Humor » Satire, Myths, Sex ed: "The Pros and Cons of Most Exotic Places to Have Sex"

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The Pros and Cons of Most Exotic Places to Have Sex

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You have no idea how right you are about the kitchen floor. I'm pretty sure if baby jesus had wanted the small of my back to be a suction cup he would have made the shit out of plastic and put a little hook on the back of it to hang towels or stained glass window tchochkes from or whatever it is that people do with suction cups.


Did you know all of these horrifying things about vagina: []


That was hilarious. Thanks for a good laugh!


This is an awesome article! I needed a good chuckle.


From UrbanDictionary: Sandy Vagina: "a 'man' who complains like a woman with sand in her vagina."


The best line: 'Cons: The wet spot is everywhere.'
GENIUS that you thought of this. But also a little disturbing.

Laurana Marie Aguilar  

Another con to "Under A Tree"... I have two words; Poison Oak.
Noo, not speaking from personal experience... (I still have the scars!!!)


You totally just ruined my active volcano fantasy... thanks for that



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