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Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon...

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While many women complain about the misfortunes and misadventures that go along with being well endowed, believe me when I tell you that we flat gals have our fair share of daily embarrassments and occasional calamities.



I sorta know how you feel. Not entirely, but I'm a bigger woman. But my breasts are those of an average-sized. Bras are impossible to find. My advice for you? Try online. Smile It would help, I'd think.


Women with larger breasts have trouble finding clothes that fit too! Almost all of my t-shirts do this weird thing where they stretch out so that the arm holes are being tugged forward and it looks incredibly awkward, not to mention that this probably means that the image on the front of the shirt is going to get stretched out and worn pretty quickly. And I know this one is a "world's smallest violin playing just for me" kind of problem, but when it comes to tailored clothing, like dresses of pretty much any kind, well...nobody makes clothing for women with hourglass figures anymore. And while I do have an hourglass figure, I also have a very short torso and measure an intimidating five feet tall: ridiculous curves packed into a teeny tiny space look...well, ridiculous. If my waist-line is not HIGHLY visible in a dress, I look rather frumpy. So I either end up with a garment that (sometimes painfully, always uncomfortably) compacts my breasts while flattering my waist-line, or something that fits my top-half fairly well, but otherwise just hangs off of me. I can't wear anything that has a baby-doll cut, and nothing with an A-line cut.

Furthermore, I often find that women with smaller breasts look far more elegant in general, and in evening wear especially, than women with larger ones. Anything that is meant to show "tasteful cleavage," with large-busted ladies, will unavoidably turn their chests into conversation pieces. Clothing these days, high fashion especially, is made for small-chested women. The joke among the curvaceous girls is that fashion designers are trying to get their runway models to look as much like clothes hangers as possible. But truthfully, there is nothing wrong with having smaller breasts. If you do decide a boob job is for you, I would recommend going no larger than a C cup: C's are still attention-grabbers without being unreasonable, unwieldy, or unnatural looking (and they are my personal favorites).


Forget wearing a bra and wear low cuts shirts! I'd love too....


Lady J wrote:

"I’m not one of those women who claim to be flat-chested, but has a relatively, nice handful or easily fills out a sweater. I am really, genuinely, that woman who is the so-flat-the-walls-are-jealous type. My breasts—and I use that term loosely since last I checked 4-year-old chests were not referred to as “breasts”— are an immensely small B-cup, on the verge of being an A."

oh please. since when do 4-yr-olds have B cups? i would love to have small B cups. try being tall (i.e. not petite), over 30, and having AAs. double fuckin' As. and i've tried online for bras. it kind of helps, but not really. smaller bras seem to be constructed for small (e.g. petite, short, small rib cage) women. one of these days i'm going to just have some custom-made for me personally.


That store employee would have been fired if something like this happened to me


I too have a smaller chest than average, I didn't actually get anything worth talking about until I turned 28. It was the most amazing thing, I just woke up one day and there they were! I'm really happy to learn you did not go through with the surgery! I wish I had a thousand teen girls to email this article too so they could benefit from your experience! Thanks for taking a few for the team! It really is appreciated.


Even tho I am a larger much larger chested lady I appreciated this article and could empathize with it from the other end of the spectrum thank you


I've always been referred to as well-endowed, what I wouldn't give to change places with you, at least in my younger years. Today I celebrate them and am in fact am glad their mine.


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