Smelly vibe smelly vibe what are they feeding you?

If the smell of this vibe wasn’t so horrible it would be ok overall. Even with muted vibrations, the rotating feature offers an exciting sensation, and it is a completely reasonable price.
Awesome sensations from the rotating feature
Easy to clean
Weak vibrations
Porous material
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The Rampant Rabbit is a traditional rabbit style vibrator that can stimulate both the G-spot and clitoris simultaneously. Because of the girth beginners may find it difficult to use, however it doesn’t quite fit the bill for advanced users who like stronger vibrations either. If you are somewhere in the middle you may find some love for this toy, but if not prepare yourself for frustration. If you need some ‘special alone time’ the Rampant Rabbit is fantastic, but can also add a special something when spending time with your partner.

Material / Texture

The Rampant Rabbit is made of Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which is a porous material. I highly suggest not sharing your Rampant little friend because he is porous and it would be difficult to properly cover him with a condom. Both water based and silicone based lubricants can be used with this vibe.

The head of this vibe is smooth, and is quite stiff making it quite easy to insert. Directly below the head opposite of the side with the clitoral arm is a serious of raised bumps that a little texture without being overbearing, and the rest of the shaft is smooth, but has a bit of drag to it when no lubricant is used. The entire portion of the bunny clitoral arm is smooth, with no texture.

Out of the packing this toy smells…how do I put this politely? I can’t, it smells horrible. After 20 washes, it still smells horrible. I can only relate it to burning plastic and rubber. I refused to taste it because of the smell, but my fearless husband took one for the team and said it is completely tasteless-amazingly.

Design / Shape / Size

This is a traditional rabbit style vibrator, and even features a rabbit as the clitoral arm. It has an entire length of 9 ¾ inches which may seem a little intimidating, but fear not the insertable length is only 4 ½ inches. You get a good amount of girth here measuring 5 ¼ inches in total circumference.

Five inches from the tip of this vibrator is where the clitoral arm begins. From the tip of the ears to the base of his bunny butt is a total of 4 inches. He features a pointy little nose, but fear not, the tip is slightly rounded and has a little bit of give making it great for some extra stimulation if his little bunny ears just aren’t getting the job done.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Rampant Rabbit is a dual action vibrator that has features for the shaft and the clitoral arm that can be adjusted separately. Inside the shaft are a series of rotating balls that can be adjusted up to six speeds. On the top of the series of balls is a rod that rotates in the shaft and tip of the head giving this rabbit a gyrating feeling. The clitoral arm houses a bullet capable of 7 different speeds 3 of which are steady and increase and 4 that vary in intensity and pattern.

The vibe is powered by four AA batteries that are easily inserted and removed due to the plastic holder, which made me believe it would pack a punch, but unfortunately I was wrong. The thick PVC material mutes the vibrations quite a bit, but on the up side the rotating balls give a good bit of stimulation along with the gyrating feature. Although the vibrations are underwhelming the light show from the control panel is quite fun to look at!

The controls are located at the very bottom of the vibrator, and there are a total of four buttons. Two triangular buttons operate the rotating feature. The left button increases the speed and the right decreases the speed. In the middle there is a black panel that lights up showing you the level you are currently at by displaying a bar (for example level three displays three bars). Above the black panel is a white oval button used for changing the pattern of vibration and above this button you can find the button to turn the vibration feature on and off. When changing the vibration pattern there is a small round light that changes from green to red along with the pattern you are currently using. This is not a particularly loud vibrator, so you won't hear it through a closed door, but it is not whisper quiet.

Care and Maintenance

The material the Rampant Rabbit is made of PVC is very easily maintained. You can easily clean it with some warm water and antibacterial soap. Again PVC is porous, and the vibe is oddly shaped for a condom so sharing is discouraged here. The control panel located on the bottom of the vibrator is not sealed so you should not submerge this vibe when you are cleaning it. This vibe can be stored with other toys of similar material and will not be damaged, but should be in a cool dry place.


The packaging is simple without being boring. The box is silver with gray rabbits lining the top and bottom and there is a corner cutout window that allows you to see the vibrator. On the back is a small description and some information about the product.


I was extremely excited to get this vibrator, but I was quickly let down. The smell alone almost deterred me from using this vibrator at all, but I really wanted to experience the rotating balls. Although the vibrations were a big letdown, this vibe is not a complete miss because of that lovely rotating feature. I could really go on and on about how bad this vibrator smelled, but I will spare you. Just know it is really bad, and because of this mine is probably going out to the dumpster soon where it can rest in peace with other extremely stinky items.
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  • Contributor: susansmith2012
    thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: BabyL0ve
    Thanks for your review
  • Contributor: Various
    You are welcome! Thanks for reading!
  • Contributor: Zombirella
    Great review, I can't believe it wasn't that strong though, that really sucks!
  • Contributor: puppylove
    Thank you for your review! and the pics
  • Contributor: K101
    oOoOoH! What a lovely, detailed review! I love the look of this. You done a great job capturing the detail in this toy.
    I also like that the material isn't jelly. TPR happens to be a material I love most though. I am sorry that it stunk so bad and didn't live up to your expectations. What a bummer!
    I've had bad luck with all these rabbits, but Flutter and Sugar have been my go-to's for months now! Flutter is bigger so I enjoy it more. Maybe that would be something that'd be more enjoyable for ya? It's made of TPR and does not stink! Lol. I hope you do find you a good one.
  • Contributor: TheSinDoll
    Gah... a stinky smell has GOT to be bad. I do love a rabbit, though. If you're looking for a good one, you can check out the Silicone Jack Rabbit. I did a review for that one and I love it! Better luck next time, Sweets!
  • Contributor: ToyingCouple
    Nice review, like the 'Friends' related title too.
  • Contributor: Apirka
    Thanks for the awesome review! I should have this toy tomorrow... I've seriously never used a rabbit vibe before, so I was a little excited to get this for free. But I might not even use it if it stinks that badly. I HATE smelly toys.
  • Contributor: GONE!
    Thanks for the review! The title made me laugh, but eww at the smell!
  • Contributor: Various
    @Kendra, I have success with quite a few non traditional rabbit vibes so I thought this would be a huge hit-it wasn't. Thanks for the recommendations, I'm going to check those out.

    @TheSinDoll, it really smells horrible. HORRIBLE. I'll be checking out your recommendation too, thanks

    @ToyingCouple, it seemed to fit so perfectly because again, it smells like death (which means it is really bad)

  • Contributor: MrGoodTool
    thanks for the review
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    Thanks for the great review!
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    great review
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    thanks for the review! i love all the pics!
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    thx 4 the review
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    Very nice review
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    Nice review! Thanks!
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