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Study Suggests Nuns Could Benefit from Birth Control

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Sisters on The Pill? It might help lower their risk of cancer, later in life.


Ok, I get the idea. But pumping our bodies full of artificial hormones? For however many years? I know MANY women who have suffered from the Pill--they only knew once they got off of it and felt better.

I wasn't one of those people until recently. I scoffed at ever getting off of my BCP. Once I did, my chronic anxiety started to mellow out, and my once dangerously high levels of cortisol and low progesterone/testosterone also started evening out. Oh, yeah, and my sex drive increased. Love the Fertility Awareness Method coupled with a barrier method during fertility times.

I think stuff like this is..well, it's nice to be informed, BUT the pharm. companies make BUTTLOADS off of birth control pills! Of course they want to push it on even the celibate.

I was on hormonal contraceptive for a decade due to horrible cramps and heavy periods. It then was convenient for me so I stayed on them until my health took a turn for the worse. I must have outgrown the heavy, 9 day periods and week of crippling cramps--I have a few days of bad cramps, but I do yoga and maybe take a tramadol. Much better than bombarding my system with fake hormones every day of my life.

Also, most medical journals/publications have sneaky paid-off-by-big-pharm doctors authoring the articles. I don't know about the risk of breast cancer---I'm still thinking it might be a risk---but what about stroke, blood clots, heart disease, high lipids, etc?



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