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Zestra Too Zesty for Boob Tube; Women Awarded Majority of Doctorates; Aussie PM’s Wild Step Child

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Female sexual arousal is apparently a taboo topic too racy for TV, because despite audiences’ inundation with explicit sex-product commercials aimed at men—cum Viagra and Trojan—producers of a feminine pleasure enhancer are having a tough time getting their message across.


Mercedes Allen  

Maybe it's just me, but I don't think the issue is quite the way Semprae is presenting it. While I'll agree that sex is still viewed in society in a male-centric way, the search for aphrodisiacs for women goes back to time immemorial. Anything that might be seen to cause some male's target of affection turn to putty is likely to be a hit in male-dominated circles.

What I suspect the problem is -- and this would be more telling -- is that the content of the ads is not about women turning to putty for their men, but about women who are empowered, and know what they want. This kind of empowerment isn't as conducive to communicating in euphemisms like "and suddenly her feng shui went away" -- in fact, any sense of empowerment would be undermined by having to soft-pedal it -- so advertisers end up being more blunt, giving broadcasters an excuse to complain that the content is over the top.


I don't know that I agree with that analysis—ads for Viagra and Cialis, all seem fairly direct and to the point about what they do and what they are for—the commercial for Zestra seems very similar to those commercials.

Think about all those Smiling Bob commercials for Enzyte—a product only designed to increase penis size (hardly a serious medical condition or impairment)— and how full of thinly veiled, supposedly humorous references to having a larger penis and blatantly phallic images... it makes you wonder what anybody who would allow an Enzyte commercial on their network would have against the Zestra commercial.



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