Sex & Society » Womens rights, Sexuality, Women: "Toronto “SlutWalk” Draws 1,500 Protesters"
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Toronto “SlutWalk” Draws 1,500 Protesters

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Honk if you think it's okay for women to wear what they like to wear.


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Contributor: Emma (Girl With Fire)

Ok, and a good idea are two completely different issues. Of course it's ok, but it is not always safe, and ignoring that is really a bad idea.

Contributor: Ex-prude

Going to a big university has made me realize that most of these girls really DO get themselves in bad situations. Yes, they are wearing VERY provocative things, but it's like those clothes give them overly flirty attitudes while also impairing their judgment on guys. Of course, the alcohol helps, but it's not the only thing. It's one thing if those girls are wearing those clothes because that's what they want to wear. It's completely different when their intentions are to attract strangers who could or could not be rapists.

Contributor: AppleTwo

If someone legally parks a an attractive automobile on the street, and someone else breaks into that car, hacks and hotwires it and drives it away, that's still grand theft auto, isn't it?


To "Ex-prude" (not sure how appropriate the "ex" is):
the girls wear "those clothes" (THEIR clothes, may be?) with the intentions of attracting either strangers or non-strangers who are NOT rapists. Id like you to find me a girl who actually ever wants to attract a rapist. The fact that the people they intend to attract (or do not intend to attract but who do feel attracted to them in spite of those girls' intentions) turn out to be rapists is those people's fault, not the girls'. The person to blame for a rape is the person who committed the rape, NOT the person who was the victim of it. The whole "she provoked him" reasoning is such bullshit. For instance, if you said these things to me in person, I could argue that you make me feel extremely angry and your victim-blaming comments provoke me into stabbing you in the face. Would it then be somehow your fault if I actually did stab you in the face? Or do you think this only works along the lines of your own moral judgments?



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