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Best Work Excuse Ever

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If you follow this column regularly, you probably noticed that I was missing for a few weeks.



Ahhh, you're back. I can get on with my life now. Never allow camels near a situation where there might be sex. They are THE most judgmental life forms on the planet. Well played cover story.


This might just be the very best work excuse ever.


Thank you for the disclaimer. I was seconds away from spending the evening googling cocaine drug bust lord murder by vagina wearing orgy whore camel videotape. Actually, I think I will try that anyway.


My imagination failed me at the dress made of vaginas. The rest of course is commonplace. Who can honestly say they've never been caught in a similar circumstance.
Congratulations on getting your book finished despite these alarums and excursions.


Vagina Gown:

You are WELCOME.

Jim Porter  

Camelcorders. I have nothing else to say, I just wanted to be the first to use the word "camelcorders."


So glad you're back...I was seriously starting to go into withdrawal...and really, those camels are always the problem


Loved your work excuse! it brightened my evening.

and the vagina dress link was amazing! not quite what I pictured in my head but still amazing!


Out of all the animals in the world, Why not camels? I dont think camels get blamed for enough stuff personally. And camels in porn fabulous, they come equipped with giant humps, how much greater could it possibly get?! Oh I forgot Cocaine!



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