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Lane Bryant Accused of Promoting Lesbianism with Ad

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Even if they were, which they weren't, the critics are loons.


Contributor: oldhippy

Its amazing how some people can find something (anything) that they can twist as sexually misleading to "youth" or their narrow minded views. This way they can dictate to others how they should think.

Contributor: Jacqueline George
Jacqueline George  

Stupid, stupid, stupid! To see images like that and have 'Lesbian!' jump into your mind... what are you thinking of? And why should anyone else be forced to follow your obsession? And I thought Dick Cheney showed us that lesbians are now accepted and valued members of society...

Contributor: Flora Fraser
Flora Fraser  

I find it more problematic that Lane Bryant is using "regular-sized" models and then saying, "...proudly showing their figures and empowering our customers to embrace their own curves.”

Um - that's not really supporting your demographic, guys.

Contributor: Kkay

What's the problem if they are promoting lesbianism? Why is it not okay to have an ad like that, when so many clothing ads feature scantily clad men and women in compromising positions and no one blinks an eye? To me that's the real issue.

Contributor: PussNBoots

Comments on the OMM page ranged from appalling to disgusting. Such hatred. Too bad anyone takes their crusades seriously.

Contributor: PussNBoots

And they've attacked Lane Bryant customers on the Facebook for the past week. Shouldn't organizations like that be held accountable for defaming a business?



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