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True Blood: Why Not Have Both?

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After 12 blood-drenched, nudity-heavy episodes, the fourth season of HBO’s True Blood has drawn to a close. The season finale brought most, if not all of the show’s lingering subplots (Hotshot werepanthers? Andy’s fairy hook-up? Pam’s decay?) to some kind of conclusion, but one in particular holds more importance for the future of the show than any other: Sookie’s relationship status.


Mindy Songfer  

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As much fun as it would be to see a Sookie-Eric-Bill threesome, the show seems to at least roughly follow the plot of the books, so we're probably out of luck.


I hate Sookie, I think she's retarded, every time she opens her mouth I want to slap her. I am also mad that Jesus's death was so predictable. However I would damn sure enjoy the return of Rene because that looks like it could get interesting. Andy is totally bait for Sookie to be pulled back into fairy drama, and that is all I have to say about this season of True Blood.

Murphy Felix  

I was bitterly disappointed that the three central gay characters got punished in some way. Especially poor Lafayette. Seeing as how the show runner is gay I expected more from this show. Not to say I dont love me some hot nekkid Eric and Sookie or Alicide (yes please next season YES PLEASE!) but as a whole the people who were hurt/died in the finale? 3 out of 4 of them were gay. For shame True Blood.


Male Vamps don't share their toys well. To quote Gemma Teller from SOA, applicable to TB ," Men like to own their ( female gentalia) ." Look at the ages of the men involved. It would be more likely to be Pam & Sookie on Eric . Bill is so straight laced and collared tight that I don't even think that Jessica and Sookie with him is even a consideration.
Eric is a warrior, among this class , the psychcology is not pro gay. It was humiliation to yield thus to an enemy. In the books , Eric yielded to his maker but always preferred women.
I am sorry about Jesus , I liked him . I love Lafayette. Tara may survive-
Best look for Jessica so far was the Red Riding Hood. Nice play on the motif.



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