Sinnflut intensity - sex toy by Fun Factory - review by Adriana Ravenlust

The Great Flood

Sometimes, I lust over a toy so long that the reality can never live up to my fantasy. Such was not the case with the Sinnflut Intensity which has provided me with many clitoral orgasms and wonderful G-spot stimulation. If you are looking for a high quality toy which will be able to stand up to the abuse/love it will surely get, this is IT.
Silicone, well made, rechargeable, strong, quiet, flexible, attractive, textured with ridges.
Picks up lint like crazy, strange ringing, could last longer.
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extremely useful review


Intensity seems to be the middle brother when it comes to the full sized vibrators in Fun Factory's Sinnflut line. It’s full sized without being enormous and the gentle ridges on the shaft offer subtle texture making this perhaps a bit more interesting than the Reality but not as daunting as the Phantasy, which means it's a great choice for folks like me who like their texture in the middle of the road. The size increase is gradual enough that I would recommend it to toy newbies and it works great as a solo toy or during couple's/group time as well. The strong vibrations hit the G-spot accurately and also work well for clitoral stimulation. However, the lack of a flared base makes it unsafe for anal play. Because it is completely waterproof, you can safely take the Intensity into the bath and shower and I wouldn't hesitate to take it with me during travel. Just don't forget the charging dock if you expect to use it for long periods of time.
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Material / Texture

The 5 1/2" insertable portion of the Intensity is made of a pliable, cream colored silicone that has much give when squeezed. Just below the vibrating bullet (near the center point of the shaft), the silicone is noticeably thinner and the shaft can be bent around 45 degrees. There are certain areas, like the head, where the silicone is more dense, thus more firm.

The silicone has more of shiny texture than matte and has just enough stickiness to it that it eagerly picks up lint. Because of this, I would also recommend using lubricant, water based so as to not experience a reaction with silicone based lubricant. For water play, you may find that the lube washes away, unfortunately.

The base of the vibrator and its charging dock are both made of hard, burgundy colored plastic. Neither the toy nor base have a noticeable smell.

Design / Shape / Size

Intensity works well as a G-spot vibrator. The subtle angle of the contoured head easily found my G-spot and the location of the vibrations is perfect, if your G-spot responds to vibrations that is. It can be inserted up to 5 1/2" and gradually increases in size from a 1.35” diameter at the head to a 1.75” diameter. Because the increase in size is so gradual, I could see the intensity being fit for even some beginners. In fact, some size queens may find it lacking.

There are 7 ridges of varying sizes down the length which wrap around the entire piece in a unique pattern. On the back of the vibrator, the ridges are contained toward the lower half which I imagine is intended to stimulate the entrance of the vagina. On every side of the Intensity, those ridges are slightly different in shape and feel. The slightly sticky silicone and ridges may create a bit of friction so, again, using water based lubricant is recommended. However, I find the gentle tapering of the head makes insertion fairly easy.

The ridges proved to be mildly stimulating, at best, but sometimes were difficult to pick out. They will best be felt during thrusting; although, I do not frequently thrust with my toys. If you prefer heavily textured toys, I would suggest going with the Sinnflut Phantasy instead.

In general, this piece is fairly straight but is versatile because of the soft silicone. It could possibly even become a dual stimulator, of sorts, if it is partially inserted and bent so that it stimulates the clitoris as well. Of course, it can be used externally and I also enjoyed it that way. The shape of the head is great for applying pressure and the ridges can be used to stimulate the entire vulva.

The Intensity is designed so that it fits snugly into the charging dock and can be "stored" that way. The joystick control slips into a small hole on the dock which is also burgundy, to match the vibrator. The dock sits even on a flat surface, plugs into the wall and reminds me of a 90s cordless phone dock. Having it sit out on the nightstand is convenient but definitely not discreet. It does look quite impressive, though. The design of this piece is attractive and just exudes quality from the sleek lines to the hefty feeling in hand.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Intensity is definitely the strongest insertable vibrator I have, and one of the stronger of all the vibrators I own. It’s not as strong as the Miracle Massager but the internal battery makes a noticeable difference over AA or AAAs. I am happy to report that the vibrations are satisfyingly deep; even the lowest setting is more of a medium. In total, there are 8 vibration settings which focus about an inch below the head: 5 solid and 3 pulsating patterns. I slightly prefer the higher of the steady settings and all the patterns throb delightfully whether used internally or externally.

I found myself wanting to last as long as the Intensity could last and my first session was multiply orgasmic. It's hard to say how long before the power started to fade but I used it at least 30 minutes on the highest setting. Some rechargeable toys do last longer and I wish this were the case with the Intensity. I know it's impossible for any toy powered by any sort of battery to last forever but this amazing vibrator makes me want more, more more and I feel so incredibly disappointed when it dies. The power fades gradually but noticeably until it cuts out completely. The manual does not say anywhere how long the vibrations should last and your mileage may vary depending on the settings you use. I would put the Intensity back on it's dock whenever not in use, as suggested.

Fun Factory's unique joystick controller is intriguing. There is one push button to turn the Intensity on or off while the joystick controls the strength and functions of vibration. However, the joystick does leave a little to be desired as it's quite stiff. I sometimes find it easier to press directly in front of or behind the joystick to control the vibrations, instead of using the joystick itself. I disagree with the manual that it is easy to use with one finger.

Even though the toy turns onto the lowest setting, it can be turned lower, so low, in fact, that the vibrations will turn off but there an audible hollow whining noise remains. This sound can be heard in the background as well. Fortunately, it's not discernible past the first 3 vibration settings. The motor itself is quite soft and would only be audible to someone in the same room, even on high.

There are really no seams where water can get into the Intensity. It is incredibly well made to be enjoyed just about anywhere!

Care and Maintenance

Because the Intensity is completely waterproof, you can thoroughly wash it with soap and water which I suggest because wipes and toy sprays don't help much with lint. I cannot imagine any situation in which lint would no be a problem unless it is stored in a plastic bag. This does seem to negate the convenience of having a dock at all. Silicone is nonporous so it won't harbor any unseen bacteria. If you felt the need to sterilize it, the Sinnflut Intensity could be wiped with a 10% bleach solution. As I mentioned, only water based lubricants should be used with the Intensity.


Like all Fun Factory toys, the Sinnflut Intensity arrives in a red box with the toy showing through a window. It is a bit larger than other boxes so I do not use it for storage (but the toy can be "stored" on its charging dock, anyway). The flaps on the back fold out to provide more information. A sample packet of Fun Factory's Toy Fluid lube is included as well as an advertisement pamphlet and user manual.

Personal comments

There are a couple things which fit nowhere else in this review. One is that "Sinnflut" apparently means flood of sense and I agree that Intensity floods my senses in a wonderful way. It also creates a wonderful flooding sensation of my own: female ejaculation.

Whether or not this vibrator is travel friendly depends on your needs. If you just need something reliable for a short romp, then I would definitely recommend taking it with you. The vibrator itself isn't very discreet but is small enough that it would fit in any carry on. However, it will eventually die and need to be recharged. If you often forget things like, say, chargers I would opt for something that doesn't vibrate or takes regular batteries over the Intensity.


I wish I could say that the hollow ringing I experienced was a fluke, but alas, it is not. I had to return my first Intensity because it made a whole plethora of ringing and whining noises that not only proved distracting but actually worsened over time. My replacement was the one which was not charged immediately (although, the first was) and, although it didn't make as many strange sounds, the hollow ringing remained as well as the regular sound of the motor. I have heard that Lelo products often make a whining noise as a part of regular operation and I think this is similar.

I was actually quite surprised how well the Intensity works as a clitoral vibrator. I know almost any traditional vibrator can be used clitorally but I’ve had very few of them which do it well. The rounded, soft silicone head of the Sinnflut Intensity is broad enough for me to press against myself and the flexibility of the silicone allows me to bend the vibrator back to add even more pressure.

My husband and I usually do not use many toys together, mostly because I do not love getting them out and ready and he doesn't know where everything goes. I can see the Intensity getting a lot of use just because it sits so conveniently in its dock.
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  • ......
    Great review! I find it disappointing that it only lasts 1/2 hr. My alone time sessions are that and more. I wonder if all the sinflutt's are like that?
  • Carrie Ann
    The Sinnflut line is amazing, isn't it?

    Benjamin Bond is my absolute favorite toy ever, hands down.

    I asked about that high pitch whine in the Jimmyjane interview awhile back, cuz my form 6 does it, too.

    They said it's because of the digital motor and I've found every rechargeable toy I have does it to some extent, usually only on the lowest settings.

    Good review! I want this one but I think he and Benjy would fight. Tongue out
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Thanks for the comment newme. I'll update this after the 5 charges to see if it improves at all.

    Carrie Ann, It's really quite nice. I'm so glad I finally bought it. Good to know about that sound but, like I said, I stick to the higher settings so it's not so much of an issue. At least I know for future reference.
  • gone77
    I've got the Benjamin Bond and love it so much that I've wondered about the others in the line. This is a great, thorough review and I'll refer to it when I'm deciding if I want to get another Sinnflut. Thanks!
  • Sammi
    I love the Sinnflut line - although my favorite is Chester. I want to try this one too Smile

  • Adriana Ravenlust
    The ghosty ones just seem like they have too much texture for me to comfortably use. I would possibly consider the Phantasy in the future, though.

  • Kayla
    Impressive review. Very impressive. Those toys all look like fun. I wouldn't think of this as a g-spot vibe at first glance, that's for sure.
  • LicentiouslyYours
    I really want to try one of these, but figuring out which one I want is a serious problem. Great review Smile
  • Juliettia
    I've always loved the 'handle' of these toys. They are just unique in design. As always, excellent review.
  • ~LaUr3n~
    Very thorough review Big smile.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    MistressKay - if you need serious angle, it may not work so well. Mine is really shallow and easy to reach but this is so flexible it should work for most.

    Laurel - Colour was part of my choice. I like this option best out of the Phantasy, Intensity and Reality.

    Thanks Juliettia!
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Oh, you just beat me with your post, Lauren. I really felt like I had to be and there was enough info that I just couldn't fit it into the regular template.
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    I just fixed some ridiculous spelling and wording errors. I was so tired when I wrote the first draft of this and apparently not much better when I finished it up. LOL
  • EffinSara
    Were you aware that the name is a play on the German word for the (biblical) great flood, Sintflut, or did you hit upon your review title by accident? Either way, great review! Big smile
  • Backseat Boohoo
    A half an hour?! Christ, even the beastmaster that is the Womolia Heat lasts for almost an hour, and my Lelo Gigi can last for almost two hours! That's a major disappointment.

    Still, I lust for a Sinnflut...::big puppy dog eyes::

    Speaking of the Lelo Gigi: can you compare the whining the Sinnflut makes to the infamous high-pitched Lelo whine?
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    Sara - I was aware but I chose to focus on an alternate meaning (flood of senses). Thanks!

    BB - IT is a disappointment but, to be honest, I rarely masturbate for that long so I can't really see it being a big issue, personally. I haven't yet used a Lelo vibe but have 2 for Christmas so I shall have to let you know!
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    I just wanted to come back to say that the whines are pretty comparable with Lelo toys.
  • Pandahb
    Great review!
  • A Closet Slut (aka nipplepeople)
    Thanks for the review!
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