Humor » Satire, Porn: "The Ten Most Disturbing Inflatable Doll Stories I’ve Been Sent This Week"

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The Ten Most Disturbing Inflatable Doll Stories I’ve Been Sent This Week

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I normally get a ton of strange links sent to me, but this week there seems to be a theme. And that theme is “Let’s freak Jenny out.” And also “Inflatable dolls are all over the news.”



number 10 and 9 are bound to be THE freakiest things ive ever seen


I wonder if they make an Orlando Bloom inflatable doll...


Not really trying to "one-up" anything, but sharing because, wtf Japan... really? []


My mistake... Germany. I'm losing track of countries making... things.


My sister's ex would actually probably be pretty into that inflatable sheep actually. He's not into bestiality or anything . . . but he was pretty into sheep.


HILARIOUS!!!!! Just to funny and weird for words!!!!


I love that the inflatable doll costume manufacturer indicates that it's made of "the best quality with your child in mind". When I dress my children as sex dolls, these getups had better be flame retardant!

in bed with married women  

also inflatable doll costume is "recommended for adult parties." recommended by whom?

but the real reason i would never wear it is because that tan body stocking looks way unflattering, not to meaning sweat inducing.


in bed with married women  

that's "mention" not "meaning". damn you auto correct! oh, wait, it was just me fucking up.


Okay, the inflatable sex doll costume is quite creepy, but not as creepy as Amazon thinking that if I am interested in an inflatable sex doll, I also may wish to purchase a Sonic the Hedgehog Party Pack Add-On.


Omg. Number 7 almost made me vomit. Now I'll have to delete my browsing history as it shows sex toys, dolls, and sex sheep. *facepalm*

Lucy Smith  

My favorite blow up doll story was always the urban legend of "Arkansas Woman Dies in Mistaken Rapture" []

am skeered  

[] you need to see this


that costume is terrifying


OMG did you see the "Product Features" for #10.......
Made with the Best Quality Material with your child in mind.
Top Quality Children's Item.

wtf. no really, wtf.

Erin Go-Bragh  

My favorite thing about that last one is that it's an inflatable doll costume sold on AMAZON. Haha.


Prison?! Seriously that seems like an intense punishment for leaving a blow up doll in a bathroom! And come on what sheep doesnt just naturally wear fishnets?!



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