Little pearls vibrator - traditional vibrator by Doc Johnson - review by Sebmissive

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She Was A Hurricane

And by that, I don't mean she blew me away. Like a hurricane, this toy is loud and no good came from the experience. It serves as a fair beginner vibe, but that's about it.
moderate to strong vibrations, beginner friendly, simple controls, easy to use and take care of
battery guzzler, loud, buzzy vibrations, precarious dial
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This vibe is as basic as they come. The traditional toy serves as a decent beginner level vibe for those new sex toys. It's not large or intimidating at all, though the noise level is enough to put anyone on the fence about it. If you aren't bothered by loud toys and don't need a rumbly powerhouse, you might enjoy the little noisemaker.

Size queens probably won't take a second look at this toy, but the 3 inch circumference makes it a nice starter during solo, or foreplay. It can be used vaginally to the length of about 6 inches and externally pretty much anywhere you might need it. This basic bitch doesn't come with a flared base, which means anal insertion is out of the question (*sad face*). Still, you can use it for dual stimulation during anal, so buttplay isn't completely out of the question. That's sort of a silver lining...

Material / Texture

The Little Pearl is made entirely of plastic. Upon opening the package, I didn't notice any unusual or overpowering odors beyond the standard, nearly-undetectable fragrance of plastic, nor was there any taste to the product.
The toy is totally smooth, from its tapered tip down to its controls. No bumps or waves on this ride. Personally, I prefer a bit a drag, but with this glossy finish, you don't need as much lubrication to enjoy it comfortably.

Another plus with this type of material is the fact that it's safer to use compared to a lot of other inexpensive toys. Of course, you should use a condom when sharing, but the nonporous properties make it easier to clean and pretty worry free. Plastic is also hypoallergenic and latex and phthalates free.

Design / Shape / Size

If you're a lady like me who has trouble locating her G-spot, the Little Pearl won't be of much help. The toy is straight as a board with zero flexibility. The art of G-spotting is a challenging one; persevere and don't lose hope! Just continue the search with a toy more suited to those needs, like the Ella. For its intended use though, the Little Pearl does a fine job.

The shaft is 7 inches long, with 6 of those being insertable. It has an average circumference of about 3 inches before it tapers off at the tip. I would consider this a medium-sized toy, both in length and girth. While inserted, the stiff material actually gives a nice enough feeling of fullness without being overwhelming. Despite the average size, I recommend leaving this toy at home. It's not small enough to hide easily, and the grand majority of the population can recognize these at a glance.

The size isn't imposing by any stretch of the imagination, appealing to sex toy beginners and connoisseurs alike. It can be enjoyed just as much during masturbation as it is with a partner. Compared to a bullet, whose petite form fits easily between two bodies, this thing is large and bulky. In the right position, however, this can stimulate the clitoris, be inserted vaginally during double penetration, be used to tease and tantalize your partner, or whatever use you can find for it, all without overpowering or being too small to keep a firm grip on--unlike the bullet.

Functions / Performance / Controls

I can't make up my mind whether the controls for this toy are a pro or a con; I decided on both. The simplistic design of the turn dial was a nice concept for me, being as I've never owned or used a toy with one. For whatever reason, I thought it would be easier to control than a push button toy. Boy, was I wrong.

To load the batteries: unscrew the bottom cap, insert two AA batteries, screw the cap back on, and voila! Let there be vibrations! Side note: I suggest buying your batteries in bulk because this thing is going to eat through them like nobody's business. As far as power is concerned, it isn't so much a problem going from medium to high speed, considering the speeds don't feel much different to begin with. However, there's a more noticeable difference between medium and low, but it's almost a seamless transition from one speed to another.

While the dial (pictured below, along with the rest of the components) works well as a moderator for the speed, it comes with its share of complaints. One in particular being the dial was loose. Not sure if this was an isolated incident or if all Little Pearls are like this, but for the sake of argument, the dial on my particular toy could stand to be a tad tighter. It was easy for the dial to rotate and change speeds on me during use, while thrusting and, well, not thrusting. The vibe might as well have turned off completely. In fact, it did a couple times. At the worst possible moment. I'm gonna go ahead and jump to the conclusion that lubrication and slippery plastic do not mix well with vigorous sessions.

Another problem I have with this toy is the biggest. I can learn to work around the faulty controls, but I cannot get over how noisy and buzzy this thing is. The steady vibrations are concentrated roughly a couple inches from the tip, where the motor is located (you can see it as a black rectangle in some of the pictures). From there, they begin to taper off the rest of the way down the shaft. Now, they aren't worst I've ever encountered, but they're certainly bothersome. At the lowest setting, you can hear a mild bzzz and while the vibrations make a fair bit of noise, even at this setting, it becomes slightly muffled and weak when pressed to the body. You can barely feel them until the dial is rotated halfway, and by then you've reached medium. On the highest speed, the vibrations become moderate-to-strong and are better described as "warm-up" vibrations. On top of that, on high, this toy sounds like a dying weed eater. Being someone who doesn't live alone, I can confirm that without loud music to drown out the noise, everyone in the house is going to know what you're up to. Maybe even the neighbors too. Okay, it's not that loud, but it feels that way to me.

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning for Little Pearl is as simple as the controls. Spray it down with your favorite toy cleaner or wash it with warm water and antibacterial soap. Since the toy isn't waterproof, submerging it completely would be a definite no-no. If you're worried about water getting into the dial base, I would suggest a damp soapy cloth to wipe it clean. As for lube, plastic is compatible with most types. However, I prefer to stick with silicone and water-based.

The packaging wasn't anything special, the kind you'll find headphones and can openers in. It probably got destroyed when you spent five minutes cutting and prying it open to get the toy out, so that's obviously not suitable for storage. Not that it was before you took your scissors to it. If you have some sort of storage container, like a box or a chest, you can store it in there with the rest. It isn't anything special, don't worry about putting it in a pretty satin bag or anything. But if you like it enough to keep on hand, you can toss it in a nightstand or dresser drawer. Just remember to always wash your toys before and after use, no matter where you decide to keep it.
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    Our experience with these type of battery/screw caps is they tend to stop working after few months.

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