The ultimate mini massager set - sex toy by Doc Johnson - review by Destri

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Very cool little vibe!

This is a very nice little vibe, and the attachments are fun. They are easy to get on and off the base, and the vibrations are good for the size.
Easy to use and versatile attachments
Not a one I can think of!
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This mini massager set really is the ultimate! It comes in a plastic box that is not see-through. When you open it, a tray slides out that contains the vibe and the 5 attachments. I did have a bit of trouble getting it open to insert the one AA battery, and there are no directions for this. But I got it done.

The vibrations are sort of medium strength. It is pretty small and with only one battery, so one really can't expect it to shake the room, after all. Each of the attachments are easy to put on and take off again, no problems there. It turns on and off easily, and doesn't accidentally turn off when you use it. I hate when that happens!

The attachments are sort of cute. One looks like a tongue, and it is curved on one side just like a tongue would be. The one that looks like a hand with two fingers extended is very realistic looking as well. There is one that is a simple knob, and one that is a knob that is angled. The last attachment is sort of like 3 balls that graduate in size. These are plastic, so there is no give or bend in them at all.

The only 2 attachments that would be any good for insertions would be the one that has the angled knob and the one that is like 3 balls. Neither is very big, so if you are looking for something that would be good vaginally or anally, this probably is not the toy for you. But if you just want a fun vibe that feels good, then this one is great.

My favorites are the tongue and the fingers. They felt really nice when I used them on my clit and they definitely got the job done! Hubby tried out the knob ones and liked the feel of them as well.

I am storing this toy in the tray it came in. The attachments clean up easily with soap and water, and I used a water-based lube with it.

I really like this toy. It is versatile and fun because you can decide which attachment you feel like giving a go with, so I doubt it would get boring.
Follow-up commentary
We've used all the different attachments, and we still really like this one. Haven't had a moment's problem with it. Plus, it cleans up easily!
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  • General
    cool review! thank you
  • Miss Anonymous
    Thanks for the reivew. I enjoyed reading.
  • Lizzy
  • Nazaress
    It was fun to read but it wasn't really a useful review. You left out a lot of details. What is it made of (the most important detail)? What lubes are compatible (you only said what YOU used)? What are the measurements of the vibrator? What are the measurements of the attachments? Judging by the pictures, I also don't think I would suggest these for anal; You seemed to hint at them not excelling at the job but not that they couldn't be used for anal. You didn't even mention that this toy is waterproof (as the product page says it is) and, thus, how well it works in water. I'm pretty sure that there are other things I haven't mentioned that needed adding but I don't want to seem like I'm being a meanie. I'm simply stating fact and hoping you'll take my advice and improve in the future.

    I see that you've written 75 reviews but regardless, I thought I might take this time to suggest the Mentor Program. Based on other reviews of yours that I've just glanced at, you leave out a lot of important details, including the most basic and important (material and material compatibility) so the Mentor Program would really help you to learn all about these details and be able to insert this information into your reviews to help inform your readers.
  • Destri
    OK... wow... why don't you tell me what you really think? I am sorry that my reviews are not up to your standards, but I haven't had any complaints up to now.

    I do my reviews assuming that the adults who are reading them have come to the review from the product page, where they can find out most of the information that you say I have omitted. If they haven't come from the product page, then it is very easy for them to click the link on this page and go see the specs. I feel that repeating all that basic information is redundant.

    I can't possibly speak to how any toy works with any lube that I don't own. I only talk about my experiences with the lube I use. For information on what other lubes can be used, again, they can find this out on the product page.

    I have stated in many of my reviews (not this one, I admit, my oversight) that I never use a toy in water. There are 3 reasons for this: 1. I don't ever masturbate in the shower. I have health issues that make this pretty much impossible for me. 2. I don't own a bathtub so I can't try it out that way. 3. I honestly don't trust when they say a toy is waterproof. My issue. If I have a toy I like and I put it under water and it kills it, this just depresses me. I will be more diligent about mentioning this in future reviews.

    Again, sorry you do not like my reviews. I will take your suggestions under advisement. I always try to keep my reviews fun and light-hearted, this is just how I am.
  • Superbals
    good review
  • Illusional
    I think this is a good review, Destri. You left out a few key points but your point and personality comes across very well to me. Keep on writing, lovely.
  • Destri
    Thank you, Illusional! I needed that....
  • Airen Wolf
    There's nothing wrong with your review Hun. I know that most people, including myself, like to add all sorts of factoids to their reviews but your reviews are much more personal and have a lovely light feel to them. You give us a teasing glimpse of the toys you actually like and a pretty good idea what you find wrong with those you don't. Don't get discouraged just keep on toying!
  • Destri
    Oh, thank you so much, Airen! Your words mean more to me than you could possibly know.
  • Loriandhubby
    Thank you for the review. I would have liked a bit more information, but your review was helpful.
  • faust
    nice review
  • Miss Ireland
    Don't pay attention to people's negativity honey! They're just trying to criticize you because they feel embarrassed about the fact that they're not nearly as creative, open and honest as you are! I enjoyed your review! It was informative but at the same time was based on your experience with the product. After all, that's what a review is supposed to be, right?! Anyways, like I said, I enjoyed your review. The only thing that I didn't quite understand and would like to clear up is when you said, "these are plastic". Where you referring to all of the attachments, or just the last two that can be used for insertion. My ex decided that when we broke up and I moved out, that he would steal all, mind you, ALL of my vibrators so I'm starting from the beginning. I'm pretty interested in this particular toy and ya definitely can't beat the sale price! I'm just not a huge fan of plastic. Plastic for insertion is alright but before I go ahead and purchase this product I want to make sure that at least some of the attachments are rubber or some other flexible material. I couldn't seem to find that info on the actual description of the product. Please let me know as soon as you have the opportunity and I look forward to reading more of your reviews!! Thank You!
  • Destri
    Hello Miss Ireland, and thanks for the encouragement! All of the attachments for this vibe are plastic. And I agree, I am not a big fan of plastic for insertion either.
  • brevado
    Good review. Thanks for the info.
  • Apirka
    Thanks for sharing!
  • Nirelan
    thank you for your review!
  • lzee
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