Sex & Society » Sexuality, Lgbt, Safer sex: "Straight Guy Sets Off Gaydar, Not Allowed to Donate Blood"

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Straight Guy Sets Off Gaydar, Not Allowed to Donate Blood

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In Indiana, some clinic employees apparently think they can guess sexuality by appearance.


Contributor: oldhippy

I wonder how they rule out the lebians via gaydar at this place. The whole idea is just moronic.

Contributor: Cuttlefish

Well lesbians aren't restricted from giving blood since they have the lowest incidence of HIV of any population in the US (including lower than straight people). So refusing to take blood from lesbians would be even more ridiculous than refusing to take blood from a guy who appears to be gay.

The FDA rules aren't even specific to only gay men, it says men who have had sex with men since 1979 can't give blood. So a gay virgin would be allowed to give blood but a straight(ish) man who's had a single male partner one night 25 years ago can't. I think the restriction is absolutely wrong and should be abolished but if it's going to be enforced then it should be enforced correctly.