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Honi seems like a good idea. A wireless internal vibrator, how great! Then it dawns on you that the buttons are now placed internally as well and the whole thing is a little less wonderful. Paired with some of the weakest vibrations I've run across and hard to operate controls, Honi was just a total bust of a toy. The design is cute and the silicone is nice, but that's just not enough to make an effective toy.
Pretty color, Cute design, Nice silicone
Weak vibrations, Hard to operate controls, Failed design execution
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The PicoBong line is an affordable line of toys developed by luxury brand Lelo. Honi is an interesting little toy that can be used either as an external stimulator or inserted vaginally since it has a retrieval cord. Don't let the cord tempt you into inserting this anally. The cord could rip, causing the small toy to get lost. That's a not so fun ER visit I'm sure you don't want to make. Externally, it can be used on the clit, nipples, or anywhere else you'd like some vibrations.

Honi features 12 patterns, more than many toys on the market. It also has steady vibration modes for those that prefer that. It's waterproof up to 1m, so feel free to take this in the shower or tub. It can be used solo or with a partner. It's small size lends itself to use during sex since it doesn't get in the way.

Material / Texture

Honi is made of plastic and silicone. Plastic rates an eight on the safety scale and silicone rates a ten. Both plastic and silicone are non-porous and phthalate-free.

The plastic part is the very end of the toy that unscrews as well as the cord. The body of the toy is silicone. Both plastic and silicone are body safe materials. If you insert Honi, both materials will be inside the body. If you are using it externally, only the silicone will touch the body.

The silicone is smooth with no drag to it. It feels very velvety, but isn't quite as velvety as the silicone on the higher end Lelo toys. It is a thin layer of silicone that is wrapped over a hard shell which I assume is plastic. This makes the toy very firm and unforgiving. There is no plush to it or give.

The plastic is glossy. It's plastic, so it's a hard surface. It also has no drag to it.

The texture of Honi is smooth but has "PicoBong" written on it. The words are indented in. I cannot feel them if I insert the toy, but those that are sensitive to things like seams may be able to. Speaking of which, there is a slight indented seam on Honi. It's not a seam that comes outward, but rather inward. It doesn't come in a lot and I had to look really hard to find it. I can only slightly feel it with my hand. There is no texture other than the writing on the surface.

There is no odor to Honi. There is also no taste.

The material and texture of Honi will be best for those that prefer a firm material. Those that prefer something with give may not like the hard surface of Honi. It should be okay for texture sensitive users, but not seam sensitive users. The silicone is high quality, but not quite as much so as regular Lelo toys.

Design / Shape / Size

Honi is a small toy. It's 3.25" long with a 2.75" long cord. It's 1" in diameter at the widest point and about .5" in diameter near the tip.

Honi is about the size of my middle finger but wider. Here you can see it in my hand for size reference:

For internal stimulation, Honi was a bit small in terms of length. While I prefer small diameters, I do like a bit more length to my toys. I found that I didn't notice Honi that much due to the short length of it. The diameter worked well, however. Externally, Honi is a good size. It's easy enough to hold without being too short or too long. It's not the most ergonomic, but it doesn't cause any horrible hand cramping either.

Internally, Honi will work best for those that prefer small sizes in both diameter and length. Externally, Honi should work for users that prefer a slightly broad stimulation. The tip is rounded but wider than your average pinpoint tip. It doesn't provide the super pinpoint that smaller tips do, but it's also not overly broad. This may make it fall in an odd category where it may not work for a lot of users since it doesn't provide either of the two main types of stimulation particularly well. For those that haven't been satisfied with very pinpoint or very broad stimulation, the tip may work perfectly.

The design is in traditional bullet shape. Anyone who knows about sex toys will likely figure out what it is. Those who don't may pass it up. It's very easy to hide due to the small size, so you can just throw this in a drawer if you don't want guests or roommates to know about it. It's easy to travel with, but be sure to remove the batteries.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Honi operates on two buttons. The buttons are a plus and minus sign, but they are hidden in the "P" and "B" of the PicoBong lettering on the toy. I know some have had trouble finding them. I found them pretty easily, but I had also read in reviews where they were located.

The buttons are a little weird to me. To turn it on, press the plus button once. Okay, easy enough. Now, the manual says to turn it up you press the plus button once again. On mine, it seems to work better if you hold it down for a second and then let go. Basically, you have to hold it for a longer period than a simple press and release. It's just a frustrating control system because I'm used to a quick press of a button to change settings. To go back, press the minus sign. Once you reach the max power level, hold the plus sign for two seconds to get to the patterns. Press for two seconds to get to the next pattern. Use the minus sign to go back. To turn off, hold the minus sign for about two seconds.

The buttons are generally a pain. They aren't hard to depress down, but they are hard to operate. I had trouble getting from one setting to the next without getting annoyed. It seemed to respond differently each time. Sometimes I would just need to click and sometimes I would need to hold it down. I never did accidentally press them, so that's a plus. Another thing is that since it's a wireless bullet, if you decide to insert this, the controls are now inside of you. Think about that concept for a moment. If you want to change settings, you have to remove the toy to do so. If you're one to change settings a lot, this won't make the best internal toy. This is "supposed" to be an internal toy. I have to think it would have been better with a wire, even though I usually hate wired bullets. Having to remove the toy to change the settings just seems counter productive to me. Externally, it's not as big of a deal. The buttons are a bit hard to locate during use and you'll probably have to take the toy away from your body to change the setting.

The PicoBong site says that 18 clicks gets you from the lowest to the highest power setting. To be honest, I had so much trouble with the buttons that I could not count this out to verify. I'll just give you the intensity at the lowest and highest because I can't seem to make it go from speed to speed in a way that makes it feel like actually settings.

The lowest power is a low level one vibration. Highest? High level two. Yeah, you read that right. And yes, I double checked my batteries. I've read some reviews that rate this a three and even a four and I just can't do it. This is a weak toy. I used this internally during pegging and literally forgot I had it inside of me because I could barely feel the vibrations. Externally, once again the vibrations were just barely noticeable. It should be noted that I need a lot of power and I'm rating this against things like MiMi, Life, Salsa, and Tango. Nevertheless, it's just plain weak.

Due to the weak vibrations, it's hard to tell if they are rumbly or buzzy. My guess is more to the buzzy side as they feel very surface level. They do not seem to penetrate the skin very well. They don't cause a lot of numbing, but do cause some. There is a buzzy noise to them that is high pitched.

Here is a diagram of where the vibrations are located. I can really only feel them where you see the largest circle:

I'm no good at describing patterns, so I'm going to give you the diagram of them instead of trying to explain them and failing miserably at it.

As per the diagram:
Steady vibration
Pulse - Build and fall
Bold Pulse - Rock/Pulse
Mid Pulse - Quicker than Pulse
Flash Pulse - The speediest Pulse
Half Wave - Stimulating jolts
Flash Half Wave - Quicker, tight jolts
Full Wave - Fluid rise and fall
Flash Full Wave - Faster fluidity
Bunny Slope - Reverse Pulse
Roller Coaster - Longer, faster reverse Pulse
Bumper Cars - Spontaneous transitions

I don't use patterns, so I can't speak to the effectiveness of any of these.

The noise level is high given the power. It's louder than my cell phone on vibrate. It can be heard slightly through covers at the highest setting but not through a closed door. It makes a slight rattling noise.

As mentioned, it is waterproof to 1m. I have not really tested the waterproof capabilities of the toy to say for sure if this is true or not. It does not have an O ring, but rather an elaborate screw cap that I guess keeps water out.

You will need one AAA battery to operate Honi. This battery is not included. The bottom unscrews to reveal a place to insert the battery.

Care and Maintenance

As a waterproof (not tested by me) toy, Honi is easy to care for. You can clean it with soap and water or toy cleaner. Lelo actually has instructions that say to apply cleaner directly to the silicone, so I guess they don't want you to wash this with soap and water for whatever reason, but since it's waterproof I'm think it's probably okay. If you want to be extra safe, you can just apply a toy spray and wipe it down. You could also use a toy wipe. I've done toy spray and then rinsed it under water and it's held up fine.

Only water based lubes should be used with this toy. Silicone lubes can damage the silicone material.

You can store this in a small baggie or pouch. The packaging doesn't really work as storage, so you'll need to come up with something on your own. You can always just throw it in a drawer if you don't have anything. It doesn't really attract lint or hair like some silicone does.


Honi comes in a box that matches the color of the toy. The front is see through so the toy can be seen. This makes it not the most discreet of packaging. It says "PicoBong Honi Mini Vibe" on the front. Again, not so discreet. It has a list of features on the side. The back has a paragraph about the toy in multiple languages. It explains that it comes with a one year warranty. It gives the web address.

The battery is not included in the packaging. What is included is an instruction manual, warranty information, and a die. Why a die? I don't know and neither does Lelo. If you go on their website it says "we were hoping you'd tell us." Yeah, I went and looked. Sort of a frustrating answer to curious and need to know everything me. I really want to know what the die is for.

The instruction manual is informative. It is written well and includes a small insert that explains the DO's and DON'T's for the toy. It is beginner and advanced user friendly.

Personal comments

Like mild vibrations? Want to own a Lelo but don't want to spend a lot of money? If you answered yes to both, then maybe you should get a Honi. Under any other circumstances, I would pass. The vibrations are mild at best. If that's what you like, then this may work for you. Even then, the fact that it's an internal vibe with controls that end up inside of you just doesn't make a whole lot of sense. If you're like me and put something on high and leave it there, it's not as big of a deal. If you change settings, you'll wind up very frustrated. Even if you don't you may wind up frustrated just trying to get to the setting you want in the first place. Really, you're better off buying a cheaper wired bullet for internal stimulation. External too, for that matter. Yes, you'll own a Lelo with nice silicone if you get a Honi, but everything else about it is just meh. It could work for some, but for the price there are better options.


I got this because I wanted an internal vibrator to use while I was pegging my husband. An odd use for the toy, but I thought it might work. In case you missed it, I literally forgot this was in me after a few minutes. The vibrations are just lackluster. The controls are frustrating. Externally, I couldn't use this longer than a minute without getting bored and annoyed with the weak vibrations. I literally could not feel them at the tip and ended up throwing this (yes, throwing) to the side. One time I even decided I didn't want to use anything else because I was so out of the mood. Honi is just a bad toy for my personal preferences.

The design concept makes no sense to me. A wireless internal bullet sounds appealing, but it fails in execution when you realize the buttons are inside of you. I will say that Honi sure looks adorable and the color options are great. The vibrant turquoise I have really pops.

Aside from the fun design and color, there's not much positive for me to say about Honi for my personal experience. The die was cute, but it's not like I can do anything with it. Maybe they should have spent more money on the motor and less on the included die.
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