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Two is not better than one!

Deux is a vibrator that will be enjoyed by few. If you're male and you like vibrations down there, that's what you'll get. As for us ladies, I doubt most will have a smooth ride with Deux. The hard material takes away from the potential to use this in any position besides lying down. The hump constantly pokes and hurts. To sum it up: Deux needs a makeover!
Comes with two.
Design has potential.
Fits in hand.
Only one charger.
Concave is too deep.
Hump is painful.
Hard material.
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With two palm-sized vibrators, Zini Deux is a "couple's vibe." Each with a different shape, you have one to accommodate the male and one for the female anatomy. Of course, you're free to switch it up and use either of the vibrators, if that's what works for you.

Both vibrators are big enough to cover the average female's crotch as well as the male's testicles. The male vibrator is concaved and deep enough to cup breasts and other areas that may fit, while the female's has a ridge that protrudes for better on-the-spot vibrations.

Clearly, this set of vibrators will be more appealing to a couple, but they can also be used solo. My partner (male) doesn't particularly love vibrations so I use these both more than him. He uses them if I insist, but does not find the male vibrator pleasurable. If you happen to be a vibrator loving male, this might tickle your... I'll leave you to fill in that blank!

The female vibrator can be used by a male, if he happened to enjoy the "hump." Either way, both men and women can use either piece and you don't *have* to be a couple to enjoy these. If you have a clitoris, you may enjoy this. If you have a penis, there's a possibility that you will too. You can always use both of the vibrators on your own if you are without a partner.

Use Deux to massage the clitoris, labia and male genitals or use either piece to massage other areas. If you're creative enough, you may find other fun ways to use Deux. The female piece with the pointy hump might feel nice on your back--it didn't do much for mine. However, it feels nice when ran across my hiney!
    • Couples
    • Everyone

Material / Texture

Previous reviewers of Deux have done a fantastic job of supplying all the specs and details about how this set of vibrators work. I will go ahead and get that part out of the way, and then will try to organize my review in sections to make things easier to read. It just so happens that I have a lot to say about these vibrators.

Deux is made of ABS plastic with "soft feel top coat." ABS plastic is OK since it's food grade material, body safe, hypo-allergenic, non-porous, latex and phthalates free. However, it's not ideal for a vibrator that has such a pointy edge to it. The hard plastic hardly feels as if it has a "soft top coat." It feels like plain old matte plastic to me. ABS plastic rates a 7 on the material safety scale whereas silicone rates a 10. I am just a bit perplexed as to why Zini did not make the inner portion of these vibrations out of a comfortable silicone rather than such a hard, painful plastic. For the price, I expect better. On to that later though.

While my partner was out trying to get unlock the car in which his keys were helplessly locked, I was playing with Deux. My first thought was 'the outside feels softer than the inside--where your vagina goes!' Later when he came in and held it in his hands, he said the same thing and also confirmed my other thoughts, that the outside also carries the vibrations more intensely than the inside. Did we get things backwards Zini? Again, that's just a note. I'll share more about my experience in "My Experience" section.

ABS plastic isn't something to be limited to only a specific group of users. It's as simple as whether or not you enjoy hard plastic on your genitals. If so, then Deux suits you. If not, consider this very, very carefully before wasting a big hunk of cash! Deux has no give, no amount of squish or comfortability as far as the material goes. While Deux has no odor or taste, that does not make up for how uncomfortably rigid this clitoral vibrator is.

While Deux doesn't have the same type of drag you experience with silicone, it still has a drag to it. It's not the lint-attracting, dust-grabbing type of drag, but rather one that creates a bit of friction on your lady bits, the same way a dry finger would if you were to rub it over your clitoris. Kind of painful. Lubricant is almost always neccessary for me to use this. The rigid edge is a big reason for the necessity of lubricant for me. It helps tone down the sharpness a tad as well as less friction on already poked-to-death-by-the-protruding-edge clitoris.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid

Design / Shape / Size

Note: you may want to refer to my photos to get an idea of the design, I'll do my best to describe it, but we've established that I'm far from an expert at this.

Deux is two vibrators that "fit" together. Using magnets, these two stick together, looking like a huge egg. Cute concept. When stuck together, Deux is an oval shape. It's totally rounded meaning it won't stand on its own. It'll roll. Not like a ball, but I'm careful when leaving it on my dresser as I have cats and it could get to rolling and hit the floor. The color combination and cute design is fabulous! Down the sides have an "S" when the two are magnetized together. This magnet isn't strong so they come apart easily. It's sort of like a yin-yang type of thing.

My vibrator is concave at one end, so deeply that it doesn't touch my body when put on my crotch. At the other end, there's the protruding, sharp edge. I pretty much despise that darn edge. The male vibrator--also known as mine--is pretty much totally concave. I was kidding about them both being mine, kind of. My partner doesn't love it so I use them both simultaneously if I'm not pressuring him to enjoy the male portion. Toward both vibrator's tips (best to refer to my photos for this one! I imagine my description sounds jacked-up) it's shallow. I'm learning that the tip may be the only way I enjoy "her" portion. Like I said, my portion is too deep to cup my cooter and that's terribly unfortunate. His portion is even deeper! It doesn't touch my body when I try using it, but the shallow "tip" end does. His portion will cup breasts and your bum really nicely though!

Both pieces are longer than I expected them to be, a nice thing. At around 4 1/2" long and 2 3/4" wide, these will fit the majority of both men and women. Both portions cover my entire crotch area, save for the very top of my cooter (I hate the word "mons pubis!")

Not only did the length come as a surprise, the weight did too. Deux is significantly lighter than I expected. It looks heavier than it is. Weighing only a pound and fitting well in a hand, it's fantastic for long periods of use.

Deux is not as quiet or as nice as Matryoshka, but it's among one of the most quiet out there. It can be heard in a closed area such as bedroom or vehicle. As with most vibrators, the higher the vibrations, the louder the sounds. All cell phone volumes vary, but this is quieter than most cell's vibrations. It's not any louder than the average cell phone vibration, that's for sure. On the lowest setting, it can hardly be heard (or felt) in the same room as long as some background sound is going. The other settings are about the same volume and cannot be heard through a closed door.

My partner and I did the test, and he could not hear Deux through a closed door. We were charging both Deux portions earlier tonight and he left for a while. When he came back, I had Deux under the covers, on high and he didn't know it. That is until he noticed that only one portion of Deux was on the charger! He said, "Ummm... when I left, I believe there were two sex toys over there. Any chance the other half's up under those covers with ya?" He was not able to hear a peep! When he sat down on the bed with me, the sound was noticeable.

OK and I can't help but share this as well: when my partner and I are driving a somewhat long distance, often I'll get Matryoshka out and hide it under my dress. There is nothing more funny than when he gets in the car, not knowing I'm playing and sticks his ear up to the steering wheel, and says, "SHH!" It never fails. He always thinks the vehicle is making a noise and then looks at me. When we end up on the road for a few minutes before he ever notices, that's when you know it's a quiet one! Deux is louder than Matroshka, but sometimes I can use it in the car without him being able to hear the low setting. This would pass for roommate use.

As I previously mentioned, upon first use of Deux I noticed that the outer shell carries the vibrations better than the inside (where vagina meets inner portion of Deux.) Later I was sure that was true when my partner used it and said the same. In both his and her pieces, the vibrations feel strongest at the end--where it's deep. That's also unfortunate as that area is too deep to really touch my crotch!

I have to admit, when I first turned Deux on, I was so angry. I doubt some of my disappointments in it will ever fade. The vibrations feel similar to that of a twenty-dollar vibrator. They aren't the cheapest and aren't bullet-buzzy, but buzzy is the correct term for these. That's highly disappointing considering the higher end vibrations tend to have nice penetrative vibrations. I've yet to really achieve an orgasm. Surprising since I can get there using almost any vibrator, as long as it isn't a bullet. I think if I can sit down long enough without getting frustrated; I'll make it there, but why spend an hour trying to get there when other clitoral vibrators do it in minutes? While these vibrations aren't exactly heavenly, they are still plenty enough to excite me. Unfortunately, they numb me. A bullet vibrator is so buzzy that it numbs me, making an orgasm near impossible and oral out of the picture due to being numb. Duex numbs me to where I can't feel when my partner performs oral unless we wait a good twenty minutes after use. I really don't like that. However, it isn't as numbing as a bullet. I highly doubt this will please anybody who doesn't have an extremely sensitive clitoris. I am at least moderately sensitive there and I still haven't made it to the end with Deux! This will probably be best used for foreplay.
    • Partner play
    • Whimsical / artistic

Functions / Performance / Controls

Deux has five vibration settings. The first is only noticeable, but hardly arousing. Both my vibrating toothbrush and my partner's electric clippers are far stronger than Deux! In my hands, Deux feels extremely numbing on the lowest setting. It really seems that the motor is located closer to the outer shell. It numbs my hands in seconds, literally.

The second setting sounds higher pitched and is more buzzy than the first, but is enough to feel. It can get things warm for the sensitive. I would say it's buzzier than my cell phone's vibrations, but not as intense as my partner's cell phone. Matryoshka's lowest setting is more intense and far deeper than this one. Freestyle's lowest setting is about the only comparison I can make with Deux. Freestyle feels buzzy, but intense. It's more intense than Deux, but similar in buzziness.

The third setting is even louder than the last and buzzier, but also more intense and easily felt. It may not be intense enough for those who aren't sensitive though. I'm able to feel this setting well.

The fourth setting isn't anything new except for buzzier, louder and more easily felt. Most users will feel this setting, and at least be numb from it. I really hate that about this vibrator.

The fifth settings is so buzzy and high pitched that it will be heard by the person lying next to you. Under covers, it's low enough that it won't wake an average to heavy sleeper unless the person feels the vibrations, which is unlikely!

Pulsating vibrations can be achieved by pressing a circular button located between the (+) and (-). I will explain the control pad momentarily.

When I reach the pulsating, escalating vibrations, it feels like this baby is erratic! Pressing the (0) will give you a variety of crazy pulses. The first is strong and loud, almost as if there's something tiny running loose inside. The pulses are louder than the steady, constant vibration settings.

The second pulse isn't as loud as the first, and feels more like "escalating." Up and downs of vibrations that will certainly buzz your cooter. That's not to say it will give you an orgasm, but it will be felt.

The third pulse is crazy. Lots of fast, strong pulsing.

The fourth pulse is wild and random. It seems to be of equal strength to the third.

The fifth pulse is a constant Bzz Bzz Bzz Bzz rather than wild, random Bzz's.

The sixth has the same steady pulse only the Bzz's aren't spaced as far apart as the last. These are a bit stronger.

You also have a slower escalating type of setting. It's sort of like a bunch of Bzz's mixed with the up and down/escalation vibration. Pulses and escalations never get me to orgasm, but Deux has a fantastic selection of them. There fun and enjoyable for foreplay. If you're the type who really takes it home when using pulsating vibrators, this is going to be a fun ride!

In the photo above, you can see the open charging port at the left end. There is a flap that closes it.
    • Multiple settings

Care and Maintenance

As far as discretion goes, for my particular "lifestyle," Deux is plenty discrete. I believe that discretion varies depending on each person. I don't have much worries about others seeing my toys and it rarely happens accidentally. For me, Deux would easily come across as some strange foot product. Per my Lovie's words, "it looks like your ped-egg." I've already worked up an excuse/lie in case someone were to happen across it--which isn't too likely, but being that my sister did introduce our twelve year old to my vibrator, caution can't hurt! I had to tell him that his aunt was wrong; the device was actually used for migraines. Worked like a charm!

I've decided that if anyone did see Deux, it will be introduced as a foot massager. Probably. The little protruding edge looks like something that would fit between the toes. Don't expect this lie to work on those who know a lot about vibrators, but the average person won't immediately think "sex toy!" In some cases, this might not be discrete for you. It's small enough to carry perfectly in my purse, and the travel lock adds come confidence to carrying this.

The design and ease of use makes Deux great for beginners and advanced users alike. There's no limit with this guy, or these guys.

Would I travel with Deux? Heck yes! That little buddy is snuggled up in my purse already, along with Matryoshka, who now resides there permanently. I think these three combined, will make one heck of a fun foreplay on the go!

Deux is not fully waterproof, it is only "splash-proof." It's not difficult to clean though and the plastic material makes things super quick! This probably takes less time to care for than any toy I own. You can simply wipe it down with a toy wipe or a spray cleaner and towel. I usually like to over-clean my toys just to be sure, but this doesn't require much. I usually feel it gets plenty clean with a small amount of mild soap and hot water. Be sure the charging port is closed and never put it under running water!

It's best to keep toys away from each other so they don't harm each other. Only kidding, but you should keep certain materials from direct contact with other toys. However, this one isn't so bad. It comes with a pouch so you can toss it in there and then into your toy box or store in the box it comes with.

One good thing about Deux's crappy material is that you don't have to worry much with dirt and lint clinging to it. It can get dirty, but it won't grab the lint and hair from your covers like stickier materials do.

You're free to use your lubricant of choice with Deux. No strict rules for this guy.


Deux comes packaged in a very discreet black box. Compared to other toys, (yes I'm talking to you Matryoshka!) Deux is extremely discreet. The box that comes for storage is so neat! The bottom corner says "Zini." It may be best to just refer to my photos for this, as my descriptions aren't the best.

The box has a lid and looks like a regular cube until you take off the lid and a second tray is under the first and slides out to the side. It seems to be made of cardboard, but has the black decorative cover all over. It's plenty sturdy and is nice enough to leave out.

Deux comes in the top tray of the box with a plastic and paper cover, which I threw away. There's more space in the box that way. In the lower tray, the charger and little pamphlet are found. The trays have enough room to store extras such as a small lubricant as well!

Deux comes with a drawstring pouch. Guess what? The pouch actually stays closed! Now that's something most of will be grateful for. I am able to keep it in the pouch and toss it in my purse without it opening and falling out.

I've come to realize that many of the luxury toys come packaged in a classy way, without nude images and trash. However, not all do, as was the case with Matryoshka. Fortunately, Deux comes without a stitch of nude imagery! I was thankful for that. Deux would make a perfect gift. You could even use the black box as the gift box.

Deux's pamphlets have a nice amount of instruction, and chart that shows how to work the buttons.
    • Very informative
    • Would make a nice gift

Personal comments

*NOTE* I've been adding to this review over the course of a couple weeks as I learn more and more about Deux. I wanted to add an extra note here. It's a given that you may want to put Deux on lock while travelling (by holding down the (+) and (-). However, you might want to also consider locking it each time you're done! I say this because the other day Deux was in the pouch hanging on my bedpost and I was woken by my bed vibrating! I couldn't for the life of me figure out what it was until I realized Deux was hanging there and somehow got turned on (no pun intended!) Thankfully, I was alone and in bed, but those buttons were pressed easily somehow, so you may want to lock it if you plan to toss it in your purse or just so the battery doesn't die if it does accidentally turn on!


I like Zini Deux and as time passes, I think I'm learning to like it more. However, I shouldn't be *learning* to like a vibrator of such a high price! There are several big design flaws that had me disappointed for days.

Deux is cute, pretty and has all kinds of fancy things that make you want it. First of all, you are getting two vibrators. The two vibrators flash all kinds of nice, fun colors. And what drew me in the most, Deux looks like it would conform to every curve on a woman's crotch. It looks comfortable. Unfortunately, when you take away all the fancy get up and put Deux on your crotch, disappointment hits. The first day, as I spent over an hour with Deux, I had this 'oh my, what have I done? I blew all that money on a vibrator that does *this!*' I was mad and still am not ecstatic.

My first problem with Deux is the hard plastic. "PU coating" was thrown in there to make it sound better than "plain, hard as hell plastic." If you've had other vibrators like Freestyle, a PU coating is nice, but Deux hardly has softness to it. That's a problem when you have a hump on the vibrator. The inner portion of Deux should've been made of silicone, even if it were only a light cover of silicone. It was not bright at all to make a vibrator with a painful hump and not use a softer material.

I like to use pressure on my clitoral vibrators. I don't get very far by letting it gently sit on my crotch, I need to be able to grind some. Deux quickly teaches me not to attempt grinding unless I want to be stabbed by that hard hump. I expected this hump to add pinpoint stimulation, but it doesn't. It's narrow so it's very hard to get it right on the clitoris. I have to be still and keep it in the right spot or it stops feeling good. If not, the narrow hump grinds into the area on either side of my clitoris and hurts. If it's not placed exactly right, it digs into the sensitive area below my clitoris and above the urethra. Not pleasant! It seems no matter how gentle I am, that hard hump pokes me.

The next problem is the cupped area under the hump. It is deep and I can hardly get it to touch my crotch. I've tried using this vibrator in every position possible. I had hoped it would be comfortable enough to sit on. I can sit directly on Matryoshka without pain or problems. I wanted to be able to do that with this, but it's just so frustrating to use it.

The hump means no pressure or you get pain. You would think for a vibrator that doesn't allow you to apply pressure, it would be strong enough to where it would please most women. Wrong! My heart sank a little when I turned it to high and felt the cheap, buzzy vibrations. It feels somewhat similar to a $20 vibrator's vibrations. It's hardly strong, but with some work and careful placement, I can get excited from them. These vibrations are nothing like Matryoshka's though. I've only been able to achieve orgasm one time with Deux and it took forever. Also, while using it, the controls are on the white side and they are long. This leaves you nowhere to hold the vibrator besides on the buttons. Doing that means you accidentally mash them while in use. By the time I was almost at the "finish line" with Deux, and I accidentally pressed a button, I was angry. All this trouble!

Now, for the thing every Deux owner despises, it only comes with *one* charger! That was plain silly.

After dealing with all the frustration and baggage I got with Deux, I'm just upset. For my first experience with a Zini product, I am far from impressed to say the least.

While Deux has some major design flaws, I'm sad because this vibrator could've been mind-blowing, a number one vibrator for almost every couple. It could have been fantastic. I can't say that it's horrible. The design was perfect besides the material, vibrations and too hard hump. If those things were better thought out, this would have rocked! Still though, it does feel great for just foreplay. It doesn't fail to excite me and I enjoy that, but for the price, it should bring an orgasm much easier. It's a very expensive foreplay device.

I highly doubt most women will be able to enjoy this, unless they are extremely sensitive like me. I have a sensitive clitoris and Deux has only got me there once.

As for my partner, he's really not impressed with the male portion. Keep in mind though, vibrators don't really do much for him anyways. He said the vibrations were like tickles and could've been interesting had they been stronger. Will he use it again? I highly doubt it, unless I happened to force him.

Will I use it again? Yes. I keep hoping I'll come to like it. If a new Deux happen to come out, one made with a softer material on the inside and possibly better vibrations, I would not hesitate to spend the money, even with my less than perfect experience. I would actually love for a re-make of Zini Deux. I'd even deal with the vibrations as long as the material was softer!

It boils down to this: take away all the fancy things and Deux is quite the boring vibrator. If you're in the mood to work hard to enjoy it, you may get somewhere. I find myself drifting off, thinking of other things every single time I use Deux.

Like I said, it has to be placed just perfectly or Deux makes for a boring experience. I played with every position possible to enjoy it and found a couple that worked.

Using the space above the hump and holding it directly on my clitoris is the only way I've had luck. It has so much friction that lubricant is needed to glide it over the body. It helps and if you're sensitive enough, or already turned on enough, gliding the lubricated hump over the clitoris can be nice.

If your crotch is large enough to fit in the deep concave, this could be a very fun way to use Deux.

One good thing is Deux will stay on your crotch without a hand holding it there. If you're lying on your back, you can close your legs and hold it there. Unfortunately, this wasn't enough for me to feel the vibrations.

Another way to use it is with the hump end near your vaginal opening and the cupped end near the clitoris.
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