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Laura Ingalls is Incredibly Unsexy

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In a few weeks my sister and I are throwing an anniversary party for my parents. My parents are just as odd as I am so we decided to do an old West-Little-House-On-The-Prairie-style party at a Texas fort, complete with a chuck wagon serving supper and a women playing the fiddle into the night around the bonfire. It should be awesome.

  Option one: School marm with a deadly secret.

Elizabeth Baker: Part spinsterish school marm, part secret agent/flying-machine specialist. Her mathematical talents will later lay the groundwork for the Dewey Decimal System, but she isn’t afraid to flash a bit of ankle to get what she wants. What she usually wants is guns. She’s got a lot of secrets, that one.

  Option two: Dance Hall Singer with a heart of gold.

Matilda Clover: Once known through-out the west as Evening Wilder (“My friends call me “Even”) Matilda was forced to change her name when she inadvertently killed a man by stabbing him in the face 18 times when he touched her knee without permission. Many suspect she’s a whore, but the men who come to her room only visit to buy her home-made, practically lethal moonshine which she creates herself out of a secret passion for chemistry. She is a bad-ass with a tiny gun (which was gifted to her by Elizabeth Baker, a strong supporter of women in booze sciences.)

Personally, I’m leaning toward option one because I don’t want to have to say “I’m not a whore” at a family gathering any more than usual. But I’m still not sure it’s quite right. That is, I wasn’t sure until my sister emailed me what she’d turned up when looking for adult Laura Ingall’s style costumes.

  Option 3: And now I will never sleep again.

Yep. Option one is looking pretty damn good right now.


Awesome.. I like both of your costumes!


Love all the outfits! Would go with the first one since everyone knows prim looking school marms are always super freaks in private. Saloon girl is way too obvious. As for the case of the third outfit, I'm sure you'll find someone who thinks the plastic Laura Ingalls costume is super hot. Unfortunately you probably will only find them online at some very specific website. Then again, someone at the party might find it hot but I'm not sure if you want to know that about a family member.


Anyone who is a true Little House On The Prairie fan would know costume #3 is of Mary Ingalls, not Laura


Number 2 is more sexy, but your right. You can only say "i'm not a whore" so many times at a family gathering before it becomes weird. I average about twice a gathering. Once to my husband and once to the voices in my head that get louder when I get tipsy.


You could start with option 1 and as the evening progresses (read that as when folks get good and drunk) change to option 2. Like being the hostess of an awards show; you need a at least a couple of outfit changes.

I would burn option 3, except I suspect it flame retardant.

Heather Moore  

is it just me or does the mask look like chelsea handler?

Sonja Rois  

If Little House on the Prarie had more ppl wearing things like costume #2, I may have watched more often.

Personally I would wear #2, but my family would expect it of me even if it weren't a theme party. But if you're really going for Little House on the Prarie (and not Mavrick) I would go with # 1.


Is it just me or does that Laura Ingall mask look like it belongs in the next Jason movie? Brrr thanks for sharing now I may never sleep again either!


#2 is gorgeous!

Rebecca Tipper Gallagher  

Good lord! I own that very VHS of Little House on the Prairie.
I hope my children will throw ME an anniversary party of LHOP. I like #1 because it reminds me of Ms. Beadle.

Linda Bottino  

I like both but neither is quite right. The first one is better but seems a later period than Little House...which I never watched....even tho it had Little Joe in it from Bonanza....and I thought he was cute.


I think for pulling something out of the closet, they are both pretty spectacular. I'd probably have to wear something awkward and from this decade, and go as a time traveler. Great job!


Personally, I think you should go in a pair of pajamas and animal slippers. When people ask why you're wearing that, tell 'em the Doctor got you out of bed to go time traveling with him, but you seem to have misplaced the TARDIS. Oh, and if a sexy guy in a bowtie says to run? RUN!


I love both 1 & 2..but since you'll be with family #1 is probably your best bet even though #2 is a lot more fun

Kae Oz  

Hmmm, both are lovely, but I do not think Matilda Clover would be invited to attend any shindigs at the Ingalls' stead.


Good Lord! Did you REALLY just throw together those two outfits just by walking into your closet? You really are my hero!

Tim Bend  

what's so bad about that last one. It looks just like the changeable faces on those blow up dolls that the mythbusters use on occasion. I think there might be another use for those dolls too, but I doubt it's as usefu or funl as shooting at them with arrows and guns and stuff.


Option 2 fits your personality better. Just Do It!



I love you just for the Firefly reference in Option Two.



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