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NJ Planned Parenthood Manager Fired after Video Release

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“Sting” shows questionable counseling in incident.


Contributor: UrNaughtyaAngel

OMG, I can't believe this. I am speechless. This is so bad, all the work Planned Parenthood does went down the drain.

Contributor: DNL247

This story is not surprising to me. I have utilized PP services in the past (not for abortion) and am glad and grateful they were there for when I needed low cost women's health services. However, it has been my experience that clinics that do abortions have atrocious 'counseling' services. I am in my late 30's now and have an infant. I did, regrettably, have 2 abortions at age 16 and 21 in the NYC area. Talk about an in-out, turnstile experience. I got MAYBE 5-10 minutes of counseling beforehand both times with no real concern for aftercare or future mental / emotional ramifications. I recall one of the counselors holding back the ultrasound in my chart during my first, but never showing it to me. My inexperience and reticence to question and request the picture is something I will always regret. I really think the ultrasounds should be shown to patients considering abortion and I certainly did not hear of options like adoption or having the baby being explored. During that particular experience, when I was recovering from the abortion, the staff could not get me out of the recovery bed / room fast enough to make way for another patient. I did not feel ready to get up or move, but that did not matter to them. Patient 'care', indeed.

It stands to reason that when the patient's 'best interest' is in the best interest (financially and politically) for these organizations, of course they will be more likely to direct the outcome in their favor. I really think more in depth counseling is in order prior to someone getting an elective abortion, the patient be sent home with materials or access to internet, audio or take home video information (for those who have a problem with literature) detailing all of a pregnant woman's options and that there should be a waiting period (just like they do with a gun) before an abortion appointment is officially set up. They should mandate that counseling include the 'good', bad and ugly of abortions (like dead post-aborted fetuses at varying stages, families who adopted, adoptee lives, etc) and the benefits of making better choices and making better use of birth control. I don't think it has to be 'judge-y' or slanted. Present ALL the options and outcomes of each scenario (include women who have had 'positive' experiences from having an abortion and even the point of view of men affected by abortion) and THEN let the pregnant patient make a honest informed decision about what she wants to finally do with her fetus/baby. I think that's when any woman will have a TRUE sense of making an INFORMED choice when it comes to having an abortion. I don't think the Pro-Life and Pro-Choice agendas will feel satisfied if this was the process, but at least there wouldn't be slanted push or pressure from either direction. I also think the post-abortion counseling by an independent party of the patient's choosing should be an option to follow through on during a certain set period following any abortion. I feel bad about the decisions to have those abortions way back when, but it was the best decision for me at the time. However, I can honestly say that I did not make a FULLY INFORMED decision. Hindsight is always 20/20 and life experience makes a difference in handling, analyzing and thinking any situation through, of course. But perhaps I could have opted for adoption and giving those babies a chance at life had I really been given a sense of all my options.

Contributor: Victoria

This whole thing is fucked up. Planned Parenthood must be mortified, and it is a shame that a valuable resource is being sullied by one bad employee. They have done so much for so many people. At the same time, LiveAction aren't exactly acting in the best interest of ALL women. I understand that they are framing this as an effort to protect underage girls and marginalized sex workers... but look at their site - they primarily use every story to strengthen their Anti-Abortion rhetoric. They walk a fine line of "caring"...and the organization is run by a woman in her early twenties, who has by her own admission, never faced an unwanted pregnancy. This whole thing makes me feel icky. Just my opinion, though. Thank you, SexIs, for the story!

Contributor: El-Jaro

Didn't they remember when the Acorn thing went down about 2 years ago or so?

Contributor: LicentiouslyYours

I think it's important to remember, too, that Planned Parenthood is a national organization with thousands of employees and centers across the country. This was one woman who failed to act in the best interest of the women (and children) she was supposed to be looking out for. It is not representative of the organization as a whole and I don't believe it negates the invaluable help they've given hundreds of thousands of women over the years.

Contributor: sarahbear

Well, that woman will never get a job again with the way the internet spreads this stuff like wildfire. No employer in their right mind would hire someone with that much disregard to company policy and state/federal laws! I don't think her behavior represents a large percentage of the employees of planned parenthood, but it's disappointing to see something like this anyhow.



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