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The Second Coming of Burlesque

Photo by Dale Harris
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Back in the antediluvian days before the modern archetype of strippers we’ve come to know and yawn at—naked chicks sporting eight-inch Lucite stiletto pumps and bored expressions, humping firehouse poles for the likes of Tony Soprano e famiglia at Bada Bing—those who shed their clothes onstage for a living were part of a glorious, albeit infamous, tradition known as Burlesque.


I really like that article, it was highly interesting. I did not know much about the Neo Burlesque, and yet, I was always fascinated by the original movement, even as a child. It's colourful, classy, teasing, sensual and seductive. It's the perfect seductress act, and I want to express myself through this.
I have actually started picking up key items for my burlesque kit, so that I might give a presentation to a very significant other for some special occasions. I have these perfect shoes... Big smile
(I'm not going on here, I might never stop).


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