have named the toy "The Elvis" as it had my wife's legs shaking for a long time after the toy was turned off.

This toy has dual motors that vibrate in the shaft and in the Rabbit head, but what made this toy so special for my wife was the rotating and twirling tip. I don't mean something inside the tip of the toy rotates; the entire tip of the toy actually rotates in a 360 degree circle that you can adjust by bending the toy. My wife was in heaven as the tip twirled inside her vagina, massaging every inch of the inside walls as the toy was pulled out and pushed back in, all while it was vibrating inside her. Of course while this was going on inside her, the Rabbit head, which we found was perfectly positioned, was humming away on her clitoris, adding to the overall euphoric effect of the toy.

The controls of this magnificent toy are basic and extremely easy to use. Two buttons with their own indicator lights: one for the rotating tip speed, and the other for the vibration speed. The only cons I found — if they can be considered cons — would be that there is only one vibration mode and it has seven speeds, and that once you set your speed of vibration and rotation, you have to turn the toy off to make any adjustments. Other than that, the controls are perfectly located and easy to use.

Quiet and subtle, the Vr12 can be used anytime discretion is needed, but be warned, you will be to blame if your screams of pleasure give you away. But seriously, we were very impressed with the power of this toy, yet how quiet it was, and I loved how it didn't vibrate my hand off while I was using it on my wife. The vibrations and power are centered perfectly and focused where they should be.

Waterproof? Yes, and it looks to be true, as this toy is sealed up well, but we have not taken it for the water test yet except to wash it.
    • Easy to use
    • Long lasting power
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

This toy is pretty easy to care for and comes with a wonderful docking station that makes charging easy.

The Vr12 is made of silicone, so the normal precautions should be taken: wash with soap and water, then dry thoroughly; never use silicone-based lubes, only water-based lubes; and be careful if storing with other silicone toys.

As for storing and charging, the toy comes with a base that plugs into a wall socket, and when charging is needed, you simply set the toy into the base. There is no changing batteries in the toy itself, and the docking station is sturdy and easy to use, in a matching color as well.

Your best bet for storage will be to find a discreet place where the base can be plugged in. As I've said in past reviews, my wife and I have a chaise lounge in our bedroom with a wall socket behind it. I keep plug strips plugged in and all of our rechargeable toys hidden and charging in this location. If you have such an area, it might be the best bet for charging and storing at the same time.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


It came in a simple and thin cardboard box with "Jopen" printed on it. It was nothing elegant, yet would be easy to wrap if being given as a present. The box could be used for storage, but if you plan to use the toy often, I'd say it will be a hassle.

The toy came with instructions and a storage bag, and was very easy to unpack and set up to charge.
    • Good for storage
    • Not discreet
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

My wife and I have a vast array of toys that are growing quite numerous, and her favorites are the Jimmy Jane Form 2, the LELO Smart Wand medium and the Ultra Zone Blossom Lilac, followed closely by the Jimmy Jane Form 6, two LELO vibrators, and the We Vibe. The Jopen Vanity Vr12 quickly shot straight to the top of her favorites, putting it just above the Form 2. I found that an incredible endorsement for the Vr12, as the Form 2 has been her favorite toy since I bought it for her, with nothing really coming close to passing it, even though I've bought her many toys since.

My wife doesn't enjoy hard toys or overly large toys, and is frustrated with Rabbits with which the head doesn't line up correctly with her clitoris. The Vr12 was perfect for her: it was the perfect size and weight, was very soft, yet firm, and the Rabbit head lined up perfectly with her clitoris, allowing her to enjoy the pleasure of the toy with no annoyances.

Along with the power and dual motors, this toy is an orgasm waiting to happen, then you add the rotating tip that twirls and delights inside or outside of the vagina, and you have one powerhouse of a toy that you will call on time after time to bring you pleasure, whether you're alone or with a partner.
    • Orgasmic
    • Perfection
    • Stylish


As promised earlier in my review, I'll now give some examples and ideas of how this wonderful toy can be used and how we used it. Although a bit personal, my hope is that it will help you to better understand the possibilities this toy offers you. In my opinion, every woman should have one and it would also make the perfect gift.

My wife was salivating, waiting on the Vr12 to charge, and when it was ready, she pounced. She positioned herself on the bed, spread and ready, and after I lubed up the toy, she ripped it from my hand and inserted it. She started off just like it was a Rabbit, and after turning on the vibrations and rotating tip, she held it in place and let the pleasure wash over her. Orgasms came and went, and then she pulled it out as her head hit the pillow. It was finally my turn to show her what the toy could do.

My wife had just held the toy deep in her vagina and let it work its magic, but I had other ideas. After turning everything back on, I penetrated her vagina and began slowly pulling the toy out as the tip continued to swirl. The sensation in her vagina as the toy was pulled out twirling, caused my wife to quickly re-enter that space so near orgasm, until I pulled the toy completely out. After giving her a moment, I penetrated her again. As the toy wormed its way inside her vagina while vibrating, the moans of ecstasy became louder, and after repeating the in and out movement, the orgasm crashed.

Now the fun part. The tip of the toy is narrow and curved upwards, a bit like a tongue. After generously applying lube to her entire vagina, inside and out, I put the tip of the toy on her outer labia, and sure enough, it was just like a tongue running in circles that drove my wife crazy. I held the toy very lightly and let it move at will, then I held it firmly, directing it where I wanted it. It licked her entire vagina and the surrounding area, putting her in a euphoric state, until I moved it to her clitoris, and within moments, the licking sensation had her in a deep boil. I held it lightly against her clitoris and I held it firmly, alternating to keep her on edge until she was in the throws of another orgasm.

I also turned the vibe over, which put the tip downwards, giving a whole new sensation. I used the Rabbit head on her nipples, which she found quite pleasurable, and I even had it lick her perineum, just below her vagina. After having it lick her labia until she was calm, I tested the strength of the Rabbit head when I inserted the vibe and pushed it quickly and firmly against her clitoris. Within moments she was having another orgasm due to the power of the perfectly positioned and shaped Rabbit head, which has two upper antennas for the top of the clitoris or clitoral hood and a tongue for the clitoris, that tease mercilessly and will extract orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.

I see where this toy could also be used to lick around the anus if it was well lubed, but I personally wouldn't insert it for sanitary and various other reasons. Overall, this toy has many uses: it can be just held in place, wormed in and out, used as a tongue with the tip up or down to lick around the vagina or anus, or the head can be used on the nipples. This toy can also be used with the vibrations off and just the toy's tip rotating, or it can be used with the rotating tip turned off and just the two vibrating bullets, one in the shaft and one in the Rabbit head, turned on at whatever speed you desire.

The design, softness, beauty, weight and elegance of this toy along with the many vibration combinations and speeds, and tip rotation that you can choose, make it the perfect toy. The official Vr12 information page will tell you this is for female solo play, but shame on them for not having an imagination as this could be one of your ultimate toys to use as a couple. I know it will be for me and my wife. Yes, it's pricey, but it's worth it… just like anything of quality is.
    • Beautiful
    • Elegant
    • Tantalizing
Follow-up commentary
The Jopen Vanity Vr12 is such a fantastic vibrator, is one of my wife's top favorite toys, and I'd highly recommend it to any female or couple. The only reason this vibrator gets passed up when it's playtime is that we have so many toys in our toy chest, and sometimes we simply decide to use something different, but it always gets a look, usually followed by a smirk from my wife because she knows the pleasure it brings.

No longer in the experimental stage, I now know exactly how to use this fabulous toy on my wife with expertise, and the spectacular orgasms follow very quickly once I turn this kitty loving bad boy on.

If your looking for a lot of breathtaking fun, and an endless supply of leg shaking, clit quivering, nipple hardening, pussy wetting excitement, buy this toy as fast as possible. Yes, it's expensive, but as that first earth shattering orgasm rolls through your body, you will be glad you splurged on yourself, and you and your soaked, throbbing and very happy pussy will quickly agree with me that's it's well worth the money.
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