Humor » Satire: "Top Ten Strangest Things People Sent Me For September"
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Top Ten Strangest Things People Sent Me For September

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Every month friends and strangers send me links to baffling, bewildering and often-times hilarious links they can’t share with anyone else. And then I share them with you. That’s how the circle of life goes.


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Contributor: kutelilkat

Ahahaha omg i just loved this list of crazy stuff!

Contributor: burga7533

Did you actually look through the website from the man-vagina swimsuit (#9)? Because, umm, I did. And I couldn't look away. I wish I could have... [] don't look through unless you're brave.

Contributor: Brittanyann824

So am I the only one who noticed the duck getting it on with the armadillo in link #3? Fricken laughed so hard at that.

Contributor: deathbycupcakes

I looked at the Changed Man's Bikini. And, as promised, I can't UN-see it. Oh, how I wish I could.

Also? My pee-pee hurt after reading the Eel's Deadly Spa Day story. *cringe*

I may never swim in a natural body of water again. True story. I can't wait to read it to my husband... bwaaaaahahahahahahahahahaaaa!

Contributor: Susan Bridge Parent
Susan Bridge Parent  

Am I the only one sniggering b/c the doctor's name in the eel story is Jin WANG?

Contributor: Angel Stewart Valerio
Angel Stewart Valerio  

I tried to grow penis peppers this summer...and they didn't turn out looking anything like a little penis.

Contributor: wrmbreze

thats just weird..

Contributor: babygirl22

Omg what a list