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Size Only Matters If He's Too Damned Big
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It wasn’t the angle, it wasn’t the mood, it wasn’t any of the things we normally blame. The fact is, he was just too huge. Some thoughts on why you shouldn’t click the Penis Enlargement links on that website.


In my youth friends and I would often discuss the wanting of a partner with a nice large thick dick...then I encountered such a guy. After multiple failed attempts of vaginal penetration we had to call it quits. He was just too large for me to take. Since then I have always warned girls that desire to have these monster cocks is one thing, but the reality is often a sad one when finally encountered.


That was really fun to read, and very relevant to me... I actually have a much smaller comfort zone than other women, so for me, size does matter, but inversely to what these advertisers are proposing. I would LOVE to meet a guy with a tiny dick, if only so I didn't have to suffer pain every single time. I know how to appreciate them. Sadly, these guys always seem to suffer from low self-esteem, and never approach me, as I apparently am "out of their league." I hate stereotypes. -_-



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