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Oh, Grampa

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When my grandfather died he left me partial ownership of a used tractor.



2 thoughts.....#1 What makes a dildo so special it needs to be kept in a safe deposit box? #2. Asian Ken should have ate the fish....Who wants to inherit a condo in New Mexico (assuming he is married to Sally)......He probably wishes he got the penis collection that fits so well in a "tuckus".


HUH. WELL. ...Wow.

"1000 of them". That is..a lot. Why is the one in the safety deposit box so special?, he used all of them? And is inheriting them to his son?


Nothing says "I love you" more than a big collection of dildo's!


Ma gets the house, Sis gets the condo, Bro gets... Dad's dildo collection. What the @%!$ did Bobby do to the ol' man to deserve this? Does BofA *know* what's in the safe deposit box??? I want to know which BofA and which box, so I *never* get it.


Kind of makes you wonder what else Ken refused to eat?


Well if you look at it another way... its like leaving the gift of orgasms... from probably used dildos... by a bunch of old people im sure... okay now im just grossing myself out. Wonderful.


Well, I don't know about dildos, but there are a few vibrators that go up into the thousands because they're silver/gold/platinum-plated like the Lelo Yva or the Jimmyjane Eternity. Maybe the dildo in the safety deposit box is like that.


wtf! couldnt stop laughing! sorry ken for ur luck! and son please dont use these!!


omg that is hilarious! is this real?!

Amber Gauntt McBride  

wow, no one has anything to say about the giant bird that is about to attack his face! Rock on grandpa, but i bet you at least one of those dildos is special to grandma!


i'd guess the one in the safe deposit box is made of very high quality ceramic or precious metal etc probably a truly unique antique or something


but i dont think any of it is real


Used dildos anyone? Any takers? Gotta get em while the gettins good..LMAO..This cant be real right?


Omg I died laughing if this is real all I can say it WOW



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