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The Petite Couture Serenity is a lovely marvel of a silicone g-spot vibrator. It has simple, straightforward controls, a subtly swirled texture, and near-silent, yet powerful multi-function vibrations. It is non-intimidating in size and shape for beginners and has a variety of options wide enough to please users ranging from from newbies to vibrator veterans! It will make an excellent addition to any collection.
Waterproof, g-spot, textured, quiet, instant on-off switch, multi-function, firm yet plush.
Difficult battery compartment, no downward cycling through functions.
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If I can fit a Seinfeld reference into my review...I know it's a good day. :)

The Petite Couture Serenity is an absolute wonder. It is an average-sized, multi-function silicone vibrator, with a gently swirled texture and a subtle g-spot curve. The Serenity is best suited to internal use. It can certainly be used for clitoral stimulation, but I find I have other toys that are much better suited to that due to the location of the motor. This toy is at its very best when used for gentle, steadfast g-spot stimulation. If you require firmer pressure for your g-spot, this toy may not be right for you. Like its cousin, the Euphoria (which I also own), it feels positively delicious when it's fully inserted. Leaving it seated inside of you, you can feel the vibrations strongly from tip to base, it's gently rounded tip stimulating the cervix, vibrations pulsing and wavering along your insides, and even delightfully tickling your labia. This item should be an absolute joy for anyone to use with its straightforward controls, soft, smooth texture, and whisper quiet, yet powerful vibrations. It is non-intimidating in size and shape for beginners and has a variety of options wide enough to please users ranging from from newbies to vibrator veterans!

Material / Texture

The Serenity is made of lovely, lavender, high-quality, hypoallergenic silicone, with a silver, hard plastic base that houses the battery compartment and control panel. It has an interesting, mellow, sweet, berry-like smell to it, but does not seem to have any outstanding taste. Silicone is a material that warms delightfully and retains heat well. For me, this certainly adds extra stimulation, feeling the warmth of the toy entering me. It also does an incredibly impressive job of translating vibrations along the toy's entire length. The material feels velvety smooth and sleek, with subtle texture afforded to it by the swirled surface, but has a lovely amount of tackiness to it, giving it some more grip and feel, and helping add to the stimulation. This toy is unique also in its level of firmness. The shaft of it is firm, yet forgiving...It bends slightly and is surprisingly soft and squishy if you squeeze it! The tip of the toy is a bit more solid than the body of it, as that's where the source of the vibrations is located. This aids in insertion and affords a nice, solid feel if you choose to employ the tip for clitoral stimulation.

Design / Shape / Size

The Euphoria is fairly lightweight at just 0.3 lbs, but feels sturdy and well-built. It is a comfortably slender 1 1/4" wide and 7" long from base to tip, with 5" of insertable length. The size is best described as "average". It's not too slender and not too thick, with what I consider to be the perfect insertable length. It fits very comfortably inside of me and I feel it would be a suitable size for beginners as well as more advanced users, especially those looking to explore the world of g-spot stimulation.

The design is lovely, but certainly not the most discreet. It is quite clearly a vibrator, albeit a very adorable one :) If you want something to tote around in your purse with you, there are many other alternatives available! The shaft of the toy has a gently swirled pattern, which gives it a very subtle added sensation when slowly sliding in and out. I don't find that the pattern is pronounced enough to provide much extra stimulation unless I'm using it gently enough to appreciate the slight contours of its surface. The toy flexes easily to fit to your insides and so, when it's thrust into you, it glides delightfully over that special spot, pinpointed perfectly by the slightly curved g-spot tip. The base of the toy is shaped very nicely and seems to guide your finger straight to the controls, without any need to look down at them. The orientation of the controls and base also give the user a very simple way to tell "which way is up" when using the curved head for g-spot stimulation.

Functions / Performance / Controls

I'm completely enamored of this toy's performance. It is delightfully powerful, yet it's the quietest toy I own. Its light hum is barely discernible from above the covers and with a fan or quiet music running, it may as well be totally silent. Although it doesn't look like it could possibly be water-tight, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it performs flawlessly in the shower and has even survived being completely immersed without any damage.

The controls, consisting of two round buttons, are excellent. The top button is an instant on/off switch and is slightly smaller in diameter than the bottom one, helping you to distinguish between the two. Pressing the power button will cause the controls to turn on and the red backlighting to glow, but it does not start the vibrations. To start the vibrations. *Every* toy should have an instant on/off switch, if you ask me...There are some toys that I use very rarely for fear of being caught and being unable to quickly turn them off! I love the controls on this toy. However, I do wish there was a button to scroll back through the functions, instead of only being able to scroll forward. Sometimes I find myself wanting to just go back one setting, but instead I have to cycle all the way through.


1 - Low, deep, steady vibration
2 - Medium, steady vibration
3 - High, strong, steady vibration
4 - Very short pulses, escalating to a strong, steady, two second-long vibration
5 - Strong, slow, continuous pulses
6 - Strong, rapid, continuous pulses
7 - Three rapid, strong pulses, followed by one-second long steady vibration

Getting into the battery compartment to insert the required two AAAs is a bit finicky...You have to push in gently and twist just slightly to the left. The cap will pop free. When replacing it, be sure to line up the tabs with their grooves. They will only fit one way, so if they don't appear to line up, simply turn the cap 180 degrees and try again. Press down firmly, but gently and twist slightly to the right. There will be a soft click when it's back in place.

Care and Maintenance

Silicone is non-porous, which means that it is a very safe, easy-to-clean material. Do not boil this item or any other toys that have electronic components. Unless you plan to share this vibrator, I find that a wash with anti-bacterial soap and warm water does the trick. Or a once over with one of the multitudes of toy cleaners and wipes available on EF!

One thing to note is that the base of this toy seems to get dirty very easily, being that it is a shiny surface and any fingerprints and things are very visible. It also has cracks and crevices that are difficult to clean and keep clean, since (hopefully!) there are lots of bodily fluids around when it's in use!

Be aware! You cannot use silicone- or oil-based lubricants with this item, as they will cause damage to the material. Silicone toys cannot come into contact with other silicone items or they will create a reaction which "melts" the material. Store your silicone toys separately and, to be on the safe side, use water-based lubricants only with this item! Thankfully, the toy comes with a thin, styrofoam sleeve that you can store it in :) Take advantage of that! It looks a little tacky, but it works wonders for keeping your toys safe from harm.

Personal comments

This item has replaced its cousin, the Euphoria, for long, relaxing sessions. Its large range of settings and variety of patterns are extremely enjoyable to experiment with, teasing yourself upward from the low vibrations to the high, rapid pulsing. This item gave me my first multiple orgasms and continues to dish them out every single time I use it. It has held up much better than the Euphoria, which experienced some power malfunctions shortly after I completed my review.
Follow-up commentary
About a year ago, I wrote a follow-up review on the Petite couture Euphoria, stating that it occasionally shutting down randomly in the midst of use, especially if when I began to vigorously thrust with it. Since I owned the Serenity as well, I said that I would follow up after I'd put some miles on this one to see if that was a problem that applied to all units in this line. I am happy to report that I have not had the same issues with the Serenity. It has since replaced the Euphoria, which is still having those problems with powering off. The Serenity, on the other hand, is still going strong. The slight curve and texture also makes it superior to the Euphoria, in my opinion. I love this toy.
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