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G-spot vibrator by Extase

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Throbby Egg on a Stick

This is an elegant luxury vibrator with what is obviously a well-thought out series of features, ranging from the shape to the feel to the performance. And don't forget about those vibrations: they have a unique hard-to-describe quality that is different from most vibrations I've felt, and they certainly are a big plus. Altogether, I'm pleased with the Extase Zenith and I believe most other people with a vagina would get a good amount of pleasure from it as well.
Very Deep Vibrations
Elegant, Useful Shape
Not for Underwater
Battery Hog
Occasional Rattling Sound
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The Extase Zenith is quite obviously meant for vaginal stimulation, particularly the G-spot, but it can also be used on the clitoris and the labia in general.

It is not an anal toy because of the lack of a flared base; though I suppose it could be used to tease the outside of the sphincter if you clean it properly (or change the condom) between that and putting it to any other use. I have not used it that way.
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    • Bachelor/ bachelorette party
    • Everyone
    • Sensory play
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    • On a bed only
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    • Clitoris
    • G-spot

Material / Texture

The Extase Zenith is entirely made from unyielding plastic, with a faux-metal cap where you put the batteries in that is also plastic despite looking like metal. This overall plastic body makes the toy hard in structure, but it has a surprisingly soft feel. This feel is texture-only and is due to a special coating on top of the plastic (except for the faux-metal cap). For example, on my toy, which is pink, the entire pink area has this velvety soft feel.

The soft texture is entirely uniform without any bumps or flaws, and it gives a luxurious feeling to the Extase Zenith. Just touching the toy makes me want to run my hands over the soft portion, and when in use, I have not experienced any surface "dragging" or any other type of unpleasantness. Grinding is slippery if the toy is lubed (naturally or artificially) and if not lubed, the texture at least doesn't "catch" at my skin at all.

The faux-metal cap is slippery and feels much like real metal, but I don't hold the toy on the cap when I use the Extase Zenith, and the cap doesn't get anywhere near my parts during use, so I think its feel is irrelevant. However, if you hold the toy differently than me, I can imagine the cap might become frustratingly slippery if your fingers get accidentally lubed.

There is no smell to the toy at all unless I put my nostrils right on it, and then I can only detect the slightest hint of something that smells like baby powder. It has no taste.
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

I imagine this toy as being a particularly luxurious egg vibrator mounted on the end of a shaft at an angle that is perfect for G-spotting.

At no point is the toy very wide; it is altogether quite slender, and yet the shape feels more interesting to me than any ordinary slender vibrator because of the egg shape at the end, the way the egg shape is positioned, and the triangular shaft.

The way I use the Extase Zenith most often is to insert it so that the egg-shaped part is against my G-spot and then to thrust or rock. By "thrusting" I mean an I-shaped motion where the shaft goes straight in and out, and by "rock" I mean a J-shaped motion where the shaft goes in and out only slightly, with a turn in the motion at the end of each stroke. Depending on the placement of your G-spot and your public bone, you may be able to stimulate your G-spot with a thrusting motion alone, or it may feel better to insert it up against your G-spot and then rock it.

In either of these methods, I find it is particularly easy to manipulate the toy and to tell exactly what I'm doing because of the triangular shaft. With other G-spot toys I've had, it has been too easy for the G-spot stimulating protrusion to very slowly and imperceptibly drift away from my G-spot because of a round shaft turning gradually in my hands without me knowing it. That problem simply doesn't happen with the Extase Zenith, and furthermore the triangular shaft provides flat surfaces so that it is very easy for me to apply pressure against the shaft with a thumb or finger in a particular direction and have the toy's motion happen exactly as I wish.

Another way to use the toy, which is still good but I don't like this way as much, is to just barely insert the egg shape and have the shaft jammed up against my clit (that is, to hold the toy at about a ninety-degree angle to how you would hold it if you were instead trying to thrust). In this way, the shaft vibrates the clitoris while the egg shape vibrates the labia and also provides the tiniest bit of penetration, but there is no G-spot contact at all. This method feels good because of how deep/strong the vibrations are and because the vibrations feel as if they are concentrated in the head of the toy, only slowly losing strength in the lower parts of the shaft. The shaft part high up near to the egg shape is not quite as strong as the egg itself, but the difference is barely noticeable, and so it feels pretty good on the clit.

I believe the slenderness of this toy would make it very suitable for first-timers to vaginal penetration. The egg shape is fair-sized but narrow where it matters for insertion. I think even the most timid beginner should be able to insert the egg shape with a little work, and for me it is no work at all to get it inside.

The narrowness of the toy makes it particularly easy for me to thrust with it, unlike some of my wider G-spot toys, which are easy to accidentally clamp down on with my involuntary internal muscles once I reach a certain stage of excitement, which in turn leads to extreme hand/arm/wrist fatigue for me. I consider the Zenith Extase to be a good tool for me in my battle against masturbation fatigue, a problem I'm quite susceptible to.
    • Beginner
    • Ergonomic

Functions / Performance / Controls

The vibrations are strong everywhere in the Extase Zenith but the further up the shaft I touch it, the subtly stronger they feel, and when I touch the egg shape I can tell the vibrations are centered there. In my opinion, any part of the tip or shaft could be used to stimulate well with vibrations, but the egg shape is just a bit better than the upper shaft, and the upper shaft is just a bit better than the lower shaft.

There is only one control button, a huge one that covers the entire bottom of the shaft. It is easy to reach it during use, as it is so large, and it is impossible to confuse it with any other button because it's the only one, but it still took me a little while to get used to it as I must press fairly hard to get it to do whatever (either to turn off, turn on, or cycle through the patterns). Pressing it and holding it gets it to turn off or on (which has lead to some moments of alarm when I didn't hold it down long enough and thought it was broken) while simply pressing it causes a change in pattern. There are seven patterns in total.

The patterns happen in the same order each time. You can't go backwards, but must cycle forward to the one you want. If you turn it off and then on again, it does not return to whatever pattern you were in but starts at the first pattern.

The patterns go like this:

First pattern: Steady and low

Second pattern: Steady and stronger/faster

Third pattern: Steady and very strong

Fourth pattern: One short pulse and one long pulse, endlessly repeating

Fifth pattern: Two short pulses and one long pulse, endlessly repeating

Sixth pattern: One very light pulse that ramps up stronger, with a distinct pause after, endlessly repeating

Seventh pattern: Steady, starting very low and slowly getting stronger and stronger until at highest strength, endlessly repeating with no pauses

For the first three steady modes, there is certainly a significant difference between the first and second and between the second and third, which makes the Extase Zenith far superior to cheaper vibes that have little difference between two of their three modes.

Because the button must be pressed and held to turn on, there is little danger of it accidentally turning on in your drawer, and because the button isn't highly responsive to light touches, there is little danger of accidentally changing modes during use. There is a danger that you might not change modes successfully on your first try. If someone walks in on you during use and you must turn it off by holding the button down, that turning-off process lasts for about three seconds of buzzing so I think that person would probably realize.

The toy is noisy enough that I don't think you could masturbate under the covers undetected if someone else were in the same room, but if there were a wall or a closed door, I think you could do so, except for the occasional loud rattling which seems to occur at random times on any of the higher modes. I am not sure what causes this rattling, but if I grip the toy tighter it often stops or becomes quieter. The rattling is much louder than the toy's normal buzzing sound and is kind of alarming when it happens.

The Extase Zenith only takes two AA batteries, which is surprising for a toy of its power, but it seems to go through batteries faster than most of my toys. I have not timed my uses, but I'm pretty sure that at one point, one set of completely new batteries gave out after only about an hour. I would call this toy a battery hog, so be sure you've got a good supply.

When the batteries are new, the vibrations are stronger, and when the batteries begin to weaken, the toy gradually, but noticeably, weakens in its vibrations. Right before they batteries die, the toy is much weaker than it is with fresh batteries.
    • Battery guzzler
    • Lots of variety in function
    • Powerful

Care and Maintenance

I am somewhat disappointed that this toy is only splashproof rather than being truly waterproof. This means I don't take it where it would be immersed (the tub) or where it might get a great deal of water on it (the shower), but I do wash it, with care to keep much water from getting up near the seam between the cap and the rest of the toy as I do so.

The splashproof nature of the Extase Zenith makes me a bit nervous, but I've had no problems and I am reassured by the way that the cap fits very snugly when I screw it on. It has a triangular shape and when that shape lines up with the triangular shaft, there is a feeling of the cap suddenly becoming very secure. I do not think it would be possible for it to come unscrewed by accident, as has happened with many of my cheaper vibrators.

The Extase Zenith cleans nicely (I use soap and water as I don't share) and is rated as being compatible with water-based or silicone-based lubricants, of which I've only used Sliquid Sea and Carrageenan All Natural so far, both with no problems. I find it easy to drip lube into the place between the egg shape and the shaft right where the angle changes, so I can get the lube inside me before it drips off the toy, and without touching the lube bottle to the toy or to my hands and getting everything sticky.

The toy comes with a very nice bag that is a soft grey outside lined with purple inside, and seems to protect the toy suitably and to be well-made. I have no plans for any other storage option.

One of the two manuals that comes with it has fairly severe-sounding warnings about immersing it in water, leaving it in direct sunlight, exposing it to "extreme heat," and against using hand creams, massage oil, alcohol, petrol or acetone.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The Extase Zenith arrived in a fancy and elegant box that screams "luxury" and seems quite suitable for gift-giving, except that the entire bottom panel fell off of my box, exposing a bunch of yellowish-brown glue. If I had wanted to use the box for gift-giving, I could have easily glued the bottom panel back on. I suspect that it came off because of the glue melting during transport, as my toy was delivered on a day when the outside temperature was over 100 degrees F and it probably got even hotter in the back of that delivery truck.

On sliding the top cover off, I discovered a small manual and a foam insert where the toy itself nestled. All of it looked very fancy. The manual, however, turned out to be almost entirely in languages other than English and even the English part was very non-helpful. After looking at the photos of the many Extase products in it, I decided it was more of an advertisement than a manual.

After some head-scratching I discovered that if I pulled up the foam insert, hidden underneath it were two more things: a very beautiful and luxurious bag, and a larger, more helpful manual. This second manual was also mostly in languages other than English, but this time the short English section was actually helpful and included just enough information for me to start off my explorations and to then mostly figure out what to do on my own. I still can't figure out what the various blinking light patterns mean (the button may glow or blink or not blink; I don't know why, and the glow doesn't help convey information since it's not visible during normal use anyway).

The cloth storage bag is grey outside and made of a very soft suede-feeling material, though I am sure it is cloth and not leather. There is a very faint impression, almost impossible to see unless you look closely, that has the Extase symbol and the words "EXTASE PLEASURE AWAITS" on it. The inside lining is a purple cloth. The cloth bag does not shed lint onto the toy. It is not padded, but I don't think the toy is likely to need padding unless you plan to fling it across the room. The drawstring is black and silky and has very sturdy metal bobs on it. Altogether, the cloth bag's construction seems sturdy and likely to be long-lasting and looks luxurious. I've stored the toy in the bag for weeks with no problem, and I love the bag.

The box was so nice that I didn't want to throw it away, and so I kept it around in case I might want to someday glue the bottom back on and use it for toy storage, even though I didn't really plan to because the bag really works well. I just used the box as a place to store the manuals.

On opening the box again some time later, I discovered the foam insert had somehow become a magnet for lint and hair even though the box had been mostly closed for weeks. I guess the box isn't very suitable for storage anyway!
    • Would make a nice gift


I like many things about this toy, but I simply have to mention the vibrations. I had heard that the Extase Zenith had particularly "deep" or "throbby" vibrations, which is a vibrational characteristic which is not the same as the strength of vibrations, and is supposed to be very pleasing. When I got the Extase Zenith I found these reports were correct.

I've had stronger vibrators. The We-Vibe Salsa is stronger and the Hitachi Magic Wand is much, much stronger. However, there is a characteristic to the Extase Zenith's vibrations that is different and hard to describe. It's a bit odd, but I like it.

In particular, I like the Extase Zenith's vibrations internally, on any of the modes, and that's something that has never been my experience before. In general, I've found that I love many sorts of vibrations on my clit and some on my labia, but insertable vibrators have always been rather "meh" for me. Inside, I can tell the difference in whether a vibrator is turned off or turned on, but I've never really cared much one way or another. In the past, internal vibrations simply haven't done much for my excitement level.

The Extase Zenith was the first insertable vibrator that got me really excited about vibrations inside, instead of vibrations on my clit. This type of vibration feels good to me, very exciting. It's not extremely strong (though it is strong). It's just a different quality of vibration in a way that's difficult to explain. But, anyway, I like it, and I think that after this I'll go looking for more vibrators with a reputation for producing "deep" or "throbby" vibrations.
Follow-up commentary
I mostly have the same feelings about the Extase Zenith as when I wrote the original review, except for one thing: I am using this toy less often, mainly because of a growing frustration with its battery-hogging nature.

I like long sessions, so perhaps this won't bother you as much if you prefer short sessions, but I'm really getting tired of replacing the batteries so frequently.

I love the Extase Zenith, and this issue wouldn't be so important if I didn't love the toy, because then I'd use it infrequently and it wouldn't be such a big deal.

It's frustrating because I wish I felt like I could afford that many batteries, so I could use the Extase Zenith as much as I wanted to, without worry.

Other than this one issue, everything is still great.
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