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Conservatives Decry, Demonize and Trivialize Birth Control

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Right-wing wackos, predictably, hate the new mandate on preventative health care for women.


Contributor: EroticallyWicked
Lynda Belle  

Great article. These people who are so worried about our future populace need to get out more often. I went to the store today and there was a woman, Im not kidding, who has 30 children, okay 7 are did this conversation come up? I was talking to her sister when 12 children called her Mom and then after I put my eyeballs back in my head the youngest sister came up and both gave the youngest a hard time because she only has 5. All I could ask is, who pushes the cart for groceries? The oldest child with them at the time. That's 47 children! So I said, Christmas must be something. "Yes it is especially when our 2 brothers come with their 23 kids." I swear I'm not making this up. Then I thought about where I live, and remembered women my own age asking what was wrong with my girls because they didn't have at least 1 child before graduating high school. All I could answer was, "They suffer from being smart."

Contributor: eden'sgardener

I can't believe the ignorance of some people! Birth control, breast pumps and abuse counseling is in no way trivial!! how can they possibly compare them to getting your nails done!! Our population is too large anyway, it's growing much too fast for the world's resources to keep up! Covering birth control for everyone is a step in the right direction!!



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