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Texts from a Stalker

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Once again, Twitter has helped me to write my post when thousands of people recently shared texts that they received from stalkers. It was awesome. And terrifying. Also, if you’ve ever sent any of these you need to get help. Really.





ummmmm damn that sounds like the plot of a slasher movie...


OMG, creepy doesn't even cut it. Although I may have sent: “Are you talking about me in your #textyougetfromastalker tweets?” Once or twice. But I was kidding, I swear! ;-)


Lol, how eerie.


Brilliantly entertaining!!!!


Creepy. Holy fuck, I'd ask the police to start watching my house 24/7


I was guilty of seeing my friends on campus when I was in college and calling/texting them things like "I like your shirt" or "I see you," etc, but that's all in good fun, and they did the same to me. "YOUR SOUP IS BOILING OVER" is maybe a little different. XD


stalking is a hard word....i prefer to think of it as intense personal research




How is it that there hasn't been a slasher movie that uses texting? Like an updated Scream? It could be pretty creepy!


“You forgot to turn the light off in the kitchen, but it’s okay. I did it for you.”

Is it weird that out of all of these I would most like this stalker to live in my house? My roommate is classic for leaving the lights on ALL of the time, especially in cases where he leaves for a long extended periods of time, like three days. Hell at least someone in the house would be conscience of the money I spend on my electricity bill.


how many of those where from differnt stalkers? Also stalkers get cranky when they find out your are not want they daydreamed about. Then watch out for the mentally handicaped...... some want equal rights in more then one way and not much you can do about them stalking you. Talk about creepy. You complain to your job or school about them following you around asking to be your boyfriend and the "authorities" response oh they do that all the time they are harmless. Then trying to talk to said stalkers is horrid they go on about how they want to be treated the same like every one else. Okay so lets slam them in jail for inapproperiate behavior I don't care if they are handicap they are not being watched 24/7 and can there fore be a danger. harmless BS have you seen some of them throw tantrums. Or the people that take care of them as their job have you met them? They develop a need for therapy which they ignore.


nice review

Do emu  

Nice review? ^ lol
Yeah, those are really creepy. I think I've gotten a creepy text like that before, but it was from my friend.



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