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Define This: Petplay
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Here, kitty, kitty! Come and take a glimpse into the world of Petplay. Know what it is and what it isn't.

  Kitties and Puppies and Ponies, Oh My!

We’ll start our journey with Ponyplay. Ponyplay is when one or more partners take on the animal status of a horse or “beast of burden.” There may be a master-pet relationship involved or both partners may role-play as ponies in a scene. Ponyplay can involve the “pony” being ridden by their partner. In more elaborate set-ups, the pony may even draw a carriage for their master to ride in. In addition to performing tasks like a pony, the pony may also wear things that allow them to assume the characteristics of a pony. The pony in a Ponyplay scenario may wear a butt-plug that has a horsetail, shoes that make a clacking similar to hooves, and could also be fitted with riding gear.

Moving along, we’ll reach the smaller pet category of Petplay: your kittens and puppies, which are called kitten-play and pup-play, respectively. One of the more popular set ups with this play is that one partner has the role of owner and the other is the pet. From here, the amount of characteristics the pet takes on can range. There may or may not be props when engaging in a scene. Some couples prefer using only their mind when engaging in play, while others like tangible props to feel closer to their role. The pet can enjoy the transformation to an animal status. In this state, they can feel controlled, loved and cared for completely.

Tangible props may include but are not limited to collars, leashes, nametags, tails, ears, and pet toys. The scene does not always have to be purely sexual. In many situations, it’s about the state of mind both pet and owner has. A scene can be as simple as a pet laying at their owners feet while the owner watches TV or goes about their day. The scene can last a few minutes, hours, or even be an ongoing facet of the relationship. This can be another element of the slave-master relationship. It can also influence how a pet/slave is punished; the pet may be placed in a kennel as punishment, for example.

Also, as in all scenes and kinks, Petplay puts safety first. Before engaging in any scenes, both partners should discuss what they want to get out of their play. These discussions should be done in non-sexual locations, such as in a car or over the dinner table. The reasoning for this is so that both partners are away from any other play and are on equal and open ground. As with other play, partners should agree on safe words. After a scene, aftercare can come in an array of forms. Some pets prefer to remain as a pet during aftercare. Others prefer to take this time to slowly come back from the scene. There is no right or wrong way, only what works for the couple.

  Public Perception

Some kink circles may consider Petplay as edgeplay, or a kink that is controversial. It should be said that Petplay in no way endorses or encourages any form of bestiality. For many in Petplay, it is about the transformation into an animal or the animal’s role, not the animal itself. Some players prefer to be one animal to another. This is not for an attraction to the animal as much as an admiration for that animal.

Sometimes Petplayers are thrown into the same group as Furries, or those who have interest in anthropomorphic animal characters. Even though there may be similarities, they are not the same. They can be placed in a very broad group at best. A Furry may not be into Petplay and someone into Petplay may not be into the Furry lifestyle (I will not even go into the intricacies of the Furry world, as it is large). However, sometimes there’s almost a marriage of kink between a Furry and Petplayer, because their kinks have a chance of lining up well.

Overall, everyday people have these kinks. You’ll probably never know who does, but I bet at least one person you know does. Does dear old grandma lock up the kitten ears when the kiddies come to visit? What about your second grade teacher? You might never know, but know that they are simply everyday people.



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