Humor » Satire, Jerking off, Porn: "Top Ten Things People Sent Me This Month"
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Top Ten Things People Sent Me This Month

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Once again, I am flooded with bizarre links from friends and strangers that make me say “Uh…thanks?”


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Contributor: buzzvibe

Oh, my! I also quite like Jonathan Finn's Hand Job Protest Song. [] (for those who haven't seen it)

Contributor: BexvanKoot

Heheh, my favourite part of the Sugalumps video is when they reference the Prince of Parties! []

Contributor: corvusmachina

Whee, Flight of the Conchords!

I have been in the presence of those two (and their sugalumps!) and let me tell you... Photos and videos don't do them justice. They're both GORGEOUS.

Contributor: Fred Miller
Fred Miller  

The Grapes of Wrath also has a super-hot sex scene that I have re-read many times. I can never tell whether it's a prayer meeting or an orgy. I always read it as an orgy.



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