Sinnflut intensity - g-spot vibrator by Fun Factory - review by ~LaUr3n~

Softserve Cone of Silicone

The Sinnflut has a higher price tag, but you will want to trade in some vibrators for this one because it is worth it! With the superior and safe silicone and the 9 levels of vibration and patterns, your g-spot will be stimulated as well as your vagina. It feels great with or without the vibration and will never leave you unsatisfied or bored!
9 vibration levels/patterns, rechargeable, no smell, high quality craftsmanship and material
no charge light, can't be used while charging, loud on high levels
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extremely useful review


SEHR GUT! Ich liebe es! PRIMA! TOLL! The Germans have done it again...

This vibrator is the cream of the crop without question. Not only does it look like one of my favorite foods, soft serve vanilla ice can be used for regular dildo insertion into the vagina, for vibration insertion, for g-spot seeking, or even clitoral stimulation. In addition, it feels great on nipples as well as male genitalia. This toy has a wide range of vibration levels and shaft thickness so it is great for everyone-the beginner to the most advanced. It does have a higher price tag, but I would totally trade in at least 5 of my mediocre and cheaper vibrators for one of these Sinnfluts!

This is also for the energy or green conscious individual. It requires no batteries and recharges with an easy to use docking station. This vibrator's silicone material makes it great for those who are sensitive to most materials or have a latex/rubber allergy. In addition, it can be used by those who love to play in water, because it is entirely waterproof! Every toy enthusiast should own one...or two!
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    Who might this product be best for? How is it best used? What are the best circumstances or situations for using this product?
    • Everyone
    • Solo
    • Women
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    • Anywhere
    • Tub/shower/pool
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    • Clitoris
    • G-spot
    • Vaginal

Material / Texture

The Sinnflut is made of high quality and super safe, medical grade silicone. This is pure 100% silicone that feels soft and supple to the touch. The material is softer than a lot of silicone I have encountered. It is flexible as well. Unfortunately the softness means that it attracts dust and lint, more so than harder silicone. There is absolutely no taste or smell. There is slight drag when sliding my finger across the material. Remember that lubrication is needed to aid use without chaffing. The silicone is smooth and has no added texture. This is great for beginners or those with sensitive vaginal cavities.
    • Flexible
    • No odor

Design / Shape / Size

I absolutely love the design on this vibrator! It is even novice user friendly! The total length of the vibrator is 8 inches. However, the insertable length is 5 1/2 inches. This may not fulfill those who want something longer or want to use this to thrust without vibration. In girth terms, the shaft is 5 1/2 inches in circumference or 1 3/4 inches in diameter. This is pretty ideal for me. I don't like my toys to be huge. The tip is a bit larger than the center of the shaft and the base of the insertable portion is the thickest. The tip is specifically designed to tantalize the g-spot. The shape is a slight curve, which is also designed to help hit the g-spot.

The shaft has seven ripples of increasing and varying sizes. These are designed to feel good vaginally. They gradually get larger and aid in insertion. The color of the shaft is a subtle ivory that, along with the ripples, really does remind me of a cone of delicious vanilla frozen yogurt. During insertion for thrusting, the ripples feel great inside.

Moving further down the toy to the control base...the design here is ingenious! The controls are what "plug" into the charger. Oh did I not mention that yet? Let me remind you; this toy doesn't take batteries! The end of the toy fits PERFECTLY in the palm of a hand when held backwards before insertion. I'll talk more about its ease of function in the next section. The charger and control unit are gorgeous shades of maroon. Maroon is my favorite color, so I was thrilled I received this color combination.

This toy isn't very discreet and because of the charging dock station you might have to remember when it is out. If sitting in a corner of a room, it kind of looks like an interesting candle from far away but, closer up guests probably won't be fooled.
    • All experiance levels
    • Whimsical / artistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

This toy does not come charged so you will have to wait to use it the first time (learn how to charge it in the next section).

The controls baffled me at first. They felt so rigid and hard. There is one on and off button, and a joystick type switch that controls up and down the variations of vibration. It also is quite rigid and the range of movement is small. The end of the vibrator fits PERFECTLY into the palm of my hand. My thumb easily found the on and off button as well as the control joy stick. The button is tough and takes a bit of getting used to. If you don't have the vibrator facing you as if it is in you or going to be, it can kind of hurt to apply pressure to the button to turn it on or off. I was able to get the hang of it quickly though.

Once on, the Sinnflut starts with a very low level of vibration. Don't be disappointed though, there are 5 more levels of increasing vibration. I LOVE the variety. The Sinnflut has many options. I was quite impressed! It starts low and gradually with each push of the joystick (away from you), then increases a bit. It ends on a relatively high level of vibration. The joystick is a bit hard to use at first, but once you practice a few times, you learn to appreciate its rigid structure. This toy will never turn on randomly or change vibration setting without you telling it to. I really like the controls now that I have used this toy a few times.

Even after the 6 levels of increasing vibration, there is more! Next is a slow pulsation of vibration, which is repeated in the next stage just faster, and even faster in the last. Each level, start to finish, is perfectly placed to tease and then drive you over the edge. The vibrator on the highest levels is loud. It is like the bullet inside is not snug against the material and rattles sometimes. Once inside the vagina, this is stifled quite a bit though. I was never left short of orgasm. Once you hit the vibration patterns, the only way to go back to the regular levels is to turn the toy off and on again.

In terms of g-spot stimulation, it felt great as well, but it wasn't hard enough of a silicone to provide a g-spot orgasm for me. I think the structure was too flexible to apply the necessary pressure. It did stimulate my g-spot a good amount though and I enjoyed the feeling.

I played with this toy for a solid 1/2 hour or more on the high levels and it didn't seem to lose power at all. I would say that the charge lasts a long time and you will finish well before it runs out of charge.
    • Lots of variety in function
    • Multiple settings
    • Rechargeable
    • Strong patterns

Care and Maintenance

Like mentioned above, this does not come charged. You will need to allow at least 2 hours of charging for full power. There is nothing that indicates this measure on the package, but this is my personal estimate. The charger matches the maroon color on the base of the vibrator. What is super interesting is that the joystick used to control the vibrations is actually what fits into the charger to charge it! This is great because you don't have to worry about any solder breaking and needing fixing.

It stands straight up in the charger which puts the vibrator on display. You can't hide it to charge it. It must be on a level counter or table to charge since it doesn't lock into the charger. It just plugs into a standard wall plug. There is also no charge light to tell you that it is charging or that it has finished. Because of this, I didn't leave it on the charger more than a few hours at a time. I didn't want to fry the vibrator. Also due to the fact that it goes into a charging stand, it cannot be used while charging.

The toy does collect a good amount of dust, or maybe it is the light color that makes it more noticeable. Either way you will want to clean it before play and sanitize after. This vibrator is completely waterproof but that does not mean you should submerge it. To sanitize the silicone, boil some water and dunk only the ivory portion in the water for 5 seconds to retain shape. Use soap and water on the other parts of the toy or a spray toy cleaner.

I would store this in the box that it came in, but it is quite large. If you can keep it in a freezer size plastic bag, this might be better.


The package for the toy is simple. The box is a deep red and shows the functions of the toy in different languages around the box, inside and out. The magnetic flap also shows more of this. The toy is held inside a plastic molded sleeve, along with the charger and plug. There is no annoying naked girl or guy on the front and it is relatively discreet, excluding the toy which can be seen displayed inside. It is a rectangular shape and can be used to store the toy easily or be stacked among other toys.

Personal comments

Anatomy of a name: Sinnflut

As a German toy, I figured there would be a reason for this name. I often like to include a section about the names of toys if they are unique and many of you seem to enjoy them. This one does have a unique one as well. I speak German , but I was not familiar with these words. Flut in German means flood. Sinn could mean a few things, like to sense, have intention, or to occur. So I have concluded that Sinnflut means, to induce the tides...the tides of female juices that is, and it doesn't seem to fail! Of course I could be wrong about this, but it was fun to try to figure out.
Follow-up commentary
I still like this vibrator a lot, but it rarely comes out. Since the charger requires the toy to be standing up, the silicone is exposed and collects a lot of lint and dust, more than a lot of silicone toys I have. When I use a toy like this, it is more of a whim type thing. It's a pain to have to scrub this guy down in the moment. I wish I could find some way to put it in a drawer where it wouldn't be exposed to dust etc as much but so luck.

The material hasn't changed and the vibrator works just as well. It takes the same amount of time to charge and still hold the same charge, which is awesome. I know that these rechargeable toys can be damaged with incorrect use; so it's nice to know this one holds up well.
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  • Gardenvy
    GREAT review LaUr3n!
  • Gardenvy
    Oh and I almost forgot..
    Sprechen sie Deutsch? Wenn, so ist es wunderbar, einen Mitdeutsch-Sprecher ringsherum zu haben!
  • Owl Identified
    Oooh, very thorough. I dig yr writing, girl.
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Ja Ich spreche Deutsch, aber nicht so gut! Ich vergesse viel.

    Thanks SLL!
  • Carrie Ann
    Sinnflut toys can be left on their charger all the time and this is actually recommended by Fun Factory since they can't be over charged. Full discharge is recommended a few times a year but leaving it plugged in won't fry it. I've had both of mine for, god, almost a year? And they never leave the charger unless they're in use. Every few months I pull them off, turn them on, throw them on the bed and let them run until they die, then recharge. Benjamin Bond is my most used toy and he still holds his charge like a champ and has lost no strength or longevity so I'd assume it works the same for the whole line.
  • ~LaUr3n~
    That sounds great! I'm not concerned about leaving it on the charger, other than the charger gets hot. Its more about it having to stand up and I don't have a place to shield it from dust etc. Other toys I can lay down in their case and stick the cord out the with the Mona for example.

    I thought letting them run until they die was worse for the motor, but if you've had yours a long time and you say it's still running strong, that's good enough evidence for me!
  • PassionQT
    Ah, this one makes me proud to be of German Descent. LOL. We make good toys! Great review.
  • 00
    Very, very nice and informative review.
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Hell yea! I'm very proud of being German
  • Jenna.J.Ross
    Great Review very informative
  • Blinker
    Ich bin auch Deutsch. Sprechen nicht so gut!

    Between SinFive and Fun Factory, I'm embracing my German ancestry.

    Es lebe Deutschland!
  • ~LaUr3n~

    Mich auch!
  • gone77
    Great review, Lauren!

    I'm bit surprised about the boiling part. From my understanding, things that vibrate should never be boiled. I don't remember at this moment how my Benjamin Bond is, but isn't there an inner core in this that facilitates the vibrations? And couldn't that possibly be damaged if boiled?
  • ~LaUr3n~
    I thought so too, but I asked the manufacture and they said it was fine as long as it was short. I have NOT done this though. Thanks so much for reading!
  • Madeira
    Now I must have this, I guess I'll be saving my eden points pennies hehe.
  • ~LaUr3n~
    It's on sale right now
  • Selective Sensualist
    Debating between this one and Benjamin Bond . . . And, I, too, love German engineering. The Germans make some excellent cars as well!
    Regarding the lint catching, perhaps when you have it on the charger you can place a plastic bag over it? Or buy a lovely glass bell jar (i.e., a domed cloche) to cover it (kind of like the one that covers the rose in Beauty and the Beast)!
    Great review!
  • ~LaUr3n~
    I have not gotten my hands on the Benjamin just yet, but it looks awesome.

    A plastic bag is a great idea but I love the glass bell even more! That would look so pretty lol.
  • Pandahb
    Great review!
  • ~LaUr3n~
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