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Illinois Senate Backs Broader Sex Education Curriculum

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Provides for teaching about contraception, not just abstinence.


Contributor: STIX

Way to go! Honesty is always the best policy. Abstinence only methods teach kids that sex is wrong and dirty which I feel does way more emotional damage that letting them know about condoms. Give kids all the facts and let them know how to help protect themselves against pregnancy and STDs.

Contributor: Chefbriapink

Thank you! Honesty and answering questions in its entirety is the best way to go. I know when I was a kid and adults would leave things out or say something that was a myth...I didn't trust them to tell me anything else. Great article. Great perspective.

Contributor: P'Gell

I hope this becomes law soon. (I live in Illinois.) Odd that in Illinois parents can opt their kids out of sex ed, but if you try to opt out of DARE (which has been proven to not prevent drug use and may actually increase it) you may have DCFS show up at your door. The last two years, I didn't even get a permission slip for DARE, but got multiple papers for the sad "class" that at this moment (before this law passes) passes for "sex ed."

It appears to me that the very parents who will opt out are the ones who not only refuse to be honest with their kids about sex, but end up being grandparents while still in their 30s, with teen kids becoming parents way too soon. I've seen it too many times for it to be coincidence.

Thanks for this, Rayne.



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