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Evan Emory Gets Jail for Joke Youtube Video

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Funny or not funny, we don't see how this is necessarily a crime.



Was he a visitor or an employee of the school?

I see both sides...he didn't do it in front of the kids but why would anyone think singing a song like this to children (edited, real or imaginary) would be well received? Well, I guess the people who watch South Park might be able to find the humor in exposing children (real, edited, or imaginary) to this.

I haven't watched the video because I don't want to bring another hit to the site so I can't really comment on the content. Is there some place to find the words to the song he edited into the video?


I searched pretty hard and was only able to find interviews and other songs Evan has performed. It looks like he's removed the video from YouTube, which sort of makes sense. I intend to do a little more searching as time allows. If I find something I'll get back to you.



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