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The Top Ten Strangest Things Sent to Me This Month

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The month has barely even begun and already I’m flooded with a ton of bizarre links to strange things that I’M NOT EVEN SURE ARE SEX-RELATED.


I'm sad that the last video got taken down. I would have liked to have seen it. I think....


I just watched it.


I've seen the foot nipple before. The popcorn sex just made me giggle. The elephant....well that was just disturbing. What is that guy humping? Clowns? The yeah. Wow.


Loved #9. Bad dog owner had it coming. WTF is going on at Sears these days?


I think the funniest part about that Sears link is that, in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, there's a link to "related products"... and it has a cat tree listed. How, for the love of little apples, is a cat tree related to THAT?


Another few funny things about the Sears link: the price (too much or too little?), the fact that you can earn "Shop Your Way Rewards," and the one size fits most...


I think the most amusing thing about the Sears link is if you click on the category (exotic apparel, most appropriately) three quarters of the pictures are 'mature content'. I picked one at random (that was like $4 so I figured it couldn't be TOO scarring) and it was *gasp* SOCKS.

I mean socks are SUCH 'mature content'. What is this? the 1800's? Can't show a little ankle?


Number 7 was thoroughly disturbing...thank you


I may be able to explain the Sears thing. I used to work for a company that made some sort of online partnership with Sears. They started it just before I left, not sure if they're still doing it or not. Basically, Sears hosted some of our products on their site. Sears never actually handled the product, it all came through us, but people shopping the Sears website could find products we carried and purchase them "through" Sears, even though they were things Sears normally didn't carry. If you look at the product page for the elephant thong it says "Sold by GoFashion", so it looks like Sears has partnered with other online retailers besides the company I worked for. Still pretty funny to see that associated with Sears at all!


I think the most disconcerting thing about the Sears one is the related search at the bottom.


I wrote a little poem about your post, Ms Bloggess.



You're welcome.



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