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It’s Like A Christmas Story. But With Vaginas.

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You know when you get a popsicle right out of the freezer and it’s so cold that it sticks to your lip and you panic for a second because it’s so stuck to your mouth that you’re afraid it’s going to rip the skin off?



I will so try this. Fun with ice.


The trauma's not over yet, Jenny. Google "Alaskan Pipeline" in Urban Dictionary. I just read about this delightful practice (in the memoirs of a waiter at Thomas Keller's Per Se restaurant in NYC, of all places!) and haven't yet figured out what to do with my new knowledge, short of trepanning myself and pouring bleach directly over my brain. Much love and aloha...

Azsam Riba  

But how do you explain this to the kids?

"Mommy, can I have this popsicle?"


Ya know, I went ahead and opted out of watching this video, my imagination already took it to a painful place. I have heard of ice play and such... but I'll pass on my very own ice dildo.


I am fairly certain this was filmed in a remote, scary cabin in the woods.

Jen Little  

A remote, scary, cabin in the woods... in a dirty sink. I especially like the hi-tech toilet paper rolls and scotch tape.


WAIT!!! Ice is used to numb the skin. WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO NUMB THOSE BODY PARTS??????

Do emu  

This is pretty creative! I love ice play. I might have to try this out soon. :3


@danebread ... uhmmm ew i wish i never read that LOL


OMG, I stuck a piece of ice up there once, never again.

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