Sex & Society » Men, Lgbt, Pop culture: "Dr. Pepper Gets All Macho with New Diet Soda"

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Dr. Pepper Gets All Macho with New Diet Soda

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We get the joke, but we're not sure it's the same joke they think it is.



I have tried it (I'm a woman in my mid-30s), and it is good. I was introduced to it by my 14-year-old son, who also said it was good. I am not sure what attracted him to buy it -- perhaps the gunmetal gray can, or the fact that it's a "new" Dr. Pepper flavor (he loves cherry).


I'm kind of annoyed that their ad campaign is "It's not for women".


I'm with True Pleasures. The campaign's slogan annoys me. Further, I don't care whether my dad likes diet soda or not. He loves Diet Coke more than real Coke, anyway.



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