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Vanity Vr12

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The Slug of my heart...

Most drooled over and finally mine! A real piece of luxury, with the best of the best feature of a rotating AND vibrating shaft, adjustable angle of rotation and on the top of that you can lock it too! It's silicone, it's fully submersible, and oh the purple snail, if I could sing odes for you for existing and being on my admiring side...!!!
Powerful, Shaft rotates AND vibrates, Adjustable angle of rotation, Rechargeable, Locking function
Must turn off and back on for lower power, Weird experience with initial charging
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extremely useful review


This is the vibe I had been drooling over for almost a year, and was the very first one to get my paws on when I finally collected all the points to get it with a buyout assignment easily.

It is ultimate!

It is a rabbit vibe, it is rechargeable, silicone, and its shaft doesn't only vibrate or rotate but does both! Luxurious, reliable, and you can get a 10 year replacement warranty on it if you keep the original package with the product serial number! And oh my, it is purple! And it has the clit attachment with the shape of the animal second most precious to me, the always mysterious snail who embodies what the Greek and many other cultures held sacred, female and male in one, representing perfection... Waterproof. Jopen. The second priciest vibe after the brand new Intensity.

Am I happy that one is finally mine? Of course! Like a kid with the biggest plush toy ever.
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    • Couples
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    • Solo
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    • Anywhere
    • Campus/roommate living
    • Tub/shower/pool
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    • Travel friendly
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    • Anal
    • Clitoris
    • G-spot

Material / Texture

Vanity Vr12 is made of silicone just like all the other vibes in the Vanity line. It is smooth and velvety to touch, with a slight seam running along in the middle of the shaft. It isn't disturbing though as you can barely feel it, and while in use you won't even know about it. It has no taste and no smell, the vibe is soft and delightfully squishy, expect where you can feel the firmness of the bullets in the clitoral arouser and the shaft.

There are three horizontal ribs on the lower front of the shaft for extra vaginal stimulation. That could be irritating for some, though it is known that you could carefully trim them off if you wanted to try such a risky project with your beautiful new vibe. The bottom of the Vr12 has two silicone buttons surrounded by shiny silver plastic plate bands, and two rows of red LED lights keep you informed about the functions going on in this purple piece of pleasure-art.

The charger cradle is made of ABS plastic with an almost perfectly matching shade of purple.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

Vanity Vr12 turned out to be the perfectly sized rabbit toy for me!

It has the total length of 9 1/2 inches, with the insertable length of 5 3/4 inches. The shaft is 1 1/2 inches of diameter, which is the average classical toy girth and is supposed to fit almost everybody. However, you may find the little bit thicker lower ribbed portion of the shaft a bit hard and uncomfortable to insert when you happen to be less ready to take it all in. The 2 3/4 inches long flexible clitoral exciter is made like a dream, and was the main reason why I ended up with Vr12 after months and months of chewing on it which version to choose from Vr10, Vr11 and Vr12.

The main difference between those three is only that part. Vr10 has the classical bunny ears, the longest silicone extension of the clitoral bullet teaser. I assumed that the more material the vrooms have to go through the weaker they will feel when they finally reach my flesh. Vr11 has no ears or anything similar whatsoever, and vibrations must be felt in the sheerest way possible in my opinion. Vr12 has the look I have finally found the most exciting and pleasing for my taste.

Though I never cared for ears and always went for the closest contact with the clitoral bullet, Vr12's short antennae and tongue still offer the closeness of the strong bullet, and the three ticklers can still give the beloved sensations on three spots to kiss with their delight. The look of a snail attracted me like nothing before on a toy, and I was happy to find out in practice too that the slug's antennae and tongue behave like texture on a clitoral bullet instead of being too long and being in the way. The tip of the shaft has a perfectly blissful G-spot curve to it, starting with 1/2 inch diameter. It is very comfortable to hold, I must say I expected a larger toy, and the shape of the rounded bottom doesn't force your hands into awkward positions to make them sore.

Vanity Vr12 has the dream function for keeping it at home and traveling! The soft thin pouch coming with this silicone wonder has plenty of room to hold all the needed parts for your vibe, and such a throne of the licking snail has a locking function as well! As it is sleek and somewhat petite you can keep it at home anywhere and take it anywhere in its pouch - but be sure it won't get damaged through the thin fabric, and that you keep this pricey toy close to yourself!
    • Ergonomic
    • Futuristic
    • Whimsical / artistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

Vanity Vr12 is one of those vibes which come already charged, but you have to give them initial charge before you get to use them. It is stated in the description arriving in the package that it needs to be charged for 4 hours before the first use, which you will see going by the red flashing LED lights running up and down until they stop to let you know your vibe is fully charged and ready to use. Before checking anything out how the functions and vrooms are I got to do the same like a good girl, and placed my wonderful velvety brand new toy into the delicately shaped cradle to feed it what it needs to run like a dream.

To charge it you plug the cord into the cradle, then the electricity, then you place your vibe into the cradle. Even when it isn't nestled in yet, holding it close you will see the lights already going with the charge. It will always need 4 hours to get a full charge, I haven't got there yet though.

Enthusiastic and impatient, I was waiting and waiting, and after the 4 suggested hours the charging was still going on. I got a little worried and thought that it would probably need a little more time. After way more than 6-7 hours I asked my Master to unplug it when it's done, and looked it up too that as long as the initial charging doesn't take more than 24 hours it is quite alright.
Well, I woke up next day, looked at it and was horrified to see that it was still charging, getting close to 23 hours. I wrote to the support team quick, and they calmed me down saying simply that they can replace it when the motor stops running. So I just stopped charging it, and started to use it soon afterwards.

Nothing bad has happened ever since then, I have used it a couple times and it is still keeping its charge, working excellently. I just thought that you better know this could happen, before you freak out like I did.

Your Vanity Vr12 arrives locked. To unlock it you push both buttons and hold them that way until the red lights run up to the top and stay that way.
Your vibe is ready to use, and you control it by hitting and holding the buttons to increase the power. The lower button controls the vibrations in the clitoral teaser and the shaft. The higher button controls the rotation of the shaft.

When you hit a button it will turn on the lowest level, and you can only increase the power by keeping it held. The red lights on the left will let you know how you're doing with the vibrations, and the right side will indicate the current power of the rotation. To turn the power lower you have to hit the button again to turn it off, and start over.

The antennae and tongue of the snail lead the deep, rumbly vrooms like a dream. Though I can say that the power is only level 4, it is so satisfying that for a long while I was going to give a level 5 rating before I used it enough to decide how to rate it.

The shaft rotation may seem to be awfully weak first, and you can find it only in unofficial videos and comments by Jopen that you can fix the problem in a surprising way. To get more out of your Vr12 you get a good, gentle grip of the shaft, and very carefully bend it forward a little. When you turn it on again you'll see the huge difference between the original and the newly set angle of rotation.

I was extremely happy to experience that the vibrations can be felt in the entire shaft, and probably it isn't so powerful but still clearly felt. It is because another bullet is placed under the ribbed section of the shaft, making this vibe the only rechargeable yumminess with a rotating AND vibrating shaft!

It is a multispeed vibe but doesn't give you various patterns like pulsation or escalation. Hopefully you will be fine with the constant vibration only, giving you 7 speeds with independent controlling of the vibration and rotation. Vr12 is fully submersible, so you can take it to shower or have a bath with or enjoy in your hot tub. I haven't tried it in water though, but have a totally calm heart when I wash it not afraid it would harm the motors.

And there is another quality of it you will LOVE like crazy! It is so quiet that I just couldn't believe my ears! Even on the highest speeds for vibration and rotation I would bravely use it next to my sleeping PreciousOne not having to cover it up with anything! (You can do it though if your precious has such sensitive ears...)

To lock it again you just push the two buttons the same way you did to unlock it, and the lights running up will tell you that indeed it's locked and nothing will ever turn it back on!

Just one note about my experience with it though. It was fully locked, and I was just enjoying the silkiness of the buttons, playing away with them. Looks like if you keep on doing short hits on one button and push the other quick enough, or something similar I guess, it unlocks itself! I must have done something weird with it, or my model is just goofy like its owner.

You can test it and let me know if anything similar happened there.
    • Discreet sound
    • Long lasting power
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

As this wonderful vibe is 100% waterproof and made of silicone you can clean it with water and mild soap without a headache, or use water-based toy cleaners. The mighty snail throning majestically will allow you to use any water-based lubricants on it, but will forbid any other substances against its reigning grace. (Mighty Vr12 snail is arch enemies with oil- and silicone-based lubricants you know...) You have to dry it thoroughly before gently placing it back into its pouch, and keep it in a proper place where it can enjoy the delights of being your most delicate precious toy.

If you loyally serve it with a delicious care it will reward you with the sweetest pleasures for years and years and years, and it isn't too proud to retire for the sake of the new ruler taking its place from the faraway lands of the famous, fiercely vrooming warriors of the Vanity vibe line...
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The packaging of the mighty snail is as elegant as the luxurious rabbit vibe itself, in a white hard paper box telling nothing about the nature of this lovely toy. Only on the back there is a picture of it and some info to know.

Inside you find a large enough black pouch to hold the artistic purple cradle and the black wall outlet accompanied with the most wonderful pleasure toy ever! A delicate sheet will prove to you by a long list of features why you have made the best toy-decision in your whole life. And a tiny booklet will introduce you all the other impeccable relatives to offer you better knowledge to accompany your precious toy with other royal highnesses. All the instructions of use are described in the pages for Vr12 and the other regal relatives as well.

And you can be sure that this vibe would be the most amazing gift ever, as long as dad and mom don't see the picture on the back. If that isn't a problem? Then you can feel free to use the package as a storage box, especially if you want to care even more for your vibe like I do, keeping the other parts separate from the velvety purple bliss.
    • Good for storage
    • Very informative
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

I would like to add for the cravers of the force that nope, this vibe is no Hitachi Magic Wand. But the creators poured such a lot of vrooms into the soul of this piece of treasure that it will surprise the hell out of you too! So deep and so rumbly the vibrations are that I already forgot my former favorite rabbit vibe vromming my flesh up in no time! Vr12 is just too plentiful, that I could have a thousand other toys and would still reach for it to dedicate my full attention to its grace!

You may experience the same weird things what happened in my case, but keep it in mind to go and register right away after receiving your Vr12! On the official site you will quickly obtain a 1-year free replacement option, and as far as I know you can get the 10 years of warranty as easily and also totally free!

I really can't find any regrets about purchasing this vibe, everything is pure perfection in it - after all the long waiting and work, finally, I have the most wonderful rabbit vibe in the whole wide world!
    • All over body
    • Flexible
    • Nipples


As I know Vr12 holds charge for a very long time. That information also means that you don't have to drain it to keep it unused and stashed away. As I haven't used it so many times to run out of juice I don't know yet how long it will last, and if the next charging will take 4 hours or so damned many again...

I was totally mind-blown by its power until I used my Hitachi enjoying it many times in a row to replace it with my loveliest Vr12. That experience made me change my mind about the power level, though this is also the very first vibe which aroused my clit with the flickering antennae and tongue as strong as other vibes do in full contact. It must be powerful enough for the hungriest of ladies, and I say this, who's flesh is so extremely hard to please with the greatest of the force too.

I have never spent a single time without grabbing it to enjoy since I received it, and I am sure you will revel in the same pleasures after you have experienced how a Vanity vibe is like! Oh how much I am love with you my precious snail! Mightiest of the mighties, most beautiful to my flesh and soul!
    • Easy to use
    • Rechargeable
Follow-up commentary
Though I am always occupied with trying my countless new toys whenever the time is right for that kind of activity, Vr12 is still the rabbit pleaser I reach for! So far the best of the rechargeable double teasers I have met, and nothing matches the adjustable angle of the shaft!

Still most precious, still most beloved. My very first EF toy and will probably be the only bessst kind of rabbit vibe I could ever get! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!!
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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