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MTV News Takes On ... Eminem and Sasha Grey?

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Somehow, the porn star isn't good enough for the rapper? Puhhlease ...


Contributor: Jul!a

Wow, because Eminem doesn't have his own scandalous history or anything like that... Porn stars are just people having sex on camera, they work for their money too, just like the rest of us. I can see "moral" issues from maybe a priest (just an example) hiring a porn star to give a speech or participate in a church function, but people are blowing up because Mr. Scandal is having a porn star act with him in a music video? They can all STFU.

Contributor: Victoria

I am kinda blown away that MTV used two tweeters who have hardly any followers as credible and quotable enough sources on which to base such generalized conclusions. I bet thousands of porn fans think it's awesome. MTV is lazy and slanted. How's that for objectivity?

Contributor: Jobthingy

Lame. They probably just did a random search. I think this is awesome.

Contributor: xxx

Sasha is awesome! Damn the haters.



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