Little daisy - bullet vibrator by Shaki Toys - review by Medusa

Little daisy

Bullet by Shaki Toys

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Tiny size - Tiny lifespan

Vibrators are notoriously good at going wrong, and bullets with their wires and connections are some of the worst. Unfortunately the Little Daisy suffers from the same weaknesses as it's larger sisters. However, it is very pleasing to the eye and easy to hide from prying eyes.
Discreet, very cheap; easy to clean.
Battery compartment is too small to provide much power, breaks easily.
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The Little Daisy's bullet is the size of the tip of my little finger - and when you think how much pleasure a finger can bring, you'll realize that size really isn't everything! I found it best for stimulating localized areas such as my nipples and clit. However, The Little Daisy lasted for exactly three solo missions before breaking down.

There I was, rummaging around in my drawer for three minutes, assuring my girlfriend that a break right in the middle of sex really would be worth it once I found what I was looking for, only to be entirely let down by a sex toy I'd owned for less than a week!

Fortunately, being somewhat of a vibrating bullet connoisseur, I was able to try The Daisy's bullet with the control pack from the Ballistic Bullet and discovered that the fault was not with the bullet, but the control pack. I don't know whether the control pack is broken or just has an insanely short battery life, but either way I wasn't prepared to splash out on four watch batteries just to be let down again.

However, when I tried the Daisy's bullet with the Ballistic controller (which takes two AAs) the vibrations were much stronger and more satisfying. The moral of the story: buy a bullet that takes decent sized batteries.

Material / Texture

The bullet and controller are made of "Velvety Plastic" which basically means plastic with a slightly downy surface, but still very obviously plastic; which is not necessarily a bad thing for a vibrator - sometimes vibrations can be muffled by a softer material. It doesn't have that heavenly touch you get from silicone or gel, but it's certainly not an unpleasant texture.

Design / Shape / Size

Pink is a very pleasing color for a sex toy - it's not close enough to flesh tones to be disturbing, but it's still a nice, relaxing shade.

Whilst a small and discreet toy is great for travel, or stashing in your sock drawer, it does limit the size of the battery compartment; which can mean less enjoyment, particularly if you like strong vibrations. Although if, like me, you tend to make the bed without remembering to take your sex toys out first, a Little Daisy will not give you away in the same way that a nine inch dildo might!

The wire between the battery compartment and the bullet is long enough for many positions: the bullet on your clit and the controller on your lap, or the bullet on your nipples and the controller in your girlfriend's hand, etc.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Little Daisy has 7 vibration modes, operated by pressing a button in the center of the daisy-shaped controller. These modes are various intensities of vibrate and several pulsation settings. This makes the toy suitable for a first time user who is not sure what intensity of vibration she prefers.

One of the pulsation settings feels very much like the sensation of a clitoral orgasm - if you've never had an orgasm and want to know what you're aiming for, put a pulsating vibrator on your clit and you'll get a reasonable idea.

Care and Maintenance

This toy is so small that you can easily keep it in a drawer by your bed. It's not used internally so you don't need to be quite as careful with cleaning as you might with a dildo, but still it's nice to keep things fresh.

Fortunately plastic is non-porous, and therefore very easy to clean. You can use soap and water, or wipe down with isopropyl alcohol. It is also fine for use with water, oil, or silicone based lubricants.


This toy comes in such a small box that, even though I was expecting it to be delivered, I didn't realize this was what the postman was delivering. So I said to him, "Odd, I'm not expecting something that size," and he replied, "Well it will say what it is on the box - ah yes, 'Personal Massager". I blushed.

The toy comes complete with four batteries - you need them all at once.


During the brief window, before this toy broke, I was able to introduce it to both my clitoris and my nipples. The introductions went down well, particularly in the lower regions. However I did find the sensation to be a little too localized and whilst it was a great way to get myself turned on, I switched to a larger vibrator when I was ready for the real action.
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