Humor » Porn, Satire, Myths: "Samurai Unicorn: I Don’t Even Know if This is Porn or Not."
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Samurai Unicorn: I Don’t Even Know if This is Porn or Not.

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Conversation between me and my friend, Chris:


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Contributor: DreamWolf

I LOVE YOUR "TOP STRANGEST/WEIRDEST" STUFF!!! Some of them are really a turn-on thrill for my mind and many just plain freaky!!!

When I looked at the loading picture I was like "WOW, this is amazing and I bet I will be in love with it!!!" - then I got frightened cause the guy started off with touching the blade (and you NEVER touch a weapon's blade, to honor the weapon, especially when it comes to katanas!), and then I had to watch him move SO WEIRD, that it shouted at me that he was a guy I would never in my whole life would wanna meet in person!!! He looked like those freaky males sticking on you and wanting to mount you in every single minute and just suck your well-reserved comfort out, literally some friggin vampires, GODS SAVE US ALL FROM THEM!!! (Sorry dear "unicorn samurai", I really didn't want to offend you... )

Contributor: JadeKitten

I dont't think it counts as porn, unless you have a fetish for unicorn anthros who if were holding a real sword would cut themselves. ... That.. was just ... unnatural.

Contributor: Teacookie

not porn art.... might be porn for furries....

Contributor: EmilyIsSexy

I don't think it's porn, but it is hilarious.

Contributor: breakfastonpluto

oh my god. I don't... I don't even know. I feel your friend's pain.

Contributor: Rawr4483

Not but funny



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