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Breast milk could cure cancer; but how many of us would be willing to drink it?

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Reports suggest human breast milk can combat more than 40 types of cancer — with safer and more reliable results than anything with a FDA approval label stamped on it. Despite milk clearly “doing the body good” are we as a society too hung up to take advantage?



"The things we’re willing to put in our mouth when we’re on the brink of orgasm are presumably very different to what we’d drink on a more vanilla occasion."

Bingo. Think about all the other bodily fluids that humans produce: tears, sweat, saliva, snot, blood, semen/vaginal lubrication, urine, feces. Think about simply drinking any of these from a glass without a bit of sexual connotation. And try telling me that there isn't at least a little "ick" factor with all of them. Most human beings are instinctually programmed to avoid consuming our own bodily fluids. We can override that programming through practice or sexual arousal. But, for most of us, it will always be there a little. And there's no prejudice against breast-feeding involved in that.


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