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Pole-Dancing for Kids Bothers U.K. Mom's Group

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Instructor claims it's all about fitness. Is it?


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Contributor: Holly

I hate when people judge pole dancing without knowing what it's all about. It IS simply dancing or aerobics with a pole. The pole is simply a prop; you can use it to perform strengthening exercises, cardiovascular workouts, and dances influenced by everything from salsa to street to ballet.

I am 21 and have been pole dancing for the last few year or so and although I have never spoken to Jess Leanne Norris, I have had the pleasure of watching her perform in real life as she was judging a local dance competition. She is an absolute inspiration, and her strength, flexibility and interpretation of music are awe-inspiring; she is only 18 (I believe) and yet has already had her own pole dance studio for several years.

Perhaps the people having a ridiculous knee-jerk reaction to this should watch some videos of pole dancing on YouTube, and in particular those of Jess performing.

Some would say this does raise the question of "is teaching something potentially sexual to children wrong" (to which my personal response is not necessarily, perhaps we need to stop treating sex like a dirty, harmful thing that children need to be 'protected' from); however, the more direct issue to address is 'is pole dancing sexual', to which I say it doesn't have to be in the slighest. I sometimes put on some heels and have a bit of fun trying to "sexy dance", but if you saw me at a class bruised, sweating and trying to perfect a move that requires immense strength you wouldn't think it sexy in the slightest, and I'm not trying to be. It's a proper sport, with grades that can be achieved only if you demonstrate a knowledge of warming up/down and correct execution of moves. Pole dancing is only considered sexual because of ideas and stereotypes that adults apply to it.

With that I shall climb down from my soapbox, and the only other thing I will say is that everyone should have a go! Men, women, adults, kids, it doesn't matter. It's so much fun, so fittening and I wish I could have taken it up years ago!

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