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Brandon Davies, Premarital Sex, March Madness, Mormonism and Us

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He's a kid. He had sex. Let's not traumatize him for life.


Contributor: Dusk

After having been engaged to someone in the LDS church for over a year (now ex, thank you) this whole affair has made me once again very upset with the church. If Brandon considers himself Mormon then by all means, his choices. But if he chose to go to BYU simply for its amazing athletics program, it pains me that these beliefs are being forced upon him. Yeah, it was his choice to attend and agree to the code, but at the same time he was trying to do the best he could for himself and his career. It still sucks.

Contributor: mErocrush

I feel bad for Brandon, but [unlike being gay] playing basketball at BYU really was a choice on his part. From what I understand, he grew up practically across the street from the university and the rules against premarital sex were clearly spelled out to him when he enrolled. Add to that the fact that there are probably 30-odd big time basketball programs who'd welcome him as a transfer and I have a feeling he'll be just fine. If BYU weren't a top-10 team with another player sports writers can't stop talking about, this would be a non-story. How many other students have run afoul of the BYU honor code and not gotten the same scrutiny?



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