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She Plays, He Plays: Jopen Gets Intense

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We’re going to get to one of the craziest sex toys we’ve ever experienced, but first, a quick bit of seemingly disparate, though actually quite relevant Rydell history.

  The Why

The Jopen Intensity is actually billed as a hybrid, two-for-one pelvic-floor-exerciser-slash-clitoral-stimulator. The exercise portion is the aforementioned electronic stimulation, and the theory mirrors my knee routine experience: shockwaves force the vaginal muscles to involuntarily contract, thus strengthening them more efficiently.

“I can see the potential for this,” Susan says. “We’re big fans of exerciser balls and such, but after using the Intensity’s stim function for just a few minutes, my vagina is actually worn out. There’s no other way to explain it. It feels like I do after a big lift at the gym.”

A fatigued vagina isn’t exactly a major turn on — for either party — but that situation is easily remedied with the toy’s vibration feature, a fairly straightforward rabbit-like module that straddles and buzzes the clitoris with five continuous speeds.

“The vibrator combined with the inflatable shaft is a lot of fun,” Susan adds.

Ah yes, back to the inflation situation. The success of the device’s electro stimulation depends on quality — and constant — intimate contact between user and shaft. Since women are shaped differently, the Intensity inflates to ensure a custom fit for everybody. You wouldn’t know it based on Susan’s reaction, but it’s actually a very important technical piece of the overall concept.

“Yeah, yeah, just give it another pump,” she laughs. “I mean, come on, usually whatever you put in is what you get. This thing grows inside! That felt nice, and the vibrator fingers hit my clit perfect. Some ladies might be a little disappointed that there aren’t any varying patterns or crescendos like most of the recent vibes have, but I actually like the steady hum so it worked well for me.”

The fact is, the Jopen Intensity works well to both fill (get it?) a fun niche as a sex toy, and ultimately to also build a stronger pussy. “It’s sort of cool to know that playing with it is like milk …,” Susan says. “You know, doing my body good.”

Yeah, we get it, still “there’s no question that this is one of the craziest products we’ve ever tried,” Susan continues. “When that thing makes my cunt contract, it’s like it has taken control of my entire body. All I want to do is shut it off, but at the same time all I want to do is wait for one more shock, and then one more after that. There’s something about those tremors that gets to be sort of addictive.”

Like I said, electro stim takes a little getting used to, but eventually, there’s nothing else like adding a little extra Intensity to your regimen.


Do emu  

Thanks for the article! I've been saving up to get the intensity and even after all the reviews out on it I'm still not certain. Any additional info on this is great, so I appreciate it!







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