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Power of the People Gets Anti-Abortion Billboard Removed

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Mother upset at use of her child's image—and who wouldn't be?



Um, where on earth is this "60% of black babies do not make it out of the womb" statement come from and what does that even mean?

Taken literally, it's gibberish. If 60% of fully formed black babies are still in the womb, there are a lot of women carrying around fully formed babies in their bellies.

But let's give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he means that 60% of women of some african descent, who find themselves pregnant, do not carry the pregnancy to term, then we must know:
1. Why? Nutrition? Injury? Miscarriage? Abortion?
2. How do these results compare to the average?
3. And then after determining the first two, you determine why there is a discrepancy (if any) in item #2 and address that. Protesting abortion when the discrepancy is caused by lack of affordable medical services is not going to fix the problem (not that pro-lifers really care, since that usually requires people paying higher taxes for services for the poor).

Without any idea what he means and how this statement compares to any other group, the statement means nothing.

It smells of pure BS to me.



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